With the theme for the month May to Open your Heart, it’s time to look at negative self-judgments you might have which are keeping you from enjoying being you. What thoughts do you have about yourself during the day? I give you an example of one I had yesterday. I was thinking about where I was in my life and I wanted to be so much further. A traumatic experience in my life in 2015 had caused an unexpected new situation which I had to adapt to on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. I noticed yesterday I was beating myself up about being where I am now. And immediately I heard a song in my mind as a message: “Don’t be so hard on yourself, no… Learn to forgive, learn to let go…, Everyone trips, everyone falls…, So, don’t be so hard on yourself no…” You know the song by Jess Glynne? It made me stand still by what I was doing and I thanked universe for this message. I had negative self-judgment thoughts. And I needed to stop and transform those thoughts into positive loving thoughts about myself immediately.

Back to what you’re thinking about yourself. Do you like yourself? Do you like where you are in life? How you live your day-to-day life? How you look? Do you like your friends? Do you like your work? Do you like the relationship you’re in? Do you like your financial situation? Everything in your life is created by your thoughts, because you’ll attract what you think. And of course we have to learn too, so losses and hurt can occur on your path to learn from. It’s how you deal with them.

So, do you have negative self-judgments? It’s okay to have them, good that you became aware of this. It’s totally normal to have them because we are humans and our ego is sometimes very in the way to our happiness. A low self-esteem isn’t helpful either. The good news is you can work on them to create a more confident you. What’s necessary is to be your true you, to love yourself and be gentle with yourself, be nice to yourself. To feel in your heart what you want, to base your decisions on what your heart ‘tells’ you. It’ll increase your happiness.

Think about this: if you are unconditionally loved by the Creator/God although you have made mistakes in the past and said, thought or done things that you don’t like about yourself, why wouldn’t you love yourself unconditionally? You can learn from mistakes in the past, forgive yourself and fill yourself up with love from The Source. It’ll bring you closer in connection to your heart, it’ll deepen the connection to yourself. And that’s what your guides and angels want to see happening for you. They love you unconditionally, and they ask you to love yourself in the same way!

Become aware of your thoughts and decide to transform them into positive ones. Every time you notice a negative self-judgment thought, say: “Out of my mind and memory!” You can visualise it as an energy flying out of your head to the universe, where it’ll be automatically transformed in love and light for you. Then create a new thought that is the opposite, so a very positive one. An example: Instead of the thought “I’m only where I am in my life now and I should have been ten steps further”, you can think: “I am where I am today, it’s okay, I’ve worked hard to get here and I am proud of myself for the work done, There is a plan for me and I have faith in myself and the help from universe to realise all my dreams while enjoying life and it’s miracles.”

Just feel the difference in energy between these two thoughts…

Here’s a card reading for the month May 2017 for you. The theme of May is Open your Heart with the affirmation: I allow myself to feel the full range of emotions, especially all the forms of love.
Through experiences in life where you get hurt, you can decide (unconsciously) to close your heart but also to consciously put a wall around your heart as protection. It’s time to understand you’re safe and to pull down your wall of protection and open your heart to experience love. Everybody needs love, giving love to yourself, receiving love from others (family, friends, etc.) and your guides and angels and your loved ones in heaven.

Here are more cards to support this theme for May per week.
Week 1: My career is one of creating a joyful life experience.
If your dominant intent is to feel joy while you are doing the work, your triad of intentions – freedom, growth, and joy – will come quickly and easily into alignment. See your ‘career’ as one of creating a joyful life experience. You are not a creator of things, or a regurgitator of what someone else has created, or a gatherer of stuff. You are a creator, and the subject of your creation is your joyful life experience. That is your mission. That is your quest. That is why you are here.

