yellow_daisyThere are several situations in your life where you experience emotions as fears, sadness and anger. If you haven’t released them yet, you’re probably experiencing these emotions are triggered by words people say, by TV programs, or in situations in work or privately. It can even be the case that you start to notice the same trigger repeating on your path several times.

This repeating of your trigger is a message for you. It tells you your emotion is ready to be released. How can you release your emotions? Firstly it is a matter of taking the time to sit down quietly, as in a meditative state, and acknowledging your emotion. Allow it to completely be there. Cry tears if you feel tears are coming up or burning behind your eyes. Or visualise the person before you who you need to tell your real feelings to about what has happened, and don’t hold back. You can speak words out loud or in your mind, whatever feels best for you.

There is a difference between women and men concerning the emotions sadness and anger.
Women tend to express sadness first and then can come to the layer below that, which is anger. It’s often difficult for women to express their anger, as a cause of their upbringing where anger wasn’t allowed or being punished for.
Men tend to express anger easier but have more difficulties with expressing sadness, cause the general belief is that as a man you ‘need to be strong’ and crying shows your ‘weakness’.
If it’s difficult for you to release your emotions, start by saying out loud: “I am angry”, or “I am sad”. This will help you open up a connection from your anger or sadness through your throat to get a way out of your body. Release your emotions until you feel calm inside and there’s nothing left. It is possible you are surprised about situations or people popping up in your mind around your emotions of fears, anger, or sadness, but this only means they give you insights to release them for good.

When you feel that calmness inside after releasing your emotions, it’s time for forgiveness. Can you forgive the other person for what has happened? And then: can you forgive yourself for what has happened? This last one is called self-love, and a very important one. If you carry on blame, shame or guilt feelings, you will still stay blocked.
After this, decide what you want to do with your life to be happier. Maybe you want to end contact with a person that brought negativity in your life, or maybe you want to change a situation in your life to something that feels better for you. Take the action and go for it. It’s all about your happiness and you are the only one who knows how to achieve this. You have the right to be happy. In fact, that is exactly what the whole Universe wants you to be; HAPPY.

If you tried to release your emotions, but you notice you need help with this, contact me to discuss how we can work together to free you of blocking emotions. I’m happy to help you. I want to see you happy too.

Heading for a new direction

Success Starts Here Freeway Style Desert LandscapeSunday I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed and I noticed I had an allergic reaction to all the advertisements that have the same marketing style. I realised I want to communicate differently. I want to share my experiences, what I learn and how I change things to be happier. You know, happiness is not falling into your lap automatically. You are the only one who can create it, by changing things in your life. So here comes what happened Sunday afternoon that made me realise I had to change something in my life.

My thoughts went to my own business. This year I’m doing my work as a medium, healer and therapist 10 years. My decision to start a hypnotherapist education in 2003 has changed my life. I’ve had therapy sessions to go through all subjects of my life like childhood, relationships, work, and finances. It’s a never ending process as long as you live, if you want to grow. And since my soul chose to come to this planet Earth to grow, I love to work on my personal growth. I always see a reason for improvement. It was after my divorce in 2009 that I decided to go for happiness in my life. I found my self-worth, self-esteem and could feel that I deserved only the best. But when I looked at my business Sunday, I wasn’t happy.

I saw new activities planned but not bringing the amount of enrolments I would love to have. I started to feel lost. I have beautiful psychic abilities to help heal people but how do I get them to people who want healing? There’s also the continuous pressure as a sole trader to earn a good income cause bills need to be paid too. Of course I told my feelings and thoughts to the universe. I work together a lot with Archangel Michael and since a year he has become my main guide. I love his protection, healing and guidance. I asked for signs and information about what was going on and how I could change my situation. I felt stuck and I know from experience that this means that a break-through is on its way. I asked to help me find that ‘click’ again with my life purpose so that I feel fulfilment in my work. I asked for my break-through. I also asked him to raise my vibration to the highest level of love and light.

