In this workshop you’ll visit your seven chakras through a guided meditation. You’ll experience how every chakra feels/looks and how you can cleanse it by letting go of blockages and limiting beliefs. You’ll learn what every chakra represents, when your chakra is balanced, underactive or overactive, what physical issues an unbalanced chakra can have, and what limiting beliefs can exist in a chakra. For every chakra you’ll get the support of a homemade doTERRA chakra spray blend sprayed above  you, which supports the cleansing process. And we’ll add positive affirmations to every chakra. You’ll feel balanced, recharged and lighter at the end of the workshop.

After the workshop you’ll be able to cleanse your own chakras at home while meditating. If you like the doTERRA chakra spray blends, you can buy them at the end of the workshop or place an order so I can make them especially for you. It’s possible to buy the whole chakra spray blend set by placing an order for that too.

Previous times this workshop has been received enthusiastically and participants felt amazing at the end of the workshop. I’ve got the feedback that the doTERRA chakra spray blends really deepened the experience and that their smell is divine.

Day and time: Friday 23rd March 2018 from 9.30 – 11.30 am

Price: $ 25 per person

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Guided Meditation to Cleanse your Chakras supported by doTERRA chakra spray blends 23rd March 2018 for $ 25.00