Week 2: Monkey, Ingenuity. The situation calls for adaptability and innovation.
You’ve got to be able to first adjust to the circumstances at hand, then generate creative solutions or ideas and act on them. This situation will require you to get your hands on it, take a good look at it, use your intelligence coupled with your gut sense to evaluate it, then choose a course of action. Don’t get rigid about your choice, however, as once you make your move, new factors will come into play and you may have to adjust your course again, sometimes very rapidly. Count on it. It’s kind of like swinging from tree to tree – you have to be very quick in anticipating which branch to grab hold of. Don’t get discouraged if one direction doesn’t pan out. Just be willing to shift, and it will work out. From time to time, use that keen mind of yours to stop and assess what’s happening, then continue on, perhaps with a slight change in course based on new information. Once you stop and look back, you’ll see that every move was timely and purposeful. You have an amazing ability to move through life in a fluid and poetic fashion, whether or not you’re aware of it – just don’t get stuck in old habits and routines. Trust in that and you can do no wrong.

Week 3: Laughter. You need a good laugh!
This card asks you to see the humour within each situation, and not take life so seriously. You can ease your own stress and that of others with humour and laughter. Learn to feel joy, no matter what’s happening around you. Laughter and joy are magical because they bring happy situations into your life.

Week 4: Body Care.
The angels urge you to care for your physical body. You are asked to eat healthful foods, to exercise regularly, and to avoid toxins. Perhaps you’ve resisted guidance to pay attention to your physical body, and the angels have repeatedly come to you about this topic. They remind you that the body is an instrument that, when well tuned, emanates greater harmony. If you follow your angels’ guidance, you will feel terrific. Your increased energy and happiness is your reward for following the angels’ suggestions. They will help you find the time and motivation to exercise. They will also help you lose your cravings for unhealthful substances. And, the angels will help you enjoy the newfound pleasures that come from purifying and maintaining your physical body.

Week 5: Mother Healing: As your feelings toward your mother heal, your desires manifest more rapidly and accurately.
Universe asks you to release some remaining ‘mother issues’. Hand it all in a visualisation in the hands of Infinite Spirit. The situation may heal in unexpected ways. Be unconcerned with how it heals, and be vigilant in releasing any lower energies connected to your mother that could interfere with your life’s mission. By releasing any mother issues to universe, your heart will open further to accepting joy and blessings into your life. Your mother benefits when you’re happy, whether or not she’s consciously aware of it. Be willing to forgive and release old issues relating to yourself, your mother, mother figures, or anyone connected to your mother. By cleaning your inner house, you invite new love, opportunities, abundance, and healing energy to enter your life.
How suitable in the month of Mother’s Day!

Since the start of this new year and all its energy changes, you probably noticed lots of changes in your own life too. It can be quite challenging to keep track of your goal with all these changes happening. Or your goal suddenly isn’t your goal anymore. If you have the feeling that you lost direction in your life, here are some tips for you.

First of all, it’s a good thing to experience changes in your life. Not everybody sees it like this, but changes bring opportunities to grow and to become a person living closer to your heart and truer to yourself. We all came to this planet earth to learn and grow, so this is already the biggest goal for all of us.
Changes and growth can be quite overwhelming though and maybe you feel it’s too much to handle and you’ve lost direction in your life, you don’t know anymore what to focus on, you’ve lost clarity.

Meditate on it and allow all your feelings and emotions to be there completely. Cry if you feel like it, be angry, sad or afraid. Don’t hold it inside, but express it in the safe environment of meditating. Be grateful to be able to feel these emotions and feelings, simply because you can feel them as a soul in a human body on earth. It’s part of your learning process and growth. Give all your feelings and emotions your attention and love, until you feel them fading away and they are gone. Then fill up your body and aura with a bright white light. Also ask for help from your guides and angels. Tell them how you’re feeling, what upsets you, what you need and that you want their guidance to show you the way. Be silent and listen to what messages you receive through your heart.

