Big Happy Changes smallMy personal life took an unexpected direction in July this year. Three months later, people ask me how I deal with everything that happened and how I can stay so positive and optimistic about my future. I’d like to share how I do that.

First of all, a big change can be a blessing too. It’s not always easy to see it like that, but it has to do with a choice also. I chose to be in the here & now, to live every day consciously, to only take one step at the time. When I looked forward what would happen when my husband would cross over, I got overwhelmed. I saw a lot of work to deal with, lots of decisions to be made. There was nothing prepared because my husband got very ill unexpected. But we spent the time together and listened to our intuition. I had to ask for a lot of help. I’d like to be independent and do most myself, but now it was really easy to ask for help, because my heart told me I wanted to be with my husband and support him. I put my life and work immediately aside to be there completely for him and I also did my best to be there for our daughters too and support them. And yes, I ignored my own needs at that time. I got some time for myself when I got my own emergency surgery at the end of July, although that was quite painful. People asked me why on earth this was happening, but I could see the work of the universe here; my family-in-law and my sister were with us that time and could manage everything in our house while I was in hospital. I surrendered to my intuition that this needed to be dealt with and when my husband would cross over while I was in hospital, that was meant to be. I used all my strength to come back home quickly (50 hours in hospital only) and I didn’t really have time to recover. There was too much to do. I asked a lot of help and healing from the angels and also colleagues were sending healing to me. I’m convinced that all the people who sent their loving thoughts to me, helped in an amazing way in my healing process too.

I couldn’t oversee what would come on my path. Everyone’s life was on hold until my husband would cross over. And when that happened, the train started rolling forward again. Lots of actions to be taken, decisions to be made. I had a things-to-do list that didn’t end. When I ticked of five tasks on a day, there had come back another 10 extra. But I tried to prioritise what was really important to do immediately. What I hadn’t done, just moved forward to the next day, until it was really done. I kept on pulling the angel answer card Big Happy Changes and that gave me hope about my future. I had no idea what would come, but it would be something good for me. I chose consciously to focus on what makes me happy. I chose consciously to not go into victimisation, depression and sadness. I want to be proud of myself, I want to be a good role model for the kids, and I know that my husband wants me to enjoy life instead of being sad and worry. I also want to be inspiring, show people that the soul connection with a crossed over soul won’t disappear. My husband supports me, helps me, gives me messages and guidance about my life. I can sense his energy which is such a happy and loving energy, I can see him with my third eye chakra (with my eyes closed) and I can still feel the love between us. His fear on earth was to lose our strong soul connection and now he knows that it’s still there. His soul left his body, but his soul continues living and can still connect with me. For me this is a normal way of seeing life and death (I prefer to call it crossing over though). I had experienced the evidence already while giving readings to people where I connect them with their deceased loved ones in Heaven. My husband’s energy merged with mine two weeks after his crossing over, and it was a fantastic miraculous sensation. Since then, I feel he’s always with me. I miss his physical presence, but further on he’s still with me and our girls. He knows everything that happens in our lives and he helps us.

The administrative side of his departure is taken care of. I’m decluttering before moving so that we can make a fresh new beginning. I’m looking forward to our new place, wherever it will be. I know my guides and angels, and my husband, will guide us to the perfect place in the right time. In the meantime I connect with my heart, my intuition and soul, listen to their messages, act upon that information and stay positive and I only connect to the highest level of love and light. I surround myself with people that are like-hearted and like-minded and positive. I’ve a lot of experience in new beginnings, so I can handle this new beginning too. I feel stronger than ever, very supported and ready for the next step.