When you lose someone close and loved, you can feel overwhelmed by emotions as sadness, fears and even anger. It is difficult to not have your loved one by your side anymore in physical form as your companion, to not being able to hug each other nor call each other to catch up. But there is no such thing as death, there’s only the transition of the soul. Their soul still has all the memories they’ve created with you in their lifetime. You may take solace and comfort in knowing that they still exist and you’ll be with them in future.

Your loved one will have sympathy for you and all the others they have left behind who mourn them, and they’ll have the spiritual wisdom to understand their relationship with God/The Creator as well.

The most asked question by my clients in a reading is if their loved one is okay or has suffered from pain. Whatever age your loved one had when they transitioned, they are not in anguish or pain. Even not when they transitioned after an accident, murder, war or terrorist action. Your loved ones aren’t experiencing sadness or anxiety either, but they’re in ecstasy and bliss. They are in God’s light. They are experiencing joy, happiness and serenity, and are basking in the universal consciousness of God’s love.

They don’t want you to feel despair, hurt or grief. They are grateful for your love; and they want you to honour their memories, cherish your fond remembrances, and know that they are still with you. Every time you’re thinking of them suddenly, they are making contact with you. They want you to live your life to the fullest; that is their wish and the most precious way in which you can show your love for them. They know they are in your thoughts and prayers. They may come to you in your dreams and during meditation, but they are also with you when you think of them or look at their photo and talk to them (with your thoughts or out loud and when you feel the love for them in your heart). At times you’ll feel your loved ones’ presence.

A few weeks ago, I had the personal experience of my late husband giving me a kiss. It doesn’t feel like a real kiss. It’s a sensation that I can best describe as the feeling you would get when you put a bit of peppermint essential oil on your lip. It’s purely an energy sensation, a tingling feeling. I told him with my thoughts that it was a very subtle experience and if he could make it firmer. It became a little firmer but still subtle. If I would have been busy with working behind my computer or cooking, I would absolutely not have noticed his kiss. That was a learning curve for both of us. It was very nice to experience his kiss and teach him at the same time how it felt for me. Some people might think I’m constantly connecting with my late husband because I’m a medium, but it’s more the opposite; he connects with me because he thinks it’s too long ago we had contact. He has a special way of doing that; when I pass his photo in the living room, it’s like he stares at me and makes sure I see him, which means he wants me to know he’s with me. It gives me a warm feeling in my heart and it always makes me smile. And even when I am practising singing, he makes me look at his photo, as if he wants to say to me he’s listening and likes me singing to him.

Your loved ones want you to enjoy life. The greatest gift you can give them, is to continue loving them, allowing your love for them to be an inspiration to you. And through that love, to enjoy life every moment and let others enjoy life through you.

It’s human to feel hurt and pain and to go through a grieving process. It’s already difficult to have lost your loved one, but with this loss maybe came huge challenges for you too, like moving to another house, debts or worries about finances, or people judging you or turning their back to you because of how you handle your loss. It is even possible that people get jealous/envious because of how you keep on moving forward in a positive way after your loss. Always trust that what you feel is real, that your intuition is telling you the truth, and that you only have to do what feels good for you. Nobody can feel what you feel, nor tell you what to do. As long as it feels good and your truth in your heart, you’re acting in the right way.

If you are stuck or need advice or help, you can ask your loved one to help you together with your guides and angels. Ask for a sign that your loved one is helping you and what you could do best as your next step. Let them guide you through life. Share with them how you feel, when you feel down but also when you feel good and happy. That’ll give them so much joy when you tell them that you’re happy again and enjoying life!

[Some content in this article is from the books from Nick Bunick. I resonate completely with what he describes, because I’ve experienced it myself when my husband transitioned in July 2015 and through the contact I’ve had since then with my late husband.]