You’re never alone. You have your guides and angels always with you. Through your heart you connect with them. And through your heart you also connect to the Creator/God/Source. Even if you don’t know what you’re doing or where to go to, Creator knows it through you, so lean on him. Trust that there is a plan for everyone and you’re being helped and surrounded with love. Open yourself for signs and guidance to have direction in your life again. Stop comparing yourself with others and wondering what’s wrong with you because you don’t have clear goals at this particular moment. Give yourself time to get clarity, time to grow and learn, time to be You. Everyone needs his/her own time. There’s no rush. Be patient with yourself. Everyone is unique and has his/her own path to live and learn. Be grateful for all your experiences and focus on what makes you happy. Try to schedule daily at least one thing to do that’ll make you happy, that’ll bring you energy and make you feel good. It can be a walk in nature, reading a book, colouring in, taking a bath with oils and salts, doing yoga or Pilates, meditating, going to a day spa, etc. Nurture yourself because you deserve it. You are wonderful, magical and beautiful and pure love.

With all the energy changes the last months, you can feel overwhelmed and unsettled, even completely out of balance. But do not fear the energy changes, because you are meant to review your life and make changes for yourself. What is it that you want to see changed in your life?

Take time for yourself to sit in silence and look at your life with a helicopter view. See yourself living your life. Notice how you feel. What is needed to change to make you feel happier? Imagine you have all the magic you need and you can change this in your life right now. Use the magic and change it. How do you feel after the change has taken place? How’s your happiness right now? Send this new level of happiness to all your cells in your body.

Now be honest with yourself. To realise the change on earth, you have to take action. What can you do right now as a first step to achieve your change? And can you already see what the next step will be? How can you take the next step? What do you need to do?

A change in your life is never dependent on what someone else does or doesn’t. The action is for you. If you wait for another to take a decision or an action, you’re taking on a passive role and you can only disappoint yourself or blame the other. You put the responsibility for your life (and desired change) in hands of the other person. So take back the responsibility over your life and take the first action step to what you want with your life, what will make you happy. It can mean you have to end relationships with certain people or quit your current job, to create new space for a life that suits you better. Don’t be afraid about ending relationships or quitting a job, because it will open up new space to let new like-minded people or a new job enter your life. Don’t be afraid to let go of the old when it doesn’t suit you anymore. If you hold on to it out of fear, you’ll get stuck.
And as a note I want to make clear I’m not advising you to immediately quit your job tomorrow, but more to take actions in finding out what job would make you happier and then taking the steps to get that new job, i.e. start using your network to spread the word what new job you’re looking for and start sending job applications or research how you can start your own business. It’s about taking actions because with that you’re showing universe that you’re serious about the change you want and you’re willing to take actions and take responsibility for your life.

Here are the steps again for you to change your life to achieve more happiness for yourself:

  1. Watch your life with a helicopter view and experience what you want to change to be happier
  2. Imagine how your life is in the changed situation, how you feel and how your happiness level is
  3. Take back responsibility about your own life
  4. Be honest and decide what actions you need to take to achieve the changes and write them down
  5. Decide to start the first action step for change right now
  6. Daily take time for yourself to sit in silence and visualise you’ve achieved your desired change and fill all your cells with the new level of happiness you experience

Of course I advise you to tell your guides and angels what you want to change in your life. Ask them for help, support and guidance. Ask them in daily meditation to show you what your next step is and how to take it and to assist you constantly. And ask for confirmation and signs if you’re doing the right thing to achieve the changes you want.

Self-love is healing

Self-love heart in handsThis is Archangel Gabriel, passing on my message through Astrid. I’d like to use this opportunity to inform you about big changes going on in the world. There is awakening happening for lots of people. They start to become conscious about role patterns, habits that are limiting and relationships that are disempowering. If you are experiencing to feel discomfortable with your life at the moment and you want to change things, you are one of them. ‘But how can you make such a change?’, is what you are wondering.

