Are you a positive thinker? Or are you aware of some negative thoughts in your life? I can’t mention enough how important it is to think positive. It makes your life easier, more flowing, and you feel happier and relaxter. But how do you transform your own thoughts?

  1. Start with the intention to become aware of your thoughts. Every time you think something, see for yourself if it was a positive or negative thought. Writing down your thoughts during a day or several days can help you. Write a P for positive thought and a N for negative thought before every thought. Count them at the end of the day and just notice how many positive and how many negative thoughts you had. Are you amazed by how many negative thoughts you think of during a day? Also feel the difference between a negative thoughts (heavy/tight feeling) and a positive thought (calmness/opens your heart/gives a smile on your face).
  2. In this awareness process you can now say to yourself with every negative thought: “stop, go away” and transform it into a positive thought. An example: when you are running late in your morning routine and you think “I’m always too late, I will never make it in time for work.” Say: “Stop, go away.” Then you transform the thought into a positive one: “Every day I have enough time to prepare myself and arrive at work in time.”
  3. Ask God and the angels for help, for example: “Dear God and the angels, please help me to only think positive and guide my thoughts in the direction of a smooth transition.”
  4. Visualise yourself in a positive person, only thinking positive thoughts, how you attract only positive people and how good this feels. See yourself smiling every day. See you having a bright, light energy which you also radiate to others.
  5. Reward yourself with something you like. And of course thank God and the angels for their help. Be proud of yourself and feel gratitude about this transformation process and how good you feel now.

In a meditation you can also add to this whole process that you send all negative thoughts from the past until now, away to the Universe for transformation. Send all energy that belongs to those negative thoughts with them. Then open yourself to receive only positive thoughts and guidance to think only positive.

Here are some positive affirmations to help you:

  • I have let go of all negative thoughts.
  • I only think positive.
  • I feel good to think positive.
  • My positive thoughts manifest directly.
  • Today, I am a magnet for positivity.
  • Thinking positive makes me happy.
  • My thoughts come from the loving space of my heart.