Writing womanAre you seeing the talents and achievements of others, giving them compliments but is it hard to see your own achievements and being proud of what you have achieved so far? I hear you. I had the same. I thought it was nothing special how I dealt with all situations thrown on my path and how I moved through life. I believed everybody would do the same as I did. But… it turned out others started telling me that I coped so well and that I was inspiring. I couldn’t see my own achievements but it was necessary get my power back, to own my power and to raise my vibration so that I could manifest what I desired in life. To do this, I received an exercise from universe which is really powerful. I’d love to share the exercise with you.

Create some time for yourself where you can sit down quietly and won’t be disturbed by anyone. Take three pieces of paper and write one of the sentences below on each piece of paper:

  1. My physical achievements until now
  2. My emotional achievements until now
  3. My spiritual achievements until now

Write down your achievements in life. It’s the easiest to start with the present and recent achievements, cause they’ll be fresh in your mind. Then go further back in time. It’s possible that at first you can’t think of any achievement. That’s okay. You’re not used to see this side of achievements of yourself. Allow it some time to come to you. You can ask your guides and angels to help you. Or people who live with you, cause they can often tell you perfectly what your achievements are. And if you have thought of a few achievements, you’ll notice it starts to flow and you’ll think of more and more. Write them all down.

Notice in between writing down your achievements, how you feel and if feelings are changing. Write until you can’t think of any more achievements. Read your lists and notice how you feel now. Do you feel a lighter energy in and around you? You’ve raised your vibration by acknowledging and becoming conscious of your achievements. Can you also feel you start to become proud of your achievements? Especially when it’s a long list you start to feel proud. So many achievements to be proud of.

This exercise is really good to increase your self-esteem. You didn’t see all your achievements but now you do. Feel where you experience pride in your body and visualise expanding your pride. Let it grow as big as you can imagine (suggestion: worldwide). The first number between 0-100 that pops in your mind now, is the number of your self-esteem right now with pride of your achievements in life.
When you think of another achievement later, just add it to your list.
If you feel down or low in energy in future, grab these lists of achievements, read them again and feel your pride again and start radiating your pride.