It all starts with becoming conscious about what’s happening in your life. Seeing the circles you’re going round in. Observe what feelings and emotions are connected to this. And then notice what thoughts you have with this. To what place in your body are you being pulled with your attention? Describe to yourself how it feels there, as if you’re explaining your feeling to a friend. And what emotion is connected to this feeling? Is it in general sadness, fear or anger? Or can you be more specific as in: pain, disappointment, anxiety, being shut down, being kept in place? Now notice what thoughts you have with this feeling and emotion. Just observe and don’t judge for what you’re experiencing. Acknowledge everything that you experience for a while until you become calm.

It’s time to make the connection to your heart now. You may ask the help of me, or your guides and angels. We can assist you to connect to your heart. Ask your heart what’s the best for you to do now. Is it something you can give yourself in the form of a colour, a symbol, a word, or a positive affirmation? This is a deed of self-love, so open yourself to receive this. Don’t think it’s strange to give this to yourself. It’s necessary and it will make you feel better, lighter, more in the flow, and sleep better. You will even start to radiate more happiness.

If you do this exercise on a daily base, you’ll see that you will increase in happiness. You will start to learn to connect to your heart and your desires so you can fulfil your needs. Don’t compare your needs with others, because you are unique and everybody has his/her own needs. Whatever your need is, nothing is strange or weird or silly. It is how it is and it is good for you. Be true to your heart’s desires and be honest to yourself. If you need a break of something, try to create that break and take time for yourself. Go out in nature and fill yourself up again with love. Love is always the answer to what you need. And you can give it to yourself. You don’t need anyone else for that.

May you live in peace and harmony and full of love to spread that to the world. If you read this and have the time to receive a healing from me, just confirm that with your thoughts right now and open yourself to receive my healing. It will only take a few minutes and I will cleanse your energy so you’ll feel more balanced and tranquil.

In love and light, Gabriel

spiritualityIn the Illawarra region in New South Wales Australia spirituality exists but it’s still a pretty new concept for many people. Most people here are focussed on money and materialism. It’s primarily about earning an income through work and making career to earn more money, owning properties and possessions. Lots of people are scared to lose their job because then their ‘secure’ world will fall apart; if you don’t have a job anymore, you can’t pay your mortgage(s), you can lose your house and more of your possessions. And then what?

This is the question where you can choose to let spirituality enter into your life. Think about it for a second: What happens when you would lose your house? When you don’t have money anymore? Most of you will think of the humiliation, shame, failure to your environment (family, friends, and neighbours). But what if you, instead of focussing on materialism, turn to yourself as a person; who are you without a house, without money, without possessions? You are still YOU! You are still a part of The Source/God here on earth in a human body, you can still shine your light, be a role model how you deal with the situation, be of service for others and be meaningful. You are still love. You can still give love. Have you ever thought about it that way? Does this whole way of thinking maybe cause a shift inside of you?

Let’s go back from this idea to your work. You earn your money through work, but do you like your job? Do you do the work that you love? Do you feel excited to get up to go to your work? Do you feel it’s your calling to do this work? Do you feel compassion when you’re working? Or are you just doing this work because it pays the bills?
When you’re doing the work you love, it’ll bring you energy, new opportunities, personal growth, fulfilment and happiness. When you’re doing the work to pay the bills, look at your wellbeing. Are you healthy, vital, positive and optimistic? Or are you low in energy, unhappy, complaining, or jealous/envious of what other people have or seem to have in your eyes?

