Moving House

Moving House

I had a couple of super busy weeks because I moved to a new house, and I’d love to tell you the story how miracles happened to find this new place. Lots of guidance and signs from the universe.

About a month ago I received a channelled message through my colleague that the universal beings knew what my next house would become. I got three descriptions:

  1. It would be a silent surrounding
  2. It would have a high vibration of energy
  3. There would be kids for my daughter in the neighbourhood to play with

I took this all as a sign that it was time to look carefully for a new house to move to and to spread the word that I was looking for another place. At first I wanted to have a house with a special room for my work, but I soon discovered that was another price range. With the help of my kinesiologist I found out that I would do my work from my living room. Not a problem because I had done that after my divorce in the Netherlands too and that worked really well.

Only two weeks later I saw a place for lease close to my house and the name of the real estate agent caught my eye. I knew her from the past because she was the previous real estate agent from my current place. I strongly felt I needed to speak to her. I called here and left a message about what had happened in my life [that my husband Jan crossed over to heaven] and that I was interested in viewing the place for rent close to my house, because I was looking for a smaller place. Again Jan passed on a channelled message through my colleague that he had a surprise for me in this house, so that I needed to go and have a look, but that it was not The house universe had in mind for me. It was a confirmation for me that my intuition was guiding me in the right direction. I made the appointment to view the place and immediately saw it was not was I was looking for. But, the conversation with the real estate agent was very interesting! I explained that I was planning to go to an open house of another place in the area the next day and that I thought that would be The new place for me. At the end of our conversation she gave me her business card and said that she was happy to be a reference for me when I would apply for the house that I would visit the next day. I thought ‘that’s the gift Jan mentioned’ and accepted her offer grateful.

The next day I visited the house where I live now. I saw it on internet and this is my story about signs and signals from the universe. I got a very happy feeling with the photos of this place. I decided to drive past it with my daughter. When we turned into the street, I thought ’29 is in numerology an 11 and my life purpose number is 11 and I love 11 numbers’ (my parental place was 22 and my previous address was 33). The name of the street is Iris Ave and Iris is Jan’s niece in the Netherlands. After I got the house, my colleague asked ‘but isn’t Iris your favourite flower?’ and I realised that I completely forgot about that! It’s truly my favourite flower. The house has an amazing sea view at the back and Jan loves the sea. Whenever he felt out of balance, he hopped on his scooter and rode to the beach, he sat there and watched, smelled and breathed in the sea. How amazing that he guided us to the house with this beautiful sea view. I always write a list with what I’m looking for (wishing list) to the angels and ask their help with all subjects in my life. I also had written a list with wishes for my new house. In the past this worked out very well, so the evidence was already there for me. In my wishing list for my new house I asked for a renovated kitchen and bathroom and I couldn’t be happier with how it looks. I applied the day of the open house and I pictured myself living there, which was very easy. I had a really good feeling about this place. It had a silent surrounding, the energy felt great and there were kids from school close by, so the three descriptions were right for this place.

That day I asked for confirmation from the universe if I would get the house and I never have had so many angel numbers after each other. We saw a few cars driving in front of us within five minutes time and they all had the same numbers in their number plates with 4 digits, 3 digits and 2 digits. When I went to bed, I channelled Jan and he let me look at his photo on my nightstand and said about the house on Iris Ave: “This is the house I want you to live with Esmee.” I can’t sleep from excitement and ask for another sign. It takes a lot to convince me! Just after midnight when I walk to the bathroom, I suddenly get a very clear message in my head: “The house will be yours. Prepare to move.” I always love short and clear messages. I’m very surprised about what just happened and ask: “Says who?” And then I receive: “God, the Creator”. Wow, I fall silent and have all the faith of the world now. I hop into bed again and fall asleep immediately.

Two days later I called at the end of the day to ask if a decision had been made about who would become the new tenant for 29 Iris Ave in Coniston. The real estate agent didn’t know yet and I could call back on Monday. A whole weekend of waiting! What a challenge to be patient… Half an hour later I am on the phone and heard a voicemail coming in. When I listen to the voicemail message, it is the real estate agent that my application is approved and that I am the new tenant. I call my daughter and together we listen again to the voicemail message. I pick her up and together we make a dance of joy and thank the universe several times for this beautiful news. How exciting.

Because we moved from a huge house to a smaller house, I had to sell and give away a lot of content. It’s good to declutter anyway, but it’s amazing how all things went to beautiful people. I want to share two stories about this.

Jan’s motorbike jacket went to a guy who would have his motorbike exam the next day. He asked me why the jacket was for sale, while he was trying it on. I explained it was my husband’s who had passed away recently. I noticed he was a bit shocked about this and I quickly added that his positive energy and love for bikes was in the jacket. Jan’s a pure motorbike lover, a great motor rider and he bought this jacket to ride on his motor scooter, which gave him so much pleasure. That all his motor experience and motor joy was connected to this jacket and that he would absolutely protect this guy and help him pass his exam (that’s what I asked Jan immediately to do). Of course this guy bought the jacket. It fitted him as if it was made for him, although he was much taller than Jan.

Another beautiful story. Jan loved to build model bikes, cars and he even built a model ship. He had started earlier this year on a Volkswagen Samba bus. Last year he studied for life coach and his dream was to do coaching sessions in future in a VW bus at the beach. Building this model bus was part of manifesting his dream. He only had done the bottom part with the benches on it. I didn’t know what to do with it and suddenly got the insight to call the shop where he bought lots of his model parts. I explained the situation and asked if they knew a customer who would be interested in having this and build it further and having another new model car (Mini Cooper Rally) still in the package. A week later I got a phone call from someone who was interested. He came with his wife that night and I gave him both the model cars. He stood before me with all the parts of the VW bus in his hands and asked me if I wanted the bus back when he would have finished it. This touched me so extremely, that I started to cry. I was so amazed that he offered this. I thought ‘how is this miracle possible because that’s exactly what I had thought a couple of times, that it would be great to get the model bus back when it’s finished’. I told this man that that was really generous of him and that I would love to have the bus back in the light blue colour that Jan loved so much. How much evidence do you get that your husband in heaven is still connected to you and still guides you in life? I’m so grateful for his help, support and guidance. We’re still a good team!