This personal experience is about how you can be guided, and when you make a decision to leave an old situation, the new situation can occur rapidly (faster than you can imagine!) and you just have to follow your guidance and take every next step. And when you look back, you can see it was all meant to be.

Early July I had an operation and I had planned to take the time to recover in a relaxed way. Three years ago I was in a very stressful situation and had an emergency surgery of which I couldn’t recover in the way I wanted because of all the circumstances. This time, I was going to do it differently and in the right way for my body. It turned out to be necessary, because I was exhausted before my operation of preparing everything in the house and with my work. I was not allowed to lift (weight) after the operation so my house got a spring cleaning before I went into hospital.

I had set the intention before my operation that this would be the last thing to fix my health after three years of many mystery infections and fatigue because of the traumatic event of losing my husband. I wanted to close the health chapter and live that healthy life I longed for and had worked so hard to achieve. My health had improved so much, I finally had a good energy level of fitness back and I was so ready to live the life I wanted to have.

The first week after my operation I slept like a baby. Long nights of 12 hours. But in daytime easily again one or two naps of an hour. It was lovely to give this rest to my body and to not needing to do anything. I had given myself 10 days off working with clients. When I started working again, it became busy immediately with new client appointments. Evidence for me that the universe had heard my wish and was helping me with living the life I wanted. Part of my wish was to expand my business, so it was happening.

Then unexpectedly I received confirmation about my next step and it was to move house. I hadn’t seen this one coming! I cut the cords to my house, address and property where I was living. I followed my guidance without questioning, and acted upon the message. I took the decision to move as fast as possible. I wanted to be in a place with the right energy for me to move on with my new plans to expand my business. The old place didn’t match with that plan anymore.

The whole evening I looked online to which places were available. I decided when we would move, we would go for a place in the area of my daughter’s preferred high school also. Thankfully it was school holiday, so the next day we inspected three places. After leaving the first one, I asked my daughter what she thought of it. She said it felt so good there. I shared with her that I had exactly the same feeling! The place felt like home. It was an apartment and I’ve never in my life lived in an apartment before, but if it felt like the right place, then I would act upon it. We looked at two other places that day; they were bigger (but older and less maintained) and cheaper, but they didn’t feel right. That evening I decided to apply for the first apartment. We handed in the papers the next morning and received a phone call in the afternoon that we were accepted as the new tenants! So within 48 hours we found a new place to live in that felt good and the right one for us. This was definitely guided and meant to be! And it turned out that the new real estate agent is very spiritual too. Beautiful work universe.

By the way, when I picked up my daughter from a holiday workshop, I held all her art works in my hands and then told her she was going to her preferred high school. She literally jumped in the air of excitement, and immediately understood we had gotten the place we applied for.

So here my plan of a restful recovery changed immediately. There was a move to prepare. In between the client appointments I was organising the move administratively, but also we went through all our belongings to throw out everything we didn’t need anymore. For our new place we didn’t need any tools for gardening anymore, so we cleared all that and made other people happy with it. We let go of a lot of our belongings and it felt really good.

From the day I received the key, I drove up to the new place with containers and boxes. It was quite tiring to walk up and down all the stairs. And remember this was the time I was supposed to recover from an operation. I decided the moving job needed to be done, so I had to go for it. I had some help with a big load which was wonderful. I cleaned in the new place and I already loved being there. It felt light and happy.

The big moving weekend was a week ago. I had asked around for help of strong people to move all furniture up the stairs and had great help. Also inside the house I had fantastic help from friends who helped my daughter with the kitchen, her bedroom and the living room. Saturday evening most of the house was already liveable and Sunday evening all boxes were unpacked and we were finding a place for everything that was left over. Sunday morning when my friend and I decided to give it a try to get my washing machine out of the laundry up the steep hill, over the fence wall into the trailer, I slipped on the steep hill on the grass while pushing the trolley with the washing machine, and the washing machine shuffled dangerously from the trolley. Thankfully my friend got back control and we managed to move the washing machine to the new place. It was truly a miracle to have done this together. I really believe I had some extra strong angel arms pushing with me up the steep hill.
I drove a few times extra to the Salvos the past week, to bring more belongings that we didn’t need anymore. I also cleaned the old place and enjoyed doing that. It felt good to leave the place neatly (way neater than how I found it when I moved in almost three years ago). And it was a new experience to crawl on hands and knees into the bins to clean them J.

We have settled in our new place and I’m ready to continue working with clients again. The new place has a very nice energy and my daughter and I feel at home here. She even said yesterday that it’s only a week we live here, but that it feels like a month already. We’ve met more people in the building and they’re all so nice and friendly. I can only confirm that universe had this huge idea of moving house so close after my operation, but I acted upon the guidance and it feels as the start of a new chapter in my life and I’m ready for it! I’m curious what my doctor this week with the check up after the operation will answer, when I tell that I moved house and how I have lifted weight with all the boxes up and down the stairs. Not to forget pushing my washing machine up the steep hill at my old place! I’m scheduling new workshops and will keep it in small groups so that I can give personal attention to everyone. Also I am working on a new offer for personal transformation, which I will announce soon.