When you want to create a life of happiness, joy, abundance and prosperity, wellness and good health, the best way is to start with ‘intentions to create your desires’ and to speed the process of your manifestations is to be grateful/showing your gratitude. This works fast because while showing gratitude, you open your heart and connect to The Source. With showing gratitude you make the circle round from The Source sending you gifts, you sending The Source appreciation of what you receive, The Source sending you more gifts and you allowing yourself to receive more gifts. You are creating miracles for yourself! Being grateful for everything in your life also helps you to change from ‘negative’ thinking into ‘positive’ thinking. It helps you to look with a different view to the world; from seeing the things you don’t like into seeing the things you like and things you want to see. For example: do you only see wars in the world, financial crisis, job losses, etc.? But do you want to change this into creating abundance and loving relationships in your life? Start to focus on what you want to see, start to focus on love and abundance. Look for the beauty of nature (the colour of the sea water, the songs of the birds and how beautiful birds are), look at the things of your house you like (the safety because you have a house to live in, the space in your house and garden, your bed which gives you a good night sleep, your gas heater which gives you warmth in winter), look at your car which brings you wherever you want to go, look at the money you spend on things like sports or activities for your kids, buying new clothes but also for paying your groceries (and the healthy food you choose for your body), see the health of your body which helps you to do your work or study and see the nice relationships you have with your friends and the love that brings you. With your intention to see the beautiful things in life and showing your gratitude to The Source about what you see, you are making a beautiful world for yourself and others. When you show your gratitude, you will start attracting, feeling and radiating abundance and prosperity, love, joy and happiness.

Start by writing a list of what you are grateful for in your life. If it’s hard to think of something, start by what makes you happy in life. What gives you energy in life? That’s something to be grateful for. Every time you think of another thing to be grateful for, add it to your list. And read your list out loud every day. “I am grateful for…”.

I am grateful for: that I can feel love in my heart, the love with my husband and children, that our children are doing great at school, that I know my life purpose and am living that, the help of angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, deceased loved ones and The Source, the miracles happening in my life, meditations, people in my life that bring me love and insights and accept me how I am, the joy and happiness in my life, the cute cat in our neighbourhood that visits our garden and wants to be patted, our car that brings us everywhere, the sun shining, the birds, butterflies and dragonflies, trees and flowers in our garden, the white feathers I find, the books I read that help me develop myself, and so forth.