bars-session-imageIn an Access Bars Session your consciousness bars will be opened and cleared. This makes you go more smoothly through life. It can even give you the feeling of coming ‘Home’ again. It also results in having a tranquil mind and body.

Every body contains lots of bars for all kinds of subjects (power, beliefs, emotions, money, control, creativity, hopes and dreams, awareness, sadness and joy, healing, body and sexuality, kindness, gratitude, peace and calm, communication, manifestation, etc.).
Bars are like energy lines through your body. They can be blocked through experiences in your life (and past lives). In an Access Bars Session it’s not about what the blockages are and how they were caused. It’s just opening (running) your bars and clearing them. This is done by touching your head, feet and hands as a start to get the energy flowing and then by touching your head with my fingers at several points (the bar points). An Access Bars Session is about 1.5 hours. It’s very relaxing to receive this. You can even fall asleep.

It’s very nice for children to receive too.

During an Access Bars Session you lie down on a massage table and remain fully dressed. You get a blanket over you to stay comfortable.

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