How do you find your own truth?

Where people blindly followed governments and religions, a lot of humans start to realise they don’t agree to everything leaders say and expect them to do anymore. They think different and don’t follow blindly anymore. They ask themselves first: ‘Is this my truth too or not?’ and act upon that.

Heart follow yourEverybody has his/her own truth. It’s a knowing and feeling inside yourself what is right for you. It may mean that your truth is not the truth of someone else. Maybe you even feel like you’re the only one with this truth in your surroundings. It’s also possible that you speak to others and hear their truths and opinions and you start to question your own beliefs and maybe consider to change them because you notice they’re not ‘from this time’ anymore. Some people do this in silence and don’t tell anyone else, but some do this very openly and are assertive about their truth. I notice this on social media programs.

But how do you find your own truth? That you absolutely know and feel what you believe, without any doubts? That it makes you feel good about living your truth because you can’t live in a different way than according to your truth?

To find your own truth, you need silence to go inside. Meditation is an easy way to do this. You start with quieting your mind, then focus on your heart area and then be silent. Just listen what your heart has to tell you. Act upon these heart messages. Your heart always knows the answer that is your truth. You allow your intuition, your Higher Self, and your guides to pass on messages to you. Sense how your heart message makes you feel. You can also visualise how your future will be when you have acted upon your heart message. Sense again how this makes you feel. Everything that makes you feel calm, relaxed, happy and joyful means that it’s your truth. Your life on earth is meant to give you a lot of experiences to learn and grow from, but after every experience you’re meant to find that happy, joyful, relaxed state again. That’s your confirmation you’re living your truth and you’re on your path.

Happy kids smallSaturday I was at the Australian Paranormal and Spiritual Expo in Casula. I had many visitors attracted to four books I brought about the emotions ‘happy, angry, sadness and scared’. They told me their kids are having difficulties with the emotions anger, sadness and fears, they are having issues with sleeping (fear of the dark and nightmares) but also they see dead people. Most kids are very sensitive and their sensory system (see, hear, sense, taste and smell) is wide open. They can get overwhelmed easily with what enters their energy system. You can help them to deal with this and make them use their sensitivity as a powerful tool for themselves to become happier.

The most important exercises to start teaching them, are:

  • Protect yourself in a bright white light or golden ball of light around you (you can do this by visualising yourself into a big ball around you from over your head till under your feet)
  • Anchor yourself into the centre of mother earth (you can do this by visualising a golden chord starting to grow from your lowest part of your spine downwards, through all layers of the earth, until it’s very deep in the centre of mother earth where you visualise to fasten it and pull it tight)

If you teach them to do these exercises daily if they wake up and when they go to bed, it’s becoming a healthy habit. It’ll also help kids to sleep better, because they are protected from lower energies to connect with them.

Are you as a parent very sensitive? Then these exercises will also help you to protect your energy and feel more stable in life because you’re firmly anchored in the earth. Anchoring or grounding in the earth is helpful to be more in the here & now and to have more calmness in your head (instead of the busyness with hundreds of thoughts going around constantly).

Sensitive kids are also often empathic too; they sense or know or feel how others are feeling. If another kid is feeling angry, they’ll probably want to stay out of the way, but if another kid is feeling sad or afraid they’ll mostly want to help. Sensitive kids can be shy or modest and can have fears to stand up for themselves or to be assertive. It’s beautiful when you can teach them to express their feelings in a positive way. You can talk with them about the four emotions; sadness, fears, anger and happiness. Ask them for examples when they experience these emotions. Ask how they feel when they’re happy. And how they feel when they’re angry, sad or afraid. Teach them it’s okay to have these emotions. You can teach them to say out loud ‘I’m angry’, ‘I’m sad’, or ‘I’m afraid’, when they experience these emotions and feel in a safe environment. Practise this at home and be a good role model. You can teach them to take some time for themselves to handle or integrate their emotions. For example to say ‘I’m angry and I need some time to let this feeling go. I’ll be back in ten minutes to play with you, or talk further with you again’. You’re helping your kids to express their emotions and to release them. Give your kids compliments when you notice they’re using these new skills.

Explain your kids that their feelings and emotions are important. Make them conscious about what they are feeling and that they create their intuition with that, a sixth sensory that is very special and handy. This intuition can help them with being happier by trusting their feelings and acting upon them. An example: if they feel they can’t trust someone in class to share their deepest feeling, then they won’t tell this person. Or if they see another kid sitting lonely, they can invite this kid to play with them. Or if they feel another kid is sad, they can join this kid during break time and ask what happened and if they can help. I personally like this idea of a world where we teach our kids how to handle their emotions, how to talk about emotions and feelings, and how to respect everyone for who they are. It’s something human and normal. If we adults, use all these tips too and practise this daily, we’re helping the world to become a happier place.

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