The last months I was guided to learn more about the connection of our physical body and what it has to tell you. It is absolutely amazing what we have on important information in our bodies, and what we don’t access or don’t use enough. It’s a source of information about your life, health, wellbeing, life purpose or path, help with decisions to make, help with food choices, etc. The only thing you need to do, is to schedule daily time to sit quietly and to check in with your body.

When I was visiting the library, I was guided to read the book ‘What’s your body telling you?’ By Steve Sisgold. It’s a great book with lots of practical exercises. All the info spoke to me, it made sense and I recognised how much of these techniques I even already use in sessions with clients. I always work with the physical aspect in a session; I ask what the clients feels, where in the body, how it makes them feel, if this feeling is familiar, what the impact of the feeling is in their life, etc. You get a lot of information from your body like this. And of course it can be nice to have someone guiding you to connect with your body when you’re new to this phenomenon or are too stressed to connect by yourself. It also helps to get new insights and to discover what blocking beliefs you are experiencing. Blocking beliefs we often don’t see ourselves, until someone mirrors it to us and we become aware of it.

Since I started scheduling daily time for purely checking in with my body (so something different than meditating daily), I discovered so much! I scheduled time every evening before going to sleep. First of all, this made me sleep so nicely, because I had an inner calmness after releasing all feelings of stress and/or tension in my body. Secondly, through my bodily feelings I made connections to the root cause of them, which sometimes were past life experiences. I noticed that most tension in my body is stored in my small intestines in a sort of a vertical line. And this tension became a strong cramp when I spoke out loud what I felt in my body. While focusing on this tension and continuing to breathe to that spot, the tension disappeared fully. I noticed this literally released more than 1 kg of my weight (during xmas and new year’s time). When you store stress and tension without releasing it, you start to have cravings or you become an emotional eater, to suppress the feelings. The solution is to schedule time to sit with your feelings, to give them your attention and to find a way to release them.

In his book Steve Sisgold describes the SET (Self-Evident Truth) technique. Here’s how it goes:

  1. Commit to place all of your attention on yourself for the next 2 minutes. Point or imagine pointing at your chest and say this out loud or silently: “I am willing and ready to focus my attention on my body and feel what it is feeling right now.”
  2. Take three slow, deep, full breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Release the breath out through your throat, careful not to force it through your lips by blowing or pushing your exhale out. Let whatever wants to happen in your body happen. If your head wants to lean forward, let it. If your hand tightens, let it.
  3. Notice what is happening in your body. Are your shoulders and neck and jaw relaxed? Do you feel any emotion? Notice, don’t analyse.
  4. State aloud what you notice; declare the truth of your body. For example: “I am noticing that my breath is shallow and my fingers are tingly.” Start every sentence with ‘I am noticing…’
  5. Sometimes when you declare your self-evident truth, body sensations begin to change. Simply observe and witness the change.
  6. Now, take an action that benefits you right now. For example: if your self-evident truth is that you aren’t breathing deeply, take some deep breaths. If you notice that your shoulders are raised, relax them and let them drop.

This is a whole-body experience. You raised your body awareness. The more you practise this exercise, the more your body intelligence will increase.

I so want for you to discover what your body stores and has to tell you. I’d like to see you scheduling daily time to check in with your body too, to release stress and tension, and to sleep nicely and feel recharged again. You can handle way more when you feel calm inside, and you’ll be more focused on your goals and taking actions to achieve your goals. Everything will flow better. Your health and wellbeing will improve too.

If you tried the above exercise, but you need some help to understand your body’s language and help with releasing blockages, feel free to contact me and discuss how I can assist you.