When you’re experiencing a disease or illness, you might have changed your ideas about your body. If you have a lot of pain, it’s difficult to stay positive and loving about your body. You can start to disapprove your body or a body part and even reject yourself at the end. You can have physical complaints (like pain), but also mental (like depression) or emotional (like fear of dying) complaints. It’s not that you want to disapprove your body or reject yourself, but it’s difficult to be loving about your body when you’re having these issues that block you from having a great life full of joy, happiness and vitality. It can create a time to only see the things you can’t do at the moment or how you don’t look right now, and think negative about your future instead of focussing on what you still can do, what parts still look great, and manifest a life where you are healthy again.

I love you in sand at beachThe miracle for recovering to good health is to love your body. If you lost the connection to love your body, you can reconnect again. How? Try using positive affirmations. First of all, remember a previous message I wrote about; an exercise where you look in the mirror, straight into your own eyes and tell yourself “I love you, I really love you”. Do this without blinking and say it from your heart. And yes, you can be teary with this. That’s okay, it’s a confirmation you feel it from your heart and it’s good to tell yourself. Do it as often as you can on a day. Make it a new habit.

Here I have a list of positive affirmations you can use too:

  • I take the time to learn about how my body works and what it needs nutritionally to be at optimal health.
  • The more I love my body; the healthier I feel.
  • I listen to my body’s messages and take appropriate action.
  • Hi body; thank you for being so healthy.
  • You are looking great today.
  • It is my joy to love you to perfect health.
  • You have the most beautiful eyes.
  • I love your beautiful shape.
  • I love every inch of you.
  • I love you dearly.
  • I love you, dear body; for holding me up.
  • You are such a beautiful body.
  • Thank you for being so flexible and cooperative today.
  • My body is such a good friend; we have a great life together.
  • I just love watching your strength and grace.
  • This is a comfortable and easy time of my life.
  • I sleep well at night.

Also: listen to your body. Take the time to sit down in a quiet place and be completely silent. Ask what your body needs from you and listen to the answer. Or ask your spirit guides and angels to guide you to what you need to be healthy again. Stay open for any answer; it can be something you don’t expect. I heard stories of clients who received a message to quit their job or to start an education in a complete new direction, or to end a relationship, or to change the foods they were taking or to start a different type of sports.

And then: take actions if you need to make a change in whatever direction you’re guided to. Tell yourself daily you love yourself and keep on doing this. Maybe you won’t notice a difference immediately, but there’ll come a moment that you’ll feel a shift in your energy, a ‘click’ that you made it to ‘loving yourself’ and taking good care of yourself and your body!

In the meanwhile it helps to manifest your desired outcome. This means visualise yourself in your ideal world; how do you look, how do you feel, what do you think? Pretend it’s already there, in the here & now and how wonderful this feels. Feelings like: freedom, joy, happiness, love, loving, worthy, deserving, vital, fit, energetic, wonderful, and of course healthy. All is well now. You can do it!