Where people blindly followed governments and religions, a lot of humans start to realise they don’t agree to everything leaders say and expect them to do anymore. They think different and don’t follow blindly anymore. They ask themselves first: ‘Is this my truth too or not?’ and act upon that.

Heart follow yourEverybody has his/her own truth. It’s a knowing and feeling inside yourself what is right for you. It may mean that your truth is not the truth of someone else. Maybe you even feel like you’re the only one with this truth in your surroundings. It’s also possible that you speak to others and hear their truths and opinions and you start to question your own beliefs and maybe consider to change them because you notice they’re not ‘from this time’ anymore. Some people do this in silence and don’t tell anyone else, but some do this very openly and are assertive about their truth. I notice this on social media programs.

But how do you find your own truth? That you absolutely know and feel what you believe, without any doubts? That it makes you feel good about living your truth because you can’t live in a different way than according to your truth?

To find your own truth, you need silence to go inside. Meditation is an easy way to do this. You start with quieting your mind, then focus on your heart area and then be silent. Just listen what your heart has to tell you. Act upon these heart messages. Your heart always knows the answer that is your truth. You allow your intuition, your Higher Self, and your guides to pass on messages to you. Sense how your heart message makes you feel. You can also visualise how your future will be when you have acted upon your heart message. Sense again how this makes you feel. Everything that makes you feel calm, relaxed, happy and joyful means that it’s your truth. Your life on earth is meant to give you a lot of experiences to learn and grow from, but after every experience you’re meant to find that happy, joyful, relaxed state again. That’s your confirmation you’re living your truth and you’re on your path.