I felt better quite fast, but wasn’t completely out of that ‘lost’ feeling. I received signs that I was helped and that there was no need to worry. Then Archangel Michael gave the message that it’s time to head for a new direction. It’s time to announce that I have channeling abilities. Archangel Michael wants to deliver messages through me to you. In three weeks time, Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 February 2016,  I’ll be at the Sacred Soul Vibrations Expo in City Diggers Wollongong. Archangel Michael wants me to arrange an Expo Special for channelled messages. He is so excited to start to do this work with me! Well, I hadn’t seen this new direction coming at this moment in my life. That is definitely a new direction. I trust Archangel Michael completely, so I’ll offer this Expo Special and I am very excited too about what messages he will have for you. It was like a break-through cause I felt a release of emotions immediately after this message. Then I felt calmer inside and he had just given me a new goal to head for. If you ask universe, they will deliver! So write down in your schedule the expo on 20 and 21 February in City Diggers and come to my stall to get more information about the Expo Special with channelled messages from Archangel Michael!

How much can you Love?

arrow-heartDirectly after the last school day in December I went on a holiday with my daughter. I so needed this break with time for myself, no stress, no routines, and another environment. From the moment we drove away, I felt Jan was with us but I love to ask him for signs of confirmation, so I did. On our ice cream break we sat down on a bench and stared at the Princes Highway to cars passing by. Suddenly I saw a car with the licence plate JAN 335. Wow, that’s really awesome!

During this holiday week I did a lot of meditation at night and got a lot of insights. The last night before going home, I spoke out my wish to see Jan with my eyes open. I didn’t know he would start working on this immediately! When I wanted to go to sleep, I suddenly got an image of Jan with my eyes closed (so with my 3rd eye chakra) where he was standing at the foot end of my bed. He was smiling widely and looking like how I knew him from back in 1998 when he was completely healthy. I was so amazed by how good he was looking and I told him telepathically (with my thoughts) that he was looking so good and that I was so happy for him. He then suddenly sat on the side of my bed. We chatted the whole night. I think I slept only two hours that night. I am very grateful for this miraculous experience.

On our way back home I asked him again for a sign if he was travelling with us. When we were half way, we got to drive behind a car with the licence plate LUV 123. Isn’t that lovely?!

Back home the weekend after Christmas, I connected strongly again with Jan in a meditation. He said he was in the room and I knew he was standing before the TV. I did my best to see him with my eyes open and managed half in doing so. I kind of projected the image I can create of him (as in visualisation) from inside my head to before the TV. Yes, I’m working on clairvoyance here. It’s a work in progress but I’m sure one day I can see him with my eyes open.

While connecting with him and chatting telepathically, I told him that he is definitely a true love for me. He knows I experienced true love before him too. I found out years ago that true love for me is a combination of three things; butterflies in my tummy, a warm feeling in my heart and a passion feeling. If one is missing, the relationship won’t work. But if my true love partner can’t commit 100%, it’s not working either. And by the way, I decided in 2009 that I only go for true love in my life, nothing less. So Jan is standing before the TV, and I realise unexpectedly that I can feel true love in my heart right now for him and my first true love. I always believed that was impossible, but here it is. I can feel it. So whatever life throws at me, a loving feeling of a true love, always stays in my heart. I’m an incredibly lucky person to have experienced true love twice in my life so far. This was a big break-through for me. This gave me hope, because I know that there can be space for a new love somewhere in the future also. I thought this was so wonderful. So my experiences with Jan, my true love with who I spent the best five years of my life so far, and who crossed over to heaven, didn’t close my heart. I definitely felt a bit paralysed in my heart after Jan’s departure to heaven which ended our mutual dreams here on earth, but I connected to Love again, right here. Love is so wonderful (and powerful), that it is possible to experience several true love relationships after each other in one lifetime.

I wanted to share this insight, because it felt so huge. And I hope it’s giving people hope and new space for love after losing a loved one. I also discovered that this experience helped me to make my relationship with The Creator stronger again, to realign with All-That-Is, an infinite source of pure, unconditional love. When I work with clients, I often come to the point that my clients feel their connection to the Creator is blocked by hurt or pain in their lives. Then we’ll work on repairing this so they can open their hearts again. It’s absolutely stunning to have your heart chakra open and to receive and give love (and have that in balance).

Taking time to heal

Grass tree sun smallAfter some very intense months in which I experienced the loss of my soul mate and husband Jan, being confronted with his ex-wife who didn’t respect my grieving process and caused drama including projecting her anger on me, Jan’s friend who put pressure on me because he went into the drama of Jan’s ex-wife, the administration round Jan’s passing and getting all contracts of the daily necessary things as gas, electricity and phone in my name, recovery of my own surgery, finding a new house and moving, the administration round my move, and settling in in my new place, I am just tired.

