You’ve probably heard before about Decluttering. In case you haven’t, decluttering is:

  • to remove mess or clutter from (a place);
  • to organise and prioritise (one’s commitments, material possessions, etc.): Declutter your calendar and spend more time with your family.

This all means you can declutter your life by simplify or get rid of mess, disorder, complications, etc. Decluttering will give you new space (in your life, in your house, in your mind) which also is new space to receive new insight and new creative ideas. It can even take heaviness away from you and your life, which will create space for happiness and joy.

What can you do to declutter? Here are some examples:

  • clean up your house/garage/shed/garden and sort out old toys, clothes and other things you don’t need anymore (or didn’t use for a year): give things away to charity, to someone you know who can use it or sell it;
  • sort photos and start glueing them in in a photo album;
  • delete old files, emails, contacts and photos you don’t want, need or use anymore on your computer and mobile phone;
  • throw away old paperwork like administration that’s not necessary to keep any longer;
  • cancel appointments or commitments you don’t feel good about;
  • create one hour (or more) every day in your schedule as ‘me-time’;
  • create one hour (or more) every day for your child(ren) and/or partner as quality time together;
  • doing your administration and filing everything;
  • make a ‘to-do-list’ and work every day on this list to cross out at least one thing.

Focus on your feelings when you are sorting out and throwing away things and feel the new space it brings in your life. If you give away to charity or someone who can use your things, feel how this can open your heart and give you a warmth inside. And if you sell things, feel how good it is to create new money for yourself. All the decluttering helps to get things flowing again that were stagnated. You’re creating movement in your life and that’s what life’s about: going forward by letting go of the old and creating a way for the new to come in. This affirmation can help you with decluttering: “I detach with love from the old and I invite the new in.”

Because spring is on its way and the weather this winter is so beautiful, in our house it felt like a pre spring cleaning up the last days. We brought clothes to a charity foundation, we sold some items, we gave away old push bikes that our daughters didn’t use anymore and we sorted out old administration. I could feel the move and it created new space for us. It feels really good to declutter!