You’re always on the go and busy, you don’t have time to be still. But you feel in control, both privately and with work. However, totally unexpected you’re confronted with a hurtful experience in your life. Something that you believed only happens to others – you never thought this would happen to you. You feel overwhelmed, sad, and scared. This hurtful experience has a huge impact on your life and feels like a weight on your shoulders. You’ve never dealt with anything like this before.

You’re trying to keep yourself together at home and at work, but your emotions keep you from being your usual self. At night you’re tossing and turning in bed, then during the day you’re so tired, you find it difficult to concentrate. Somehow the control you had over your life has gone. You realise you’re stuck and you feel lost.

Do you recognise the following situations?

  • You suddenly start crying unexpectedly – hearing a romantic song on the radio, cooking dinner, standing under the shower, or when something goes wrong at work.
  • Tasks that you’ve done 100x before, are suddenly causing anxiety – driving in your car gives you a tight feeling in your chest, entering the supermarket makes you almost hyperventilate, picking up the phone at work to make a call makes you feel as if someone is squeezing your throat.
  • As soon as you go to bed, feeling very tired, your mind stays busy with thoughts going around in circles. One night it’s difficult to fall asleep, the next night you wake up in the middle of the night with a clear mind, tossing and turning for hours. When your alarm goes off, you feel exhausted.
  • Everybody needs you for some task in their lives. You want to be kind, so you run even a bit harder to fit it all into your program for today. At the end of the day you feel drained.
  • Although you want to have positive and optimistic thoughts, you notice negative thoughts are stubbornly occupying your mind – you see difficulties instead of solutions. You’ve tried to change your thoughts into positive ones, but can’t make them last.

Where to go from here?

Eating chocolate or drinking wine to get rid of your emotions doesn’t solve the issue. You’ll gain weight and look worse. Medication is addictive and has lots of side effects, e.g. feeling like a zombie. But all the above doesn’t take the real cause of your emotions away. When the cause of your emotions isn’t removed, it’ll build up further inside you. It can turn into a serious disease, or it’ll become a bomb that one day finds a way to explode. Are you going to wait for the explosion?

I’m going to help you to be happy, relaxed and to have back the control over your life!

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