My body gave me a lot of signs like a very low level of iron, just feeling tired even after a night of sleep, not feeling in the mood for sports or even walking. But after my move and having handed in the keys of my previous house, I could finally let go of all the stress from the last months. I constantly knew that I had to move as the last thing on the To-Do-List. Our house would be for sale at the end of the year and we had a construction site in our garden after Jan’s passing. Our house didn’t have privacy anymore with builders and painters around it constantly.

It’s quite a project to move from a large house for four people to a house for two people. All the stuff of Jan I had to go through and the same for Lois’ (his daughter) stuff. She wasn’t staying with us from two weeks after Jan’s passing. Her mum didn’t respect my grieving process and caused drama that was accompanied with a lot of anger and negativity. I set my boundaries and protected them. I choose love in my life and there’s no place for negativity. If that meant to not have my stepdaughter to come to our house anymore, so be it. I have explained to Lois clearly that she’s always welcome to visit us, but that there’s no place for negativity in our lives. She will find the connection to her heart and know her truth, and one day act upon that. We send her a lot of loving energy and ask the angels to guide her. Love is always the answer to the best solution.

I also found out people judge about my choice, even have put pressure on me trying to make me change my decision. I sticked with what I had discussed with Jan and what feels as our truth in my heart. That’s the only way I could live with myself. I’m the only one who has discussed all details with Jan. He told a few tiny pieces to others (mostly to reassure and comfort them) but nobody has the whole picture, except me. This situation made me decide to not trust anyone with inside information and keep everything for myself. I wanted to prevent more drama. It has been hard to handle all this after Jan’s passing. It felt very lonely to have to deal with all this alone during what was meant to be grieving time. There was no time for me to really grieve, because of all the stress caused by others. It’s great to receive Jan’s confirmation that he’s still very proud of me and how I’m dealing with everything.

Before my move, I had to make all decisions what to sell, throw or give away or keep and I used my connection with Jan a lot for this. On the day of my move I was so tired, that I just stood in the kitchen holding the kitchen bench and said to the wonderful people who helped me: “I am breaking. I can’t think anymore. I can’t move anymore. I’m exhausted. I completely trust you. Do whatever you think is the handiest for me and when I’m back again, I’ll go from there. I am just so grateful for your help.” Universe has sent me really amazing people on my path and without them, I couldn’t have realised all this. I’m very aware of this.

Then our wedding anniversary came on 11th November, and symbolically on that day I returned all Lois’ stuff to her that I had saved and collected for her. With everything to keep for her, I had felt in my heart if it would have a special meaning or a memory to Jan for her. After delivering everything, I felt emotions when driving back home and I shared with Esmee that I felt Lois had a piece of Jan back into her life again. That night Jan confirmed that this was his message to me (by giving me those feelings in the car) and that I had received his message right. The action Jan suggested to help me ‘celebrate’ our wedding anniversary, helped me tremendously that day. There were so many people participating in lighting a candle as a remembrance for our love and the intention to share this love with the world. Jan thanks everyone who participated.

Don’t forget the financial stress after Jan’s passing. I’m a sole trader and dependent of clients to come for treatment or a session. If I don’t have a client, I don’t earn an income. But the world is based on paying your bills anyway, even though you didn’t have a client. And when you’re feeling tired and sad, there’s still the urge to earn an income. It’s my intention to provide a safe, healthy and happy life for myself and Esmee and I will definitely proof to myself that I can do that. I’m still in the modus of stress, being busy, running forward, no time to stop. But… I have no deadlines anymore. I can relax now. I have to use the button of slowing down and stop. Taking time to heal my body and my heart.

My heart is hurt, maybe broken or torn apart is a better word. I miss Jan, my soul mate. I came to Australia to marry him and become old with him. To live our dreams, to travel and see Australia. The dream only came true partially. But the time we had together, was wonderful. I am grateful for everything we experienced, also the last intense month together. I was honoured to be there for him, to help, support and encourage him. Now it’s time for my healing. I need to reprogram myself to take me-time every day, to meditate and channel with my guides and angels (including Archangel Michael). And I need to take time to heal my heart. To release all hurt and pain, to only take with me to 2016 the beautiful memories about our magical soul connection and marriage. The memories of a man who’s always in my heart. And I’m very grateful that I can still connect and communicate with him and receive his messages. He’s still helping, guiding and supporting me. He’s not gone. He’s just taken on a different form.

