Emotions that block you need to be released to move on

yellow_daisyThere are several situations in your life where you experience emotions as fears, sadness and anger. If you haven’t released them yet, you’re probably experiencing these emotions are triggered by words people say, by TV programs, or in situations in work or privately. It can even be the case that you start to notice the same trigger repeating on your path several times.

This repeating of your trigger is a message for you. It tells you your emotion is ready to be released. How can you release your emotions? Firstly it is a matter of taking the time to sit down quietly, as in a meditative state, and acknowledging your emotion. Allow it to completely be there. Cry tears if you feel tears are coming up or burning behind your eyes. Or visualise the person before you who you need to tell your real feelings to about what has happened, and don’t hold back. You can speak words out loud or in your mind, whatever feels best for you.

There is a difference between women and men concerning the emotions sadness and anger.
Women tend to express sadness first and then can come to the layer below that, which is anger. It’s often difficult for women to express their anger, as a cause of their upbringing where anger wasn’t allowed or being punished for.
Men tend to express anger easier but have more difficulties with expressing sadness, cause the general belief is that as a man you ‘need to be strong’ and crying shows your ‘weakness’.
If it’s difficult for you to release your emotions, start by saying out loud: “I am angry”, or “I am sad”. This will help you open up a connection from your anger or sadness through your throat to get a way out of your body. Release your emotions until you feel calm inside and there’s nothing left. It is possible you are surprised about situations or people popping up in your mind around your emotions of fears, anger, or sadness, but this only means they give you insights to release them for good.

When you feel that calmness inside after releasing your emotions, it’s time for forgiveness. Can you forgive the other person for what has happened? And then: can you forgive yourself for what has happened? This last one is called self-love, and a very important one. If you carry on blame, shame or guilt feelings, you will still stay blocked.
After this, decide what you want to do with your life to be happier. Maybe you want to end contact with a person that brought negativity in your life, or maybe you want to change a situation in your life to something that feels better for you. Take the action and go for it. It’s all about your happiness and you are the only one who knows how to achieve this. You have the right to be happy. In fact, that is exactly what the whole Universe wants you to be; HAPPY.

If you tried to release your emotions, but you notice you need help with this, contact me to discuss how we can work together to free you of blocking emotions. I’m happy to help you. I want to see you happy too.

Heading for a new direction

Success Starts Here Freeway Style Desert LandscapeSunday I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed and I noticed I had an allergic reaction to all the advertisements that have the same marketing style. I realised I want to communicate differently. I want to share my experiences, what I learn and how I change things to be happier. You know, happiness is not falling into your lap automatically. You are the only one who can create it, by changing things in your life. So here comes what happened Sunday afternoon that made me realise I had to change something in my life.

My thoughts went to my own business. This year I’m doing my work as a medium, healer and therapist 10 years. My decision to start a hypnotherapist education in 2003 has changed my life. I’ve had therapy sessions to go through all subjects of my life like childhood, relationships, work, and finances. It’s a never ending process as long as you live, if you want to grow. And since my soul chose to come to this planet Earth to grow, I love to work on my personal growth. I always see a reason for improvement. It was after my divorce in 2009 that I decided to go for happiness in my life. I found my self-worth, self-esteem and could feel that I deserved only the best. But when I looked at my business Sunday, I wasn’t happy.

I saw new activities planned but not bringing the amount of enrolments I would love to have. I started to feel lost. I have beautiful psychic abilities to help heal people but how do I get them to people who want healing? There’s also the continuous pressure as a sole trader to earn a good income cause bills need to be paid too. Of course I told my feelings and thoughts to the universe. I work together a lot with Archangel Michael and since a year he has become my main guide. I love his protection, healing and guidance. I asked for signs and information about what was going on and how I could change my situation. I felt stuck and I know from experience that this means that a break-through is on its way. I asked to help me find that ‘click’ again with my life purpose so that I feel fulfilment in my work. I asked for my break-through. I also asked him to raise my vibration to the highest level of love and light.

I felt better quite fast, but wasn’t completely out of that ‘lost’ feeling. I received signs that I was helped and that there was no need to worry. Then Archangel Michael gave the message that it’s time to head for a new direction. It’s time to announce that I have channeling abilities. Archangel Michael wants to deliver messages through me to you. In three weeks time, Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 February 2016,  I’ll be at the Sacred Soul Vibrations Expo in City Diggers Wollongong. Archangel Michael wants me to arrange an Expo Special for channelled messages. He is so excited to start to do this work with me! Well, I hadn’t seen this new direction coming at this moment in my life. That is definitely a new direction. I trust Archangel Michael completely, so I’ll offer this Expo Special and I am very excited too about what messages he will have for you. It was like a break-through cause I felt a release of emotions immediately after this message. Then I felt calmer inside and he had just given me a new goal to head for. If you ask universe, they will deliver! So write down in your schedule the expo on 20 and 21 February in City Diggers and come to my stall to get more information about the Expo Special with channelled messages from Archangel Michael!

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