Do you have a desire for a change in your life? Do you want to reach that desire? Does it feel possible to achieve? How committed are you to reach your goal? If you feel committed, what’s holding you back to go for it then?

If you’re fully committed to change something in your life, you go for it and you’ll achieve your desired change. You’ll go through every obstacle on your journey, your path, and you’ll reach what you wanted. But what’s happening when you don’t achieve your goal? Is it because you aren’t fully committed? Do you experience doubts and fears? And do you know where these doubts and fears come from?

When you want to change, you can experience fear. This is your ego. Your ego doesn’t want changes. It knows your past and how you are now. What it knows from past experiences, feels familiar and is ‘safe’ for your ego. Every change is something new and is ‘dangerous’! You’re taking risks and risks can cause failure, disappointment, rejection or loss. For your ego a change feels like a death threat. When your ego feels danger, its’ trying to stop you from making that change. You’re going to have all thoughts why the change is not going to work for you, like:

  • It’s not the right time now, I wait until […].
  • It’s too expensive for me, I can’t afford this.
  • It’s going to cost me too much energy, I’ll become too tired.
  • It’s going to be too big for me, I can’t handle that.
  • Why do I even think I could achieve that? I’m not worth it. It’s for other people, not me.
  • What will other people think of that? They’re not going to like me!
  • This is a too high risk, I don’t do it. I’ll lose everything.

Besides doubts and fears your ego can also give you feelings of confusion and hesitation. All these feelings together can make you so uncomfortable and stressed that you can decide it’s too difficult to make the change and you give up. You’re leaving the chance for a change in your life. Your ego starts to relax again; you’re staying in your familiar situation and everything feels ‘safe’ again.

What happened here? You gave all power to your ego and you know you won’t reach your goal. Everything stays the same. That was not what you wanted. What you wanted, was that change in your life. So let’s go back there. What do you want to achieve? Take a moment for yourself and close your eyes. See the achieved change before you and feel how fantastic this feels. Spread this feeling through all your cells in your body. Ask yourself: can I achieve this? Feel in your heart area. Your soul will give you the answer via your heart. Trust the first answer or feeling that comes to you. If the answer is yes, you don’t give the power to your ego anymore. Stay with the ‘yes’ answer and take action steps now. Don’t let the fears your ego is creating on your path, hold you back from your goal. Release the fears and start taking the necessary steps. Don’t let anything or anybody keep you from achieving your desires. You’re worth every change you desire and when your soul ‘says’ you can achieve it, you can! DOING is the answer now.