This story is about my aunt who died recently. She had a very strong energy, was dominant, and caused a lot of tears with her behaviour towards her son and daughter. My aunt was the oldest of four children, my mother is the youngest and the only one still alive. What happened?

The day after my mother celebrated her 70th birthday, where my aunt came as a guest which was very special cause she didn’t like to go to events with a lot of people because of the headaches she had, my mom received a phone call that my aunt wasn’t doing well. She hurried to her house and called the ambulance. The following night my aunt died in her sleep. Of course all arrangements had to be taken care of with the funeral company, the church, etc. To receive the people from the funeral company and the church, there had to be created some space in the house. Here’s the issue: on the big farm, which looks fantastic from the outside, all rooms inside are completely full with ‘stuff’. The windows are closed (no ventilation), there’s a lot of dust on top of things because you could hardly walk in the rooms. There was absolutely no space, everything was packed. Everywhere were clothes. They were clean clothes, but they were everywhere. All the doors were always closed and they lived in the small kitchen. You couldn’t find anything. My uncle didn’t know where to find his own clothes. So, on the day my aunt died, there had to be worked hard to clear two rooms to receive guests and to make room for the coffin with my aunt. My mother helped and told me on Skype it was incredible what they found in the rooms and because of the time they could only just put it in another place in the house. But they managed to empty the two rooms and clean them in time. Hard work. I asked my mom about the situation and she told me that my cousins were quite relieved to finally have the chance to clear the house a bit, to remove all the clothes. It was obvious my aunt had been mentally ill and it looked like she had hoarded lots of things like clothes, plastic flowers, flowerpots and other things.

After the funeral my uncle, cousins, my mom and with some help of other cousins in the family, all tried to clear the house. It’s an amazing operation and there have been given more than 45 garbage bags full with clothes to charity. Not only second-hand clothes, but they found heaps of new clothes with the price tags still on it. My aunt bought clothes but never wore them. Also new clothes for my uncle were never worn, because they were hidden in the rooms between other things. During this big operation where besides clothes also furniture, flowerpots, and plastic flowers were being removed, my mom found two envelopes with money and some jewellery that was missing. Imagine to find my uncle’s golden cufflinks in my aunt’s shoe and an envelope with money between the wall and the leg of a cabinet. My mom told me this whole operation was emotional for her because of the ‘mess’ my aunt had left behind and that she was afraid to throw away something important that was missing just because she didn’t know it was there. And there was still some things missing that had to be found.

On 30 October I was meditating and suddenly felt my aunt with me. She had a message but it was quite long and I decided to start ‘automatic writing’ with her so that I could pass on her message to my mom. My aunt gave the message that she appreciates all the help my mom offers her family with clearing the house. Now she’s in heaven, she realises what life she has lived on earth. She can now see how much space she took up, but when she lived on earth, that felt good for her. Now, she sees reality from a different point of view than when she was in the middle of it. She created her own reality on earth. She needed all that control on earth to live and survive. Without control she felt like not having the right to exist. Literally, it felt like she would die when she would let go of control. She was so afraid that space would overwhelm her, that she couldn’t handle that.

She gave the message that everything that was missing, would be found. And she gave permission and approval to throw away everything that her family didn’t want to keep. She likes the idea to give things to charity to make other people happy with it. What she couldn’t do on earth, can be realised now. She realises that her family has been waiting long for this. She was sorry for this. If she was in the position to do it all over again, she would do it differently. She’s continuously with her family with clearing the house, to support them. She has a huge appreciation for the big work that’s being done.

She doesn’t want my mom to feel ashamed of the situation. She passes the message that it was her own responsibility and she takes that responsibility now from where she is. She asks my mom to give the responsibility back to her, the owner of it. It was ‘her’ choice and ‘her’ lesson to live like this and she learned from it. She ends with the wish for everyone to live their lives the way they want it because they are free now.

Are you silent now, like me? I feel my aunt’s presence with me again and I feel emotions. She gave her permission to write this blog and the message it contains. That’s such an honour cause I know that people who passed over to heaven are ‘Love’ and know how they lived on earth. I know they see it differently from where they are after passing over. They don’t attach to their possessions because materialism doesn’t exist in heaven. Materialism is definitely something earthly. I told my mom earlier that she must not be afraid that something valuable would be thrown away because my aunt was there with them, keeping an eye on everything. My aunt’s message confirmed that and brought peace. My mom gave feed-back that she recognised my aunt in the message and that she was really ‘like that’. The clearing of the house is still continuing. My uncle and cousins are still helping and creating a new life. My uncle is starting a new life, with space for himself. I think he’ll discover who he really is, his new true self. And I hope my uncle and cousins will release all fears and drama and can cut all chords (except the pure unconditional love one) with my aunt, forgive each other and feel free to live their lives as authentic people. I have to finish this story with the words: God bless. That’s what I receive as a message, so I’m doing that although I’m normally keeping these type of words for myself.

Share this story with whoever you think can have benefits from it. It’s a very personal story but my message is to confirm that people who passed over are grateful for others on earth who ‘clean’ and help to clear the things they left behind. People in heaven don’t disapprove, but support you on earth, as long as you do it out of love and from your heart.

And one extra detail: my mom is a very organised, neat person who has a super clean house and who can clean up and throw away material things quite well. Definitely not a hoarder! Just so you understand how strange this whole situation in my aunt’s house is for her. I really admire her strength to help my uncle and cousins with this big operation. Love you mom.