Do you experience a few of the following physical issues?

  • tiredness
  • a kind of a ‘racing’ feeling through your legs – also restlessness in your legs –
  • a rumbling sound in your lower bowel, even in the middle of the night
  • difficulties with sleeping although you’re very tired (constantly turning and not finding a nice position to sleep in)
  • headache or constantly thinking in your head about nothing particular – but it keeps you awake –
  • not feeling vital and fit
  • your lower tummy part (under your belly button) starts to swell
  • gaining weight although you didn’t change your diet
  • farting although you didn’t change your diet
  • constipation

food healthyThere’s a big chance you have an infection like bacteria, fungus, viruses, parasites or Amoeba in your gut. When you don’t do anything about it, it just grows and you’ll get more physical problems. It can affect your life in a negative way; you can’t get the things done you want to do or you don’t have the energy to take actions.

If you go to a GP and tell your physical complaints, they often don’t know exactly what’s wrong in your body. They have to diagnose from what you’re telling and they can prescribe medications, like antibiotics. Antibiotics can help if you’re having a bacteria infection, but it also causes disadvantages of the natural functioning of your immune system. People often just look at the short term result. But you definitely don’t want a malfunctioning immune system as a long term result.

So, how do you find out what’s going on in your gut that’s causing your physical complaints?

My husband and I are both very sensitive and we discovered over the last years that we can feel in our gut when something is wrong there. We found out that a kinesiologist can do muscle tests to diagnose which infection is going on in your body. And for every infection type are naturopath medications to get rid of the infection, without problems for your immune system. After using these naturopath medications we feel healthy and fit again, can sleep well again, and our digestive systems are working normal again.

Also healthy food and good water helps your body. Let me just mention something about water: tap water is not the healthiest version of water for your body and it can even cause an Amoeba infection. The best way to (try to) avoid this, is to boil the water and let it cool down and use a special water filter that gets the fluoride and chlorine out of the water. Use this water to drink, to wash your veggies and fruit in, and to brush your teeth and clean your toothbrush.

If your gut is healthy and functioning well, you feel good, energetic and do you can take actions on your path to happiness. If you sleep well, your body recharges to be fit the following day. It all starts in your gut, so take excellent care of it!