HeartsDo you recognise the feeling that your heart is not completely open? That you can’t let love completely come in? Are you afraid that love makes you so vulnerable that you’ll lose control over yourself? That love will overwhelm you?

For most of my clients the cause of the above is that they’ve been hurt before in a relationship. In a romantic relationship or in a close friendship. And it often goes back to childhood experiences with the relationship of their parents. At some unconscious point in life they decided to close their hearts. It’s a decision to protect themselves.

A way to protect yourself is that you have built a wall of protection around your heart. Mostly to protect yourself from feeling the emotions like pain and hurt, from what happened in your relationship. Your fear of being vulnerable and getting hurt (again). But also fear of another disappointment about a dream that didn’t come true. Or a belief that true love wasn’t meant to be for you, or that you don’t get a second chance with love.

Do you feel it’s time for you too to open up your heart and move forward in life? And don’t you know how?

If you believe, like me, that you chose this life with all its lessons, you know deep inside that you can handle everything that happens in your life. Everything happens to learn from it and it makes you stronger. This means you can handle the emotions you have blocked from the past where you were hurt and afraid. They’re making you stuck at the moment. You need to allow your emotions, feelings and beliefs to be there completely and give all your attention to them, and then you can release them. From experience I can tell you that the fear of facing them is often bigger than to actually allow them and release them. The result is that the tightness in your chest and heart area disappears and your aura expands; you’ll feel more space around you. It’s like freedom, a new opening. Visualise your heart as a beautiful flower and let it blossom open with all its petals. Do this daily and visualise a golden protection light around it.

You deserve love. You are lovable! See yourself in that situation with your heart open, and feel how good that feels.