Today has been an amazing day. Thank you for all the people who joined me (and in the Netherlands still join me cause it’s just noon there). It feels so incredible that you all want to share the love of Jan and me with the world. I lit my candle at 7.30 am this morning and it’s still burning. I had a phone call from my friend Mary this morning, which was such a wonderful present. I got a beautiful message from one of my students this morning. She knows Jan personally too. She told me she had been thinking of Jan and me and the angels when she looked at the clock and saw the time 11:11. I received this message at the time 11:13 which is confirmation of the crossed over brother of my friend Evelyn. Later that day I called our wedding celebrant Tania. She told me she was thinking this morning at the time 11:11 about Jan and me and how she married us 4 years ago at precisely 11:11 we said ‘yes’ to each other. I completely forgot that time. It’s true: we got married at 11-11-2011 at 11:11 am. I messaged again to my student to confirm this to her. That she was truly connected to Jan and our love at our marriage time. That was such a confirmation for her mediumship. I had a lovely conversation tonight with my friend and colleague Elida and Jan passed on a message that he’s grateful for everyone participating today in spreading our love and consciously thinking of us and our love.

Yes, I miss him. It would be fantastic if he could just hold me once more. But let me tell you this: today while I meditated I channelled him myself and I could visualise him standing before me. He said he wanted to show himself before me and I got a picture of him in my third eye with my eyes closed. I felt myself floating towards him (within a second) and he held his arms very firmly around me. I didn’t see his arms open and then fold around me, no, I floated towards him and he had his arms immediately around me. It felt so incredibly good. The tears were flowing over my face, that’s how wonderful and special this was. What a beautiful gift to receive today. Jan was right about receiving small and big gifts today. Besides that my doors and window and washing machine are repaired today also, the spiritual gifts came in constantly.

Thank you all for the love and strength you’ve given me. It made my day lots lighter and easier. The heaviness I felt before was completely gone after I posted the action of lighting a candle. A new phase of life starts from now on. I’m in my new house, ready to do the loving work I so enjoy and that fulfils me so much. There’s nothing more beautiful than helping other people to find their connection to their inner truth and wisdom and use their intuition to walk their path.

Candle of love

Candle of love

Tomorrow will be my wedding anniversary (11-11-2011). It would have been 4 years. It feels like a huge mountain to take for me to go to tomorrow. I asked Jan how I can best remember and celebrate our love tomorrow and this morning I received his answer.

I will light a candle tomorrow from the moment I wake up until I’ll go to bed again. This candle symbolises our pure, unconditional love. I’ll give our love the intention to spread through this candle all over the world to everyone who needs this love because they miss a dear loved one too.

For Jan and me it would be a huge present if you too will light a candle tomorrow and give it the same intention. Share this message if you want to join and let’s try to create a chain of lighted candles in the world to spread love. If you’ll join, I would appreciate it if you’ll send me a message below (like ‘I’m joining’), just to see how far this idea of Jan can reach.

Thank you so much for participating. I’d like to do this every year on 11th November from now on.

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Guided to my new house

Moving House

Moving House

I had a couple of super busy weeks because I moved to a new house, and I’d love to tell you the story how miracles happened to find this new place. Lots of guidance and signs from the universe.

About a month ago I received a channelled message through my colleague that the universal beings knew what my next house would become. I got three descriptions:

  1. It would be a silent surrounding
  2. It would have a high vibration of energy
  3. There would be kids for my daughter in the neighbourhood to play with

I took this all as a sign that it was time to look carefully for a new house to move to and to spread the word that I was looking for another place. At first I wanted to have a house with a special room for my work, but I soon discovered that was another price range. With the help of my kinesiologist I found out that I would do my work from my living room. Not a problem because I had done that after my divorce in the Netherlands too and that worked really well.

Only two weeks later I saw a place for lease close to my house and the name of the real estate agent caught my eye. I knew her from the past because she was the previous real estate agent from my current place. I strongly felt I needed to speak to her. I called here and left a message about what had happened in my life [that my husband Jan crossed over to heaven] and that I was interested in viewing the place for rent close to my house, because I was looking for a smaller place. Again Jan passed on a channelled message through my colleague that he had a surprise for me in this house, so that I needed to go and have a look, but that it was not The house universe had in mind for me. It was a confirmation for me that my intuition was guiding me in the right direction. I made the appointment to view the place and immediately saw it was not was I was looking for. But, the conversation with the real estate agent was very interesting! I explained that I was planning to go to an open house of another place in the area the next day and that I thought that would be The new place for me. At the end of our conversation she gave me her business card and said that she was happy to be a reference for me when I would apply for the house that I would visit the next day. I thought ‘that’s the gift Jan mentioned’ and accepted her offer grateful.

