Candle of love

Candle of love

Tomorrow will be my wedding anniversary (11-11-2011). It would have been 4 years. It feels like a huge mountain to take for me to go to tomorrow. I asked Jan how I can best remember and celebrate our love tomorrow and this morning I received his answer.

I will light a candle tomorrow from the moment I wake up until I’ll go to bed again. This candle symbolises our pure, unconditional love. I’ll give our love the intention to spread through this candle all over the world to everyone who needs this love because they miss a dear loved one too.

For Jan and me it would be a huge present if you too will light a candle tomorrow and give it the same intention. Share this message if you want to join and let’s try to create a chain of lighted candles in the world to spread love. If you’ll join, I would appreciate it if you’ll send me a message below (like ‘I’m joining’), just to see how far this idea of Jan can reach.

Thank you so much for participating. I’d like to do this every year on 11th November from now on.

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