You can cleanse yourself from low vibrational energies. You have that power and in this workshop you’ll learn:

  • what energy is
  • what energy exchange is
  • which types of low vibrational energy exist and their negative effects
  • how to remove low vibrational energies
  • how to shield yourself from energies other than Love & Light

You’ll become conscious about what energies exist and what their negative effects can be in your life.While learning about low vibrational energies, you’ll get tools in the form of exercises to remove them and we’ll do them during the workshop. You’ll learn how to shield yourself from low vibrational energies and to set and protect your boundaries.

At the end of the workshop you’ll feel lighter, have more space around you and feel more in your own power.

I’ve learned so much about the negative effects of low vibrational energies in my life. And being so sensitive, it only magnified the strong negative feelings intensely. For most people negative energies cause a lot of fear, but it’s about becoming conscious about these energies and reclaiming your power and these energies instantly lose their power. You can get big positive results in your life when you’re in your own energy again without interference to move forward and shine your light.

This workshop is a lesson from my course Improve your Mediumship. I’ve created this workshop about low vibrational energies, because it’s so important to create consciousness about them, their power and effects and how to remove and shield yourself from them.

Day and time:

  • Wednesday 4th April 2018 from 10 am – noon

Price: $ 25 per person

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How to cleanse yourself from low vibrational energies 4th April 2018 for $ 25.00