The next day I visited the house where I live now. I saw it on internet and this is my story about signs and signals from the universe. I got a very happy feeling with the photos of this place. I decided to drive past it with my daughter. When we turned into the street, I thought ’29 is in numerology an 11 and my life purpose number is 11 and I love 11 numbers’ (my parental place was 22 and my previous address was 33). The name of the street is Iris Ave and Iris is Jan’s niece in the Netherlands. After I got the house, my colleague asked ‘but isn’t Iris your favourite flower?’ and I realised that I completely forgot about that! It’s truly my favourite flower. The house has an amazing sea view at the back and Jan loves the sea. Whenever he felt out of balance, he hopped on his scooter and rode to the beach, he sat there and watched, smelled and breathed in the sea. How amazing that he guided us to the house with this beautiful sea view. I always write a list with what I’m looking for (wishing list) to the angels and ask their help with all subjects in my life. I also had written a list with wishes for my new house. In the past this worked out very well, so the evidence was already there for me. In my wishing list for my new house I asked for a renovated kitchen and bathroom and I couldn’t be happier with how it looks. I applied the day of the open house and I pictured myself living there, which was very easy. I had a really good feeling about this place. It had a silent surrounding, the energy felt great and there were kids from school close by, so the three descriptions were right for this place.

That day I asked for confirmation from the universe if I would get the house and I never have had so many angel numbers after each other. We saw a few cars driving in front of us within five minutes time and they all had the same numbers in their number plates with 4 digits, 3 digits and 2 digits. When I went to bed, I channelled Jan and he let me look at his photo on my nightstand and said about the house on Iris Ave: “This is the house I want you to live with Esmee.” I can’t sleep from excitement and ask for another sign. It takes a lot to convince me! Just after midnight when I walk to the bathroom, I suddenly get a very clear message in my head: “The house will be yours. Prepare to move.” I always love short and clear messages. I’m very surprised about what just happened and ask: “Says who?” And then I receive: “God, the Creator”. Wow, I fall silent and have all the faith of the world now. I hop into bed again and fall asleep immediately.

Two days later I called at the end of the day to ask if a decision had been made about who would become the new tenant for 29 Iris Ave in Coniston. The real estate agent didn’t know yet and I could call back on Monday. A whole weekend of waiting! What a challenge to be patient… Half an hour later I am on the phone and heard a voicemail coming in. When I listen to the voicemail message, it is the real estate agent that my application is approved and that I am the new tenant. I call my daughter and together we listen again to the voicemail message. I pick her up and together we make a dance of joy and thank the universe several times for this beautiful news. How exciting.

Because we moved from a huge house to a smaller house, I had to sell and give away a lot of content. It’s good to declutter anyway, but it’s amazing how all things went to beautiful people. I want to share two stories about this.

Jan’s motorbike jacket went to a guy who would have his motorbike exam the next day. He asked me why the jacket was for sale, while he was trying it on. I explained it was my husband’s who had passed away recently. I noticed he was a bit shocked about this and I quickly added that his positive energy and love for bikes was in the jacket. Jan’s a pure motorbike lover, a great motor rider and he bought this jacket to ride on his motor scooter, which gave him so much pleasure. That all his motor experience and motor joy was connected to this jacket and that he would absolutely protect this guy and help him pass his exam (that’s what I asked Jan immediately to do). Of course this guy bought the jacket. It fitted him as if it was made for him, although he was much taller than Jan.

Another beautiful story. Jan loved to build model bikes, cars and he even built a model ship. He had started earlier this year on a Volkswagen Samba bus. Last year he studied for life coach and his dream was to do coaching sessions in future in a VW bus at the beach. Building this model bus was part of manifesting his dream. He only had done the bottom part with the benches on it. I didn’t know what to do with it and suddenly got the insight to call the shop where he bought lots of his model parts. I explained the situation and asked if they knew a customer who would be interested in having this and build it further and having another new model car (Mini Cooper Rally) still in the package. A week later I got a phone call from someone who was interested. He came with his wife that night and I gave him both the model cars. He stood before me with all the parts of the VW bus in his hands and asked me if I wanted the bus back when he would have finished it. This touched me so extremely, that I started to cry. I was so amazed that he offered this. I thought ‘how is this miracle possible because that’s exactly what I had thought a couple of times, that it would be great to get the model bus back when it’s finished’. I told this man that that was really generous of him and that I would love to have the bus back in the light blue colour that Jan loved so much. How much evidence do you get that your husband in heaven is still connected to you and still guides you in life? I’m so grateful for his help, support and guidance. We’re still a good team!

