If you want to book a single treatment session with me, then this is my fee: $ 120 per hour.
There’s a special price for a 1.5 hour session, namely $ 160 (so that’s a discount of $ 20 on the normal price of $ 180).
When a session takes longer than 1 hour, the regular fee is $ 30 per 15 minutes added on top of the $ 120.

I prefer a session with a natural ending because that’s the most efficient to achieve your goals. You also give all Divine Being who help during your session, all space to do what’s necessary for your process. Most of the time a ‘live’ session lasts 1,5 hours but sometimes they can last 2 hours. A reading normally takes about 1 hour. Treatment on distance and a written reading take one hour.

The fee is to be payed cash at the end of a session. If you go for a session with a natural ending, make sure you have enough money with you. If you prefer to pay by PayPal, let me know and I’ll send you a link where you can arrange the payment.

If you are interested in working on Your Happiness in a program of more than one session, I’d like to invite you to call or email me. I’m happy to offer you a special package with a fixed price on your unique situation. With a package of sessions I can also offer you a payment plan.

When there is a special fee, other than my normal hourly fee, for one of my activities, that will be displayed on my website with that activity.

Prices for treatments on distance

Healing on distance of 1 hour for $ 120.00

Written Reading of 1 hour for $ 120.00