Back to spirituality. If you can see yourself as a unique being with talents, what are you doing here on earth? What can you contribute to make this world a better place? How can you serve? The answer is nowhere to be found than inside yourself. When you quiet your mind and go with your attention to your heart space, ask your heart what it wants to do, learn, or change. Wait for the answer that can come in the form of a thought, a feeling or an image in your mind. Through your heart you have a connection with The Source/Universe. It’s a connection of pure, unconditional love and it can bring you answers. It’s a whole new world opening up to you with lots of help and support in the form of your spirit guides and angels. You’re not alone. You’re surrounded with love and support if you open yourself up for this connection. And even when you’re sad or lonely, you keep the connection although you think it’s gone, and you can release your feelings and experience the connection again. Especially in times of grief, this is a wonderful tool to cope with what’s happening in your life. Grief as in losing a dearly loved one, but also in the case of losing your job or being diagnosed with an illness. Spirituality is about learning through living your life, experiencing, letting go and moving forward again. Of constantly being in contact with your heart and feeling if you’re still happy with your life or if you want to make changes. It’s learning and integrating what you’ve learned. And if I tell you that there are no limits to achieve, but that it’s all infinite, maybe you can think or meditate on that one to discover your own truth. Because that’s also spirituality: finding your own answers through connecting, reading, listening, asking and receiving, through quieting your mind and listening to your heart. You don’t need to have the same opinion as others. You are allowed to have your own truth. And you deserve to discover your own truth and to live it fully. Then you can truly say you’re living from your heart! And how spiritual is that?! Here you’ve got the importance of spirituality for you.

white-1184178_1280Since I found out about angel numbers, I asked universe to show me them as much as possible. I started noticing them everywhere; times on the clock, number plates of cars, house numbers, phone numbers, etc. Every number has a specific meaning and you can see them as messages from angels to you to help you on your path.

Recently I read a book called The Messengers. It was about a very spiritual business man and from one particular moment in his life, other people started to receive messages for him at the time 4:44 (often they woke up at 4:44 am to receive the message for him). Since I was reading the book, I started to see the time 4:44 every day and I even woke up at that time! In the meantime I have finished reading the book but still get to see 444 everywhere.

If you are open to receive angel numbers in your life too, tell your spirit guides and angels (or God/The Source/universe in general) with your thoughts that you are ready to receive angel numbers from now on. Ask also to notice the angel numbers everywhere. It’s so much fun to receive them if you know what they mean. Angel numbers can appear in 2 digits, 3 digits, 4 digits, or even more. Just know that the more of the same numbers are together, the more powerful the message is for you. A great way to pay conscious attention to the angel numbers you receive, is to write them daily in a journal.

When I feel down or stuck, I feel always uplifted when I receive angel numbers, because they proof to me I am helped and all is good.

Here are two short lists for you with explanations of what the angel numbers and times mean. I advise you to print them and keep them in a place close to you, so you can look up their meaning when you receive an angel number or time.


Meaning of angel numbers (by Doreen Virtue):

111: your thoughts are manifesting fast, make sure you only think about what you desire in life instead of your fears, as you’ll attract what you’re thinking about

222: keep faith and hope, keep holding positive thoughts, keep affirming and continue visualising cause they are starting to manifest

333: the ascended masters confirm they are with you, sending you love and helping you

444: the angels confirm they are with you, sending you love and helping you

555: a positive change in your life is coming your way

666: your thoughts are too much focussed on the material world. Focus on spirit and service and know that your material and emotional needs will automatically be met as a result

777: you’re on the right path, keep going, know that your wishes will come true and expect more miracles to occur

888: be prepared cause a phase of your life is about to end. It also means abundance is coming your way.

999: this is the end (completion) of a big phase in your life. Get to work on your life’s purpose without delay.

000: you are loved by your Creator. It also means a situation has gone full circle.


Meaning of angel times (by Karina Collins):

10:10 you’re stressed about money and your angels are sending you support so that you can improve the situation

11:11 you have spiritual gifts, a wake-up call to rise up and serve a greater cause, believe in yourself

12:12 stay positive cause the future is bright, you’re in an emotional growth phase which will lead to brighter days

13:13 you have a new spirit guide because your life purpose is evolving and this guide is giving you new support on this unfamiliar part of your path

14:14 talk more (preferably daily) to your angels about what you’re worried about, what you’re grateful about, etc. to build a real relationship

15:15 a big change is coming to set you back on track with destiny

16:16 sweet love in the form of a baby (or grandchild) or romantic love is on the way

