Happy New Year! I hope you’ve set your intentions for a great 2018 for yourself and that you have faith in working together with your guides and angels to realise your goals. Of course there will be challenges on your path again too, but it is how you cope with what appears on your path. What do you do when a challenge occurs? Do you freeze, hide yourself in bed or your house, become a victim? Or do you fight, become angry and aggressive towards others, or do you run away, pretending there’s nothing happened and putting a fake smile on your face to laugh everything away?

Those are the three survival techniques fight, fright and flight. Everybody uses them and it can depend on the situation which one you use. It’s a way your body reacts to survive, because the situation has caused that you feel not safe anymore. But what do you do with yourself when a challenge occurs? Are you there for everyone else and do you forget about yourself? Do you move yourself down to the bottom of your priority list, do you make yourself invisible? Or do you take quality time for yourself to meditate and release feelings and emotions and get new insights, go into nature to ground again and quiet your mind, do you eat healthy so you provide the right nutrients and energy for your body? Do you stand up for yourself and communicate clearly and from your heart what you want, what your boundaries are and how you want to be treated by others?

It’s so important to work on keeping your balance. Of course a challenging situation can bring you out of balance, but you can create a new balance again with your actions. If you have feelings and emotions, take the time in meditation to acknowledge them, to allow them to be there and give them all your intention so that you can release them. If you do your best to suppress them (maybe even with craving foods that contain lots of fat and sugar), they will only grow inside you and you’ll be like a walking bomb that can explode any moment. You definitely want to avoid that to happen, so it’s a way better choice for yourself to acknowledge what you feel inside and allowing to feel your feelings and emotions until they are completely gone.

What thoughts do you have about yourself? Are they positive thoughts like: ‘I can handle this situation’, ‘I’m a survivor and I’ll get through this’, or ‘I don’t know how yet, but the solution will come, I’m sure about that’? Or do you think negative thoughts about yourself like: ‘It’s my fault’, ‘Why is this happening to me?’, ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I did everything wrong’, ‘Nobody loves me’? If you have negative thoughts about yourself, if you put yourself down, then you’ll radiate this to the outside world in energy too and you’ll attract situations that will confirm your thoughts as truth. To keep yourself in a higher vibration, think positive loving thoughts about yourself and ask for help and guidance on your path. You’re never alone. You’re always surrounded by your guides and angels and deceased loved ones who are very willing to help you. Talk to them with your thoughts and ask for their help. Tell them what you need and how you want to feel and live. Surrender to have full faith in the best outcome for everyone involved and fill yourself up with pure unconditional love, light and blessings, take good care of yourself and move forward step by step with a positive and optimistic mindset. Be grateful for the things you have in life (from the sun shining, birds singing, friends who help you, love you receive from others, a house, money on your bank account, food to eat) and know that you always have a choice, even if it feels like you don’t. You are a free spirit and you have free will. You deserve the best and you definitely deserve love and your dreams turning into reality!

If you need some help with releasing feelings and emotions and transforming negative self-thoughts into positive self-thoughts, you can book an appointment for a spiritual therapy session with which the healing energy flows automatically too. I’m working in January so you can make a good start of this new year ahead.