I get more female clients lately who ended their romantic relationship with a man, still feel a lot of love for him, but know the relation won’t work any longer because it doesn’t make them happy nor fulfilled. They are suffering from strong emotions even though they know it was the right decision. They reach out for help to clear their energy so they can move on with life.

What has happened, is that the love was so strong, real and feeling so good, so they’ve experienced true love, that their energy has intertwined with their partner during the relationship. The woman has lost herself, can’t distinguish what her own feelings and her partner’s feelings are any longer. The energies feel like one energy. It gives a lot of strong emotions including fears and sadness and doubts about if they’ve made the right choice, even though they know in their mind that it was the right choice.

Often the cause of having ended the relationship with the man is that he didn’t want to commit 100% to the relationship and the woman felt she needed that because she committed fully with all her love. From my clients I got the feedback that the man said he couldn’t commit 100% to the relationship and they could pinpoint for the man that he had fears to commit fully, but didn’t work on releasing the fears. The women noticed that without the full commitment of the man in a relationship, they weren’t happy and it didn’t fulfil. They were missing that full commitment. The time together could be very pleasant, but only gave fulfilment while spending time together, so short term. The time without being together didn’t fulfil, so long term it caused unhappiness.
I want to make sure that everyone can make the decision to commit 100% to a relationship, if they want to. It means you have to work on yourself and find out what blocks you from not committing fully, what fears are there? And then you have to release those fears. If someone says he/she can’t commit fully, that means they don’t want to. If you want to, you can. It starts with the decision to want to.

After ending the relationship, the women felt overly emotional with lots of questions in their mind why they were feeling so bad. They had problems moving forward, couldn’t concentrate/focus, were tired, had sleeping issues, and thoughts about the man constantly popped up in their mind, they even could feel sexual desires and butterflies in their tummy at times. The last one gave doubts if they were still so much in love that they maybe had made the wrong choice.

Most women who came to me, knew that cutting cords was probably necessary. It’s true that after a relationship you can best cut cords with your ex-partner because there can be many cords attached which can drain you and make you stay connected. You can’t move on with your own life then. And if they are cords to your sacral chakra, you pick up on sexual desires of your ex-partner and think or doubt if they are yours. Cords to your heart can keep you feeling sad without being able to move forward through the grieving phases of an ended relationship. It can feel like a broken heart but without the possibility to heal it. Cords to your mind can cause that you experience your ex-partner to have access to your thoughts and you pick up on his thoughts or desires too. It can feel as if you never get him out of your mind, as if you can’t think of anything else any more. And it gives problems with concentrating/focussing, which can give problems with your job and other parts of your daily life. After cutting cords you feel freed from your ex-partner’s energy. But I’ve seen that the cords can be reattached in one day, when you don’t stand in your power to tell your ex-partner energetically that you don’t allow to connect cords to you any longer. You have to tell they need to find another way to give themselves love, self-love, because you’re not supplying that any longer to them. You can see this as your ex-partner has an emptiness inside that needs to be filled up with love, not your love but self-love. Maybe you filled up this emptiness during your relationship with your love. It’s setting your boundaries that your ex-partner may not connect to you with cords any longer and need to find another way to receive self-love.

You probably had one or more past lives together too, and there can still be contracts or agreements and karma about those lives in place. You’ve chosen as souls to work on this in your current life on earth. It’s a matter of finding out what is still there that needs to be finished or if it can be released now because it’s completed. There can be past life vows in place that are blocking you from moving forward. The most common ones I’ve seen with clients are about commitment problems, having promised to always love each other (which makes you radiate to the world you’re not available for a new relationship), to never love again and stay alone, to never leave someone (even though you’ve ended the relationship, you stay connected and are not available for a new relationship), and surrendering your power to another. After releasing these vows, you’ll feel so much lighter and you can step into your power and find yourself again. Of course you need to do an energy exchange too where you call back your own energy and power and you send back the energy of your ex-partner to them.

If you feel powerless after ending the relationship, it’s possible that you’ve had a power based relationship. Were you in your power before the relationship started? What happened during the relation? Did you feel you were controlled? This means you’ve given your power away to your partner in the relation. It’s important to search for the reason. There can be an underlying trauma or low self-esteem can be the cause. It’s such a win if you can increase your self-esteem and step into your power again. To feel your own energy, be in your own energy, and set and protect your boundaries and communicate freely from your heart. Of course your previous relationship has made you decide to not want certain situations happening to you again. You won’t let them happen because you’ve learned from it and released the blockages. Now you can be yourself, find yourself as in what makes you happy, what the tools are to recharge your energy, how you can protect your boundaries and step up for yourself and your needs and being true to your heart. This is the path to your happiness. It’s perfectly fine to use your power in this positive way for your own happiness.

When you still feel there are issues to release after an ended relationship and to clear your energy, feel free to contact me how we can work together to get you back into your power and ready to move forward with your life as the ‘new you’.