Are you someone who likes to give others advices on subjects as work, relationships, raising issues, achieving fulfilment or happiness in life? How aware are you actually of practising in your own life what you preach to others?

Often I notice that people are really good in giving advices but they don’t seem to implement them in their own lives. What they preach is like a mirror for themselves, but they don’t see that. These people are not aware yet, or this is their ‘blind spot’ to work on. They don’t want to see it, ignore this issue for themselves. The reason can be: fear to change (denial of this opportunity to grow), perfectionism (I already know everything and do everything perfect, I don’t make mistakes).

It’s the same with people who promise to do something for you but never keep that promise. The people who always say ‘yes’ when you need some help or when you ask their help. The people who can’t say ‘no’ to others, and probably not to themselves either. They are definitely not aware of disappointing others with their false promises and they don’t change it when you confront them with their behaviour. Reason: fear of rejection, fear that others don’t like them anymore when they say ‘no’.

Last week I was reading in a book of Eckhart Tolle and he wrote that under all fears is one big fear: fear of death. Your ego constantly lives with a fear of dying and acts out of that fear. I started to think about that. But it’s true; what happens when someone doesn’t like you anymore? That doesn’t satisfy your ego. What happens if you are not perfect? It doesn’t please your ego. What if you would take responsibility and change your behaviour? That’s unknown and scary for your ego because it’s only based on past experiences and doesn’t want anything new. Your ego doesn’t want you to take responsibility for yourself and your behaviour because then it loses its power. But that’s exactly what YOU want! You want your power back. You don’t want your ego to decide what happens in your life, do you? You can take your own power in your own hands by deciding right now that YOU want to be in charge of YOU. Yes, right now. Say it out loud: I am in charge now! Feel the difference. You are in the Now and from here on you can change. And now face what fears you have and take actions to release them. It will give a huge change in your life but I promise you it will become a lot nicer for you. And you know what? How realistic is it to think you’re gonna die if you change your life and take responsibility for your behaviour and actions? You will be alive then. If you keep on releasing all your fears, you’ll come to experiencing happiness and joy in life. And if you want help with releasing all your fears and changing your life positively, call or email me for an appointment. I’d love to help you on your journey.