Location: Illawarra ITeC, Miller St & Fox Ave, Coniston NSW 2500
Date: Sunday 18th February 2018 from 10 am – 4.30 pm

Gratitude On A Plate is an Illawarra conscious “foodfest” celebrating all forms of nourishment, sponsored by Manic Organic Whole Foods and held at The Illawarra ITeC Ltd RTO.

I’ll be at this event with a stall and promoting Zazen Alkalinity Water Systems and my services as a medium, healer and therapist by offering mini-readings/healings/sessions to be a happier, healthier and more peaceful person. You can try the Zazen water yourself to experience the taste and learn about how it transforms your tap water into healthy water.

During this event there will be cooking demos, workshops, short films and yoga to join for visitors.

Website for details/tickets, etc: http://embracelifelivelife.com.au/festivals/gratitude-on-a-plate-foodfest/

The program will showcase amazing things that are happening now, and how you can get involved in the change to make a difference to your health, your family and our planet – “one bite at a time”!

Too often we can feel overwhelmed with what we need to do, where to start and if it truly makes a difference – we believe with every informed choice you make, you are and we are collectively, changing the world we live in, by getting back being into sync with who we truly are, and the role we play to protect our planet.

An incrEDIBLE film festival with international and Australian short films on all the areas from food production, waste management and how food choices are influencing your own health will be screened, coupled with expert panel discussions around the hot topics.

What is our “food culture” and how is it influencing our choices, and decisions made on a daily basis?

Why purchase organic, and is there a real benefit?

What is emerging, and what can we do now to make a difference?

Seasonal Yoga Treats will be hosting a full day program around Yin Yang Go Gyo, the guiding principles of Japanese Yoga and how you can best work with the seasonal flow.

Enjoy moving deep into asana practice and begin to understand what Japanese yoga is all about. Food as medicine through seasonal recipes and food guidance and short practices of meditation, breath, acupressure points, mudras and challenges that will help you stay in sync with the season and allow you to work towards true vibrant physical and mental health.

Vegetarian and Vegan food stalls with home grown produce, workshops, demos including fermenting, raw foods, ayurveda, multicultural vegetarian cooking classes in a commercial kitchen, organic gardening, community gardens and plenty to sample eat and enjoy.

Local workshops, meditation and other forms of healing will be available on the day as well as local musical performances, kids circus and at activities, and a conscious marketplace.