Did you know that blockages with a dark colour, like brown or black, mean a serious blockage with low energy? During a session when you are making contact with your feelings, you can get a feeling somewhere in your upper body that feels not pleasant at all. Mostly it’s a feeling in your heart, chest, stomach or tunny. And it can happen that it’s a strong low energy and you don’t even like to start making contact with it. It can cause heavy resistance or fears to connect with it. But to release a blockage, you have to get in contact with it first.

After some convincing and encouraging words, and when you feel safe and brave enough to connect with your blockage, it can be overwhelming first when you connect. Just let these feelings be there, allow them all the attention and space they want and you’ll notice they will lessen. These are feelings or emotions that often are existing inside you for a long time but didn’t get (enough) attention. Maybe you didn’t want to acknowledge them because they were too painful. Or maybe you parked them in a special spot inside yourself because you couldn’t handle them when you got them, because you were a child and didn’t understand these strong feelings. You carried all these feelings with you, sometimes for so many years, but these feelings are not supposed to stay there. They want to be released, but only with the necessary attention. And sometimes they only want to go after you received the message they’re carrying for you.

When you get in contact with your feelings, you can ask for the message and just wait what words pop up in your head as a thought. The message can be confronting but is most of the times something you already know deep inside. With your heart and soul. Some examples: you have to take better care of yourself, you have to love yourself more, or you have to let things go to move on. From there you can start to transform and find out what’s blocking you to actually live the message. And finally you’ll find your dark blockage dissolve completely.

This means you released all related feelings, emotions and thoughts that made you feel stuck in your life. You’ll experience a new space around you, which means your aura has space to expand. You’ll experience more space to breathe and breathe in deeply (to your tummy). You’ll find that peace inside which gives you a feeling of ‘All Is Well’. This is the point from where you can live in the now, the present. You’re not afraid of the past anymore and you can start your future.