This is Ganesh and I’d like to deliver a message through automatic writing. I’m working together with this medium because she has invited me a few years ago and since then asked my help more often to protect her and free her from energies of others she felt. I’d like to make myself known to you so you can ask me for help too. I’m happy to help whoever invites me.

You can read my story on internet, so I want to tell here more about what I can do for you, how we can work together. I can help with protection from other energies but also other people on this planet earth. If someone crosses your boundaries and you get scared, angry or overwhelmed by this but don’t know how to stop this behaviour, call upon me and I’ll help you. What I do, is clearing your energy in your aura. I remove energies that have attached to you, including how they’ve attached in your body. I return their energy to where it needs to be, namely with the sender, and place a protection shield around you to keep their energy on a distance from you and your life. But I can do more besides protection.

I am a being of love and light too, so I’d like to surround you with light so you’ll attract more love. I can help you opening your heart to receive more goodness in your life like love, abundance, healing, help and support, but also health and the right practitioners. It brings me joy to help you, so please feel free to ask me. I have time for everybody who asks me for help. If you have the feeling I don’t deliver immediately, don’t think I haven’t received your request and am not working on it. It’s the opposite, I am working on your request but behind the scenes. Keep faith and you’ll see my efforts come to fruition. Just open yourself to receive the unexpected and I’ll deliver.

You wouldn’t think of this probably, but I like helping you cleanse when you use the ocean to take a dive to cleanse your energy. If you invite me before you step into the ocean, I’ll help you cleanse your energy and feel refreshed again. The ocean is very powerful and can wash away (as in detach) energies from you that don’t serve you any longer. I’m helping this process so you free yourself of energies and can move forward on your path.

Here’s my message of love: I love you all and I’m excited to connect with more of you when you’ve read this article that contains my message. If you ask me for a sign, I will deliver you a sign and keep on repeating it until you tell me you understand my sign and know I’m helping. I want to walk before you (and your family) to keep your path free of interferences, whenever I can. I am here to create openings for you to see new ways, new methods, new opportunities to challenge yourself and grow spiritually, to come closer to your heart and your true Self, to be a loving being who feels safe and loved. Just call upon me now and tell me your problems and what you need. I’ll do my best to deliver a miracle for you. Thank you in advance for inviting me into your life. I’m looking forward to connect with you and your family.