Since the start of this new year and all its energy changes, you probably noticed lots of changes in your own life too. It can be quite challenging to keep track of your goal with all these changes happening. Or your goal suddenly isn’t your goal anymore. If you have the feeling that you lost direction in your life, here are some tips for you.

First of all, it’s a good thing to experience changes in your life. Not everybody sees it like this, but changes bring opportunities to grow and to become a person living closer to your heart and truer to yourself. We all came to this planet earth to learn and grow, so this is already the biggest goal for all of us.
Changes and growth can be quite overwhelming though and maybe you feel it’s too much to handle and you’ve lost direction in your life, you don’t know anymore what to focus on, you’ve lost clarity.

Meditate on it and allow all your feelings and emotions to be there completely. Cry if you feel like it, be angry, sad or afraid. Don’t hold it inside, but express it in the safe environment of meditating. Be grateful to be able to feel these emotions and feelings, simply because you can feel them as a soul in a human body on earth. It’s part of your learning process and growth. Give all your feelings and emotions your attention and love, until you feel them fading away and they are gone. Then fill up your body and aura with a bright white light. Also ask for help from your guides and angels. Tell them how you’re feeling, what upsets you, what you need and that you want their guidance to show you the way. Be silent and listen to what messages you receive through your heart.

You’re never alone. You have your guides and angels always with you. Through your heart you connect with them. And through your heart you also connect to the Creator/God/Source. Even if you don’t know what you’re doing or where to go to, Creator knows it through you, so lean on him. Trust that there is a plan for everyone and you’re being helped and surrounded with love. Open yourself for signs and guidance to have direction in your life again. Stop comparing yourself with others and wondering what’s wrong with you because you don’t have clear goals at this particular moment. Give yourself time to get clarity, time to grow and learn, time to be You. Everyone needs his/her own time. There’s no rush. Be patient with yourself. Everyone is unique and has his/her own path to live and learn. Be grateful for all your experiences and focus on what makes you happy. Try to schedule daily at least one thing to do that’ll make you happy, that’ll bring you energy and make you feel good. It can be a walk in nature, reading a book, colouring in, taking a bath with oils and salts, doing yoga or Pilates, meditating, going to a day spa, etc. Nurture yourself because you deserve it. You are wonderful, magical and beautiful and pure love.