Calm WomanThis is Archangel Michael writing a message to you about anxiety. A lot of people on earth are experiencing anxiety in their lives. They often experience a tightness in their chest, a high and quick breathing, a racing heart and restlessness. When this lasts a while, it can become a panic attack.

If you experience anxiety, you are a ‘thinker’; very busy in your mind with lots of fear thoughts and worries. Sometimes you can even ‘overthink’ situations. Your thoughts can go round in your head and you don’t know how to stop them. How you feel, can cause that you avoid certain situations where you know on forehand you would experience the anxious feeling again or stronger.

Humans often try to suppress their feelings, but the opposite is necessary. Start to acknowledge your feelings. Give them your full attention and allow them to be as big as they need your attention. This may sound strange to you, but it’ll help to release them. Focus on your feelings while breathing consciously to your lower tummy. And send love from your heart to your feelings.

You can also review your thoughts during a day. Are you thinking positive thoughts that support your life? Write them down to have the proof what thoughts you are thinking. Possibly you see a pattern of how you think. Now change negative thoughts into positive thoughts that will help you in your life to move forward, take new challenges, learn new things and develop yourself.
Let me give you an example: if you think thoughts as ‘I’ll never get this done today’, do you think that you can finish your things-to-do list today? I’m sure you won’t achieve ticking of the list today. So what would be a more positive and helpful thought? ‘I am focussed and in the flow and it’s my intention to finish my things-to-do list today’.

Don’t forget to ask my help or help from other angels you work with, and your spirit guides. We are always available to help you, but we can only help when you ask us, because you have free will. Don’t worry that you’ll ask our help too often, because there is no ‘too often’. Our help is infinite. We are happy with a smile on your face and a ‘thank you’ as your thoughts. Tell us what you want, what you need and ask us to help you. Be open to receive our help and guidance and follow our signs and your intuition.