arrow-heartDirectly after the last school day in December I went on a holiday with my daughter. I so needed this break with time for myself, no stress, no routines, and another environment. From the moment we drove away, I felt Jan was with us but I love to ask him for signs of confirmation, so I did. On our ice cream break we sat down on a bench and stared at the Princes Highway to cars passing by. Suddenly I saw a car with the licence plate JAN 335. Wow, that’s really awesome!

During this holiday week I did a lot of meditation at night and got a lot of insights. The last night before going home, I spoke out my wish to see Jan with my eyes open. I didn’t know he would start working on this immediately! When I wanted to go to sleep, I suddenly got an image of Jan with my eyes closed (so with my 3rd eye chakra) where he was standing at the foot end of my bed. He was smiling widely and looking like how I knew him from back in 1998 when he was completely healthy. I was so amazed by how good he was looking and I told him telepathically (with my thoughts) that he was looking so good and that I was so happy for him. He then suddenly sat on the side of my bed. We chatted the whole night. I think I slept only two hours that night. I am very grateful for this miraculous experience.

On our way back home I asked him again for a sign if he was travelling with us. When we were half way, we got to drive behind a car with the licence plate LUV 123. Isn’t that lovely?!

Back home the weekend after Christmas, I connected strongly again with Jan in a meditation. He said he was in the room and I knew he was standing before the TV. I did my best to see him with my eyes open and managed half in doing so. I kind of projected the image I can create of him (as in visualisation) from inside my head to before the TV. Yes, I’m working on clairvoyance here. It’s a work in progress but I’m sure one day I can see him with my eyes open.

While connecting with him and chatting telepathically, I told him that he is definitely a true love for me. He knows I experienced true love before him too. I found out years ago that true love for me is a combination of three things; butterflies in my tummy, a warm feeling in my heart and a passion feeling. If one is missing, the relationship won’t work. But if my true love partner can’t commit 100%, it’s not working either. And by the way, I decided in 2009 that I only go for true love in my life, nothing less. So Jan is standing before the TV, and I realise unexpectedly that I can feel true love in my heart right now for him and my first true love. I always believed that was impossible, but here it is. I can feel it. So whatever life throws at me, a loving feeling of a true love, always stays in my heart. I’m an incredibly lucky person to have experienced true love twice in my life so far. This was a big break-through for me. This gave me hope, because I know that there can be space for a new love somewhere in the future also. I thought this was so wonderful. So my experiences with Jan, my true love with who I spent the best five years of my life so far, and who crossed over to heaven, didn’t close my heart. I definitely felt a bit paralysed in my heart after Jan’s departure to heaven which ended our mutual dreams here on earth, but I connected to Love again, right here. Love is so wonderful (and powerful), that it is possible to experience several true love relationships after each other in one lifetime.

I wanted to share this insight, because it felt so huge. And I hope it’s giving people hope and new space for love after losing a loved one. I also discovered that this experience helped me to make my relationship with The Creator stronger again, to realign with All-That-Is, an infinite source of pure, unconditional love. When I work with clients, I often come to the point that my clients feel their connection to the Creator is blocked by hurt or pain in their lives. Then we’ll work on repairing this so they can open their hearts again. It’s absolutely stunning to have your heart chakra open and to receive and give love (and have that in balance).