lights smallThis is Archangel Michael. Thank you Astrid, for inviting me to pass on a message. I feel honoured to get the possibility of reaching so many people with my message. It is a message of love, of contribution to raise the love vibration on the planet earth.

There is a lot going on right now on the planet earth. Lots of energy shifts, but also a lot of negativity that can be released. For some this is a time of confusion and doubts. And when you have to make a choice, you can choose love or fear. When there’s negativity, confusion and doubt, the ego has a lot of power in humans and can make you choose fear.

It is important that you ask help from universe to detach with love from your ego and to reconnect with your heart and soul. In your heart is always the right answer for you what your next step is, or what the best decision is to make. Your heart will provide truth for you. It’s only your truth. It is also important to listen to your heart. To take the time frequently, preferably daily, to connect with your heart. Sit in silence and just wait what answers or messages will come to you from your heart. If you follow up on these messages, you will move forward and you will learn new lessons in your life. You will make personal growth and it will make you feel happier, more fulfilled, and at peace. If you have made a choice of love and have success because of that choice, it will complete your lesson.

It is beautiful to see that more and more people are choosing love, especially the ones who are connected to their intuition, their heart, and who want to be authentic. It is beautiful to see that more and more souls are starting to shine more brightly on the planet earth. There are lots of lights already, radiating their lights further and further, and encouraging others in their surroundings to start shining their lights too. It is a reconnection of bright lights together, and all bright lights make one big light. How awesome will it be when the planet earth is lighted by this bright light of yours. It is already so big and impressive.

I leave you with this message for today and thank you for your willingness to read this message and follow up on my advice of choosing love instead of fear. You will feel that love is the best choice. I wish you all a lovely day and say goodbye until next time.