In this workshop Hormonal Balance you’ll learn how many influences there are in your life that contribute to your hormonal balance. It’s not only a physical issue, but it’s about creating a lifestyle that makes you feel safe, secure and loved that’ll bring you hormonal balance.

We’ll talk about how you can create the lifestyle that fits you. Which topics you need to consider in your life, what changes you can make, and where to start right now.

We’ll discuss the essential oils that can support your hormonal balance and help you make the necessary changes. Of course we’ll smell these specific oils and you can try them yourself to feel the energy and vibration of them. They are the best oils for women and their hormonal balance.

After a big loss in 2015 I’ve experienced lots of problems with my hormonal balance myself, and it’s a work in progress to constantly evaluate your life and if you can make changes to improve your hormonal balance again. The oils definitely helped me to keep me going making the changes and feeling good about my life, my health and myself.

I’d like this workshop to be interactive, so please share your insights about what you learn about all the subjects that influence your hormonal balance, and what you believe you have to change. It’s my intention to encourage every one of you to make the changes out of self-love and have hormonal balance in your life. Then you’ll radiate this balance energetically to others and they will feel that balance. It makes you strong, powerful, and realigned with love, light and truth.

Date: Friday 7th September 2018

Time: 7-8.30 pm

Location: 10/30 Kembla St, Wollongong, NSW 2500

Places available: 4

Price: FREE

Bring with you: I advise to bring a notebook and a pen with you

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