Big Happy Changes

Big Happy Changes smallMy personal life took an unexpected direction in July this year. Three months later, people ask me how I deal with everything that happened and how I can stay so positive and optimistic about my future. I’d like to share how I do that.

First of all, a big change can be a blessing too. It’s not always easy to see it like that, but it has to do with a choice also. I chose to be in the here & now, to live every day consciously, to only take one step at the time. When I looked forward what would happen when my husband would cross over, I got overwhelmed. I saw a lot of work to deal with, lots of decisions to be made. There was nothing prepared because my husband got very ill unexpected. But we spent the time together and listened to our intuition. I had to ask for a lot of help. I’d like to be independent and do most myself, but now it was really easy to ask for help, because my heart told me I wanted to be with my husband and support him. I put my life and work immediately aside to be there completely for him and I also did my best to be there for our daughters too and support them. And yes, I ignored my own needs at that time. I got some time for myself when I got my own emergency surgery at the end of July, although that was quite painful. People asked me why on earth this was happening, but I could see the work of the universe here; my family-in-law and my sister were with us that time and could manage everything in our house while I was in hospital. I surrendered to my intuition that this needed to be dealt with and when my husband would cross over while I was in hospital, that was meant to be. I used all my strength to come back home quickly (50 hours in hospital only) and I didn’t really have time to recover. There was too much to do. I asked a lot of help and healing from the angels and also colleagues were sending healing to me. I’m convinced that all the people who sent their loving thoughts to me, helped in an amazing way in my healing process too.

I couldn’t oversee what would come on my path. Everyone’s life was on hold until my husband would cross over. And when that happened, the train started rolling forward again. Lots of actions to be taken, decisions to be made. I had a things-to-do list that didn’t end. When I ticked of five tasks on a day, there had come back another 10 extra. But I tried to prioritise what was really important to do immediately. What I hadn’t done, just moved forward to the next day, until it was really done. I kept on pulling the angel answer card Big Happy Changes and that gave me hope about my future. I had no idea what would come, but it would be something good for me. I chose consciously to focus on what makes me happy. I chose consciously to not go into victimisation, depression and sadness. I want to be proud of myself, I want to be a good role model for the kids, and I know that my husband wants me to enjoy life instead of being sad and worry. I also want to be inspiring, show people that the soul connection with a crossed over soul won’t disappear. My husband supports me, helps me, gives me messages and guidance about my life. I can sense his energy which is such a happy and loving energy, I can see him with my third eye chakra (with my eyes closed) and I can still feel the love between us. His fear on earth was to lose our strong soul connection and now he knows that it’s still there. His soul left his body, but his soul continues living and can still connect with me. For me this is a normal way of seeing life and death (I prefer to call it crossing over though). I had experienced the evidence already while giving readings to people where I connect them with their deceased loved ones in Heaven. My husband’s energy merged with mine two weeks after his crossing over, and it was a fantastic miraculous sensation. Since then, I feel he’s always with me. I miss his physical presence, but further on he’s still with me and our girls. He knows everything that happens in our lives and he helps us.

The administrative side of his departure is taken care of. I’m decluttering before moving so that we can make a fresh new beginning. I’m looking forward to our new place, wherever it will be. I know my guides and angels, and my husband, will guide us to the perfect place in the right time. In the meantime I connect with my heart, my intuition and soul, listen to their messages, act upon that information and stay positive and I only connect to the highest level of love and light. I surround myself with people that are like-hearted and like-minded and positive. I’ve a lot of experience in new beginnings, so I can handle this new beginning too. I feel stronger than ever, very supported and ready for the next step.


How do you find your own truth?

Where people blindly followed governments and religions, a lot of humans start to realise they don’t agree to everything leaders say and expect them to do anymore. They think different and don’t follow blindly anymore. They ask themselves first: ‘Is this my truth too or not?’ and act upon that.

