Today has been an amazing day. Thank you for all the people who joined me (and in the Netherlands still join me cause it’s just noon there). It feels so incredible that you all want to share the love of Jan and me with the world. I lit my candle at 7.30 am this morning and it’s still burning. I had a phone call from my friend Mary this morning, which was such a wonderful present. I got a beautiful message from one of my students this morning. She knows Jan personally too. She told me she had been thinking of Jan and me and the angels when she looked at the clock and saw the time 11:11. I received this message at the time 11:13 which is confirmation of the crossed over brother of my friend Evelyn. Later that day I called our wedding celebrant Tania. She told me she was thinking this morning at the time 11:11 about Jan and me and how she married us 4 years ago at precisely 11:11 we said ‘yes’ to each other. I completely forgot that time. It’s true: we got married at 11-11-2011 at 11:11 am. I messaged again to my student to confirm this to her. That she was truly connected to Jan and our love at our marriage time. That was such a confirmation for her mediumship. I had a lovely conversation tonight with my friend and colleague Elida and Jan passed on a message that he’s grateful for everyone participating today in spreading our love and consciously thinking of us and our love.

Yes, I miss him. It would be fantastic if he could just hold me once more. But let me tell you this: today while I meditated I channelled him myself and I could visualise him standing before me. He said he wanted to show himself before me and I got a picture of him in my third eye with my eyes closed. I felt myself floating towards him (within a second) and he held his arms very firmly around me. I didn’t see his arms open and then fold around me, no, I floated towards him and he had his arms immediately around me. It felt so incredibly good. The tears were flowing over my face, that’s how wonderful and special this was. What a beautiful gift to receive today. Jan was right about receiving small and big gifts today. Besides that my doors and window and washing machine are repaired today also, the spiritual gifts came in constantly.

Thank you all for the love and strength you’ve given me. It made my day lots lighter and easier. The heaviness I felt before was completely gone after I posted the action of lighting a candle. A new phase of life starts from now on. I’m in my new house, ready to do the loving work I so enjoy and that fulfils me so much. There’s nothing more beautiful than helping other people to find their connection to their inner truth and wisdom and use their intuition to walk their path.