17:17 you’re thinking about taking an action, the answer is yes, you are on the right path

18:18 meditation, yoga or some other form of relaxation will help you connect to universe. If you’re already doing this, this time is a sign to congratulate you cause you’re doing well, keep going

19:19 take the step you fear and have been asking for guidance on, it is your destiny

20:20 think before you speak, your words have a powerful impact on those around you

21:21 acknowledge the reasons for happiness in your life right now

22:22 you are guided to build and create, you have the potential for greatness, as a creator, teacher or organiser. It is time to do and not talk. Have faith that your dreams and plans have a real future and will come to fruition if you go forward now

23:23 a deceased loved one is sending you love right now. The first person you think of, is who it is. Acknowledge their presence and open your heart to receive their love.

Candle of love

Candle of love

Friday 11th November it’s my wedding anniversary (I got married 11-11-2011). Last year it was the first anniversary after Jan, my husband, crossed over to heaven. I asked him how I could best remember and celebrate our love and he advised a ‘light a candle’ action. This candle symbolises our pure, unconditional love. I gave our love the intention to spread through this candle all over the world to everyone who needed this love because they missed a dear loved one too.

For Jan and me it would be a huge present if you too will light a candle Friday 11th November and give it the same intention. Last year it was a success and we felt honoured that so many people joined our action. I announced to make this a yearly recurring event. Feel free to share this message and to join us and let’s try to create a chain of lighted candles in the world to spread love. If you’ll join, I would appreciate it if you’ll send me a message below (like ‘I’m joining’), just to see how far this idea of Jan can reach.

Thank you so much for participating!

CONTACT FORM Join the Light a Candle action on 11-11-2016



balloon-1167218_640Recently I had a client who still suffered from a traumatic experience of years ago. After hearing the story, the cause of her physical issues was that my client felt so much resentment, hurt and pain toward a relative involved in this trauma, that she had abandoned her from her life, but was still ‘fighting’ with her in her mind, mostly to try to understand why this situation had happened. There was a huge judgment about the behaviour of the relative. But with the ‘fighting’ in her mind, she kept her relative and herself imprisoned.

I explained to her that if she wouldn’t forgive her relative, she could not move on and live the life she wanted to. The unforgiveness was blocking her life completely and for such a long time. My client told me she couldn’t forgive her relative for what she had done. I told her that forgiving someone doesn’t mean you approve their behaviour and actions, but that you forgive the person, or the soul as you wish. I asked if she was willing to forgive. Yes, she was, because she saw that the unforgiveness was causing physical problems in her life now.

It was impossible for her to forgive her relative as how she was now, an adult woman, but we discovered that my client could see the inner child in her relative. The little child in her who always got what she wanted and crossed boundaries to achieve this. When she could see this inner child, she felt she could forgive this child easily. It made her see her relative in a different way.

We asked Archangel Michael to join us and to cut the cords between my client and her relative and to take the energy connected to this whole situation (resentment, anger, hurt and distrust) with him for transformation in love & light. She could feel a heavy weight being released.

Then we came to the point to feel if she could forgive herself. She had never thought about forgiving herself. I asked her to feel what she experienced when she said: “I forgive myself for everything till now”. She had to repeat it a few times but could sense that this felt good and she would repeat this more often after the session at home too, to come to complete forgiveness of herself.

If you have difficulties to forgive someone for what has happened, look at the inner child in them, or the light that is in everyone, and start forgiving that part and then expand it to the complete person. You will free yourself and the other person so that you both can move forward on your paths again.


Intuition and past lives

esmee-in-tree-smallWe just started the school holiday and on Saturday morning 24th September my daughter Esmee ran into my bedroom at 5 am. This turned out to be a week of using my intuition and getting past lives’ info we weren’t conscious of. She was crying and hopped in my bed and explained she had a terrible tummy ache. She was afraid to have to throw up (she did that a month ago when she had a tummy bug and didn’t like the experience). She grabbed my hands for healing on her tummy. I applied some DigestZen essential oil on her tummy. I always feel so powerless when my child is sick and yesterday she was perfectly fine, so I hadn’t seen this one coming. We would leave today for a weekend Canberra but after breakfast we cancelled this plan because it was better to stay at home until she was better again. She was quite disappointed about this but relieved to stay home.