Heart follow yourEverybody has his/her own truth. It’s a knowing and feeling inside yourself what is right for you. It may mean that your truth is not the truth of someone else. Maybe you even feel like you’re the only one with this truth in your surroundings. It’s also possible that you speak to others and hear their truths and opinions and you start to question your own beliefs and maybe consider to change them because you notice they’re not ‘from this time’ anymore. Some people do this in silence and don’t tell anyone else, but some do this very openly and are assertive about their truth. I notice this on social media programs.

But how do you find your own truth? That you absolutely know and feel what you believe, without any doubts? That it makes you feel good about living your truth because you can’t live in a different way than according to your truth?

To find your own truth, you need silence to go inside. Meditation is an easy way to do this. You start with quieting your mind, then focus on your heart area and then be silent. Just listen what your heart has to tell you. Act upon these heart messages. Your heart always knows the answer that is your truth. You allow your intuition, your Higher Self, and your guides to pass on messages to you. Sense how your heart message makes you feel. You can also visualise how your future will be when you have acted upon your heart message. Sense again how this makes you feel. Everything that makes you feel calm, relaxed, happy and joyful means that it’s your truth. Your life on earth is meant to give you a lot of experiences to learn and grow from, but after every experience you’re meant to find that happy, joyful, relaxed state again. That’s your confirmation you’re living your truth and you’re on your path.

Happy kids smallSaturday I was at the Australian Paranormal and Spiritual Expo in Casula. I had many visitors attracted to four books I brought about the emotions ‘happy, angry, sadness and scared’. They told me their kids are having difficulties with the emotions anger, sadness and fears, they are having issues with sleeping (fear of the dark and nightmares) but also they see dead people. Most kids are very sensitive and their sensory system (see, hear, sense, taste and smell) is wide open. They can get overwhelmed easily with what enters their energy system. You can help them to deal with this and make them use their sensitivity as a powerful tool for themselves to become happier.

The most important exercises to start teaching them, are:

  • Protect yourself in a bright white light or golden ball of light around you (you can do this by visualising yourself into a big ball around you from over your head till under your feet)
  • Anchor yourself into the centre of mother earth (you can do this by visualising a golden chord starting to grow from your lowest part of your spine downwards, through all layers of the earth, until it’s very deep in the centre of mother earth where you visualise to fasten it and pull it tight)

If you teach them to do these exercises daily if they wake up and when they go to bed, it’s becoming a healthy habit. It’ll also help kids to sleep better, because they are protected from lower energies to connect with them.

Are you as a parent very sensitive? Then these exercises will also help you to protect your energy and feel more stable in life because you’re firmly anchored in the earth. Anchoring or grounding in the earth is helpful to be more in the here & now and to have more calmness in your head (instead of the busyness with hundreds of thoughts going around constantly).

Sensitive kids are also often empathic too; they sense or know or feel how others are feeling. If another kid is feeling angry, they’ll probably want to stay out of the way, but if another kid is feeling sad or afraid they’ll mostly want to help. Sensitive kids can be shy or modest and can have fears to stand up for themselves or to be assertive. It’s beautiful when you can teach them to express their feelings in a positive way. You can talk with them about the four emotions; sadness, fears, anger and happiness. Ask them for examples when they experience these emotions. Ask how they feel when they’re happy. And how they feel when they’re angry, sad or afraid. Teach them it’s okay to have these emotions. You can teach them to say out loud ‘I’m angry’, ‘I’m sad’, or ‘I’m afraid’, when they experience these emotions and feel in a safe environment. Practise this at home and be a good role model. You can teach them to take some time for themselves to handle or integrate their emotions. For example to say ‘I’m angry and I need some time to let this feeling go. I’ll be back in ten minutes to play with you, or talk further with you again’. You’re helping your kids to express their emotions and to release them. Give your kids compliments when you notice they’re using these new skills.

Explain your kids that their feelings and emotions are important. Make them conscious about what they are feeling and that they create their intuition with that, a sixth sensory that is very special and handy. This intuition can help them with being happier by trusting their feelings and acting upon them. An example: if they feel they can’t trust someone in class to share their deepest feeling, then they won’t tell this person. Or if they see another kid sitting lonely, they can invite this kid to play with them. Or if they feel another kid is sad, they can join this kid during break time and ask what happened and if they can help. I personally like this idea of a world where we teach our kids how to handle their emotions, how to talk about emotions and feelings, and how to respect everyone for who they are. It’s something human and normal. If we adults, use all these tips too and practise this daily, we’re helping the world to become a happier place.

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