She didn’t have an appetite, was even afraid to eat (fear to have to throw up), was extremely tired, had a pale skin, was very emotional and kept on complaining about a tummy ache. We went to our kinesiologist that day and found out she had an Amoebic infection. The DigestZen had helped so we didn’t need to do more for now. With checking her chakras we found out her root chakra was blocked. After this was fixed and we treated other issues from the list we brought, we went home again. At night time she complained about a heavier tummy ache again. She didn’t sleep well and the next morning she came crying in my room again with a tummy ache.

Monday she felt even worse. We found out with the naturopath/kinesiologist that she was definitely suffering from an Amoebic infection. The cause of this is tap water in Australia which contains this one cell organism. We have a water tank with filters and only drink that water and wash our fruit and veggies with it, but still we get the infection every now and then. It can come from taking a shower or bath or from food. My intuition already had told me that 1x applying DigestZen oil wouldn’t be enough, so I had already given Esmee the naturopath drops for Amoeba since Sunday morning.

We hoped to go to Canberra Tuesday and Wednesday but she was still feeling sick and there didn’t seem to be any improvement. We visited the spiritual discussion group on Tuesday night but had to leave early because she wanted to go home, not feeling well. This group was the only thing that I wanted to do for myself but it turned out to be a short visit. On Thursday Esmee’s situation got worse. The drops normally kick in in three days time but there was only a small improvement. My intuition said she probably had another infection going on. After a visit to our naturopath that was the case; she also had a fungal infection. So we also started drops to get rid of that. When it was bed time, Esmee came to me and when I saw her face, I knew she had to cry. She really wanted to sleep in my bed tonight, so we arranged that. She’s always turning and moving a lot in her sleep, so it would mean I wouldn’t get a lot of sleep…

esmee-in-tree-with-heart-smallOn Friday she was sneezing, blowing her nose and still getting worse, still tired and emotional, still a tummy ache in the mornings and evenings and it looked like she also had a cold with it now. I had never seen this before with her. In the evening when I put her in my bed again for the night, I suddenly had an insight; Esmee getting worse with health issues had to do something with me, maybe a past life blockage. The next day my colleague would channel for us what was happening with Esmee and her health. We received some interesting information: there was a past life where Esmee had been my mother and she had a lot of children. I was one of her favourite children because I helped her with raising the younger kids. Unfortunately she died very young. I felt responsible for the children and did my best to raise them, although I was very young myself. I had taken on this life lesson of responsibility but it turned out to be too much for me. I had resentment towards my mother because she had left so early and left me in this difficult situation. The resentment was in our way right now. There was a second past life where Esmee was a man and I was a woman and we had a short romantic relationship together. Because it was only short, we were left with a ‘not really liking each other’ feeling after the relation was ended and this feeling was in our way right now with her being sick. Universe removed the karma from both these lives from us and healed this. An hour later Esmee started to have more energy and she got some colour on her cheeks again. She got an appetite and started eating again. What a huge difference!

She slept in her own bed again that night. She was a bit afraid. I asked her why and she explained the energy in my bedroom was nicer than in hers. We cleansed the energy in her room with a cleansing spray with essential oils and we asked Archangel Michael also to cleanse her energy and the energy in her room, to wrap his wings around her the whole night and to help her fall asleep immediately and sleep very well. She did fall asleep immediately and slept really well and even slept in till 7 am (which is long for her). She’s feeling fine again and enjoying her school holiday. What an adventure of how my intuition guided me to take the action steps we did and to find out there were past lives blocking Esmee to be healthy again.

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