In May 2016 I bought another car, a Ford Focus automatic. A few days before that, I had negotiated with the salesman at the car dealer about a Toyota Corolla, but we couldn’t close the deal with the budget I had to spend. After a test drive with the Ford Focus I decided to buy it. During the test drive there was a little ‘holding back’ when I accelerated onto the highway, but I thought it was nothing serious, just me driving for the first time in this car. I had no idea this car would bring me so much stress, a court case, and a release of a past life connection. I warn you it’s going to be a long article. Here we go…

Within the first months driving the Ford, I started noticing a mechanical issue. I won’t go into all the details, but 4 dangerous incidents and a lot of stress, worries, fears, discomfort, and powerlessness later, it turned out that my car had a well-known technical issue and there was even a class action against Ford Australia for this issue. After having tried to have Ford repair or give my money back for the car, I decided to join this class action.

I hadn’t heard anything after signing up, but one day I got a phone call from someone of the law firm. They had seen my uploaded files with evidence of what I had already undertaken as actions, and they were interested and invited me to compose an Affidavit. Mind you, I have never been in a court case, let alone in Australia, and I had never heard of Affidavit, so they first had to explain to me what it was.

After many phone calls and drafts, I travelled to Sydney to make the last changes and sign the document. What an experience. It felt like I was signing for my life. Every word and detail in the document needed to be the truth and facts.

Two months later I got a phone call that the case had changed and they wanted me to compose a new Affidavit; a more extended version with the emotional background of the impact of the technical issues with the car. Just to give you some idea of the situation: I bought the car 9 months after my husband passed away with the idea to have a safe car for my daughter and myself to drive another 10 years in. It was precious money that I spent on this car after trading in the old 4×4 drive we had been driving for a few years. Again composing the Affidavit was a stressful experience, and in the afternoon before I would get a surgery, I received it at 2 pm to read it, give the last changes, read it again, get it printed (it was about 60 pages), have it witnessed by a JP and scan it in to email it back before 5 pm. It looked impossible, but I asked the universe to help get it done and just after 6 pm, I had it all emailed back.

The court case was postponed and rescheduled several times over the years. In the meantime 10 000s of car owners had joined the class action against Ford. I was one of the more than 50 people who had submitted an Affidavit.

Recently I got informed that Ford was calling all people who had submitted an Affidavit, to appear to testify. I started to become nervous about this but didn’t know why this felt so scary. I thought it was all because I had never been in a court case before. Thankfully due to the Corona virus the court case would be online through Zoom. I received a subpoena to testify and I was scheduled in for 30th June. I truly did my best to not even think about that day because there happened so much in my body, that I didn’t understand. When a short thought about the testifying popped up in my mind, I felt shivers, stress in my head, a tightness in my body, sometimes even a short chattering of my teeth. I felt a huge responsibility for all the car owners in the class action. The responsibility went way further than just my own car. A few days after the subpoena was delivered, I had a call on Zoom to test my connection so everything would work fine during the court case. No problem for me, because I am a Zoom user so knew how to deal with that thankfully.

Last week on Monday round 4.30 pm I received a phone call from the lawyer office that the testifying was brought forward and not everyone needed to testify anymore, but I did, and was expected to testify on Tuesday or Wednesday, but most likely it would be Wednesday. We scheduled a video call with the barrister who would be with me in the Zoom court room to go through my Affidavit and to prepare me what you need to do when you are testifying, like speaking out an affirmation, telling your name, calling the judge Your Honour, etc. It was really good to know all this, because it made me feel more confident what to expect. After the call I had chattering teeth and shivers and I felt I freaked out. Again, I didn’t understand why this was happening, why my physical reaction to the court case was so strong. I had to cry and was overwhelmed with emotions. I couldn’t place what was happening. An hour later I would join an online meditation, and I hoped that would calm me down.

The opposite happened; as soon as the meditation started, I relaxed more and immediately the emotions came to the surface. The tears followed, I switched off the camera, and allowed the tears to come out. I tried to focus on the guided meditation. The guidance was that people would appear in the meditation, and I saw a few people I love, and at the end of a path I saw my late husband who gave me a hug in the meditation. We came in a building and we would get information about past lives while sitting at a table. I had Jan sitting next to me at that table, and at the left side of me another person I love, but no information came to me. The emotions rose high and I was sobbing. I chose to leave the guided meditation and let the emotions come out. Here I was sitting in my room, no idea why I was so incredibly emotional. Every time when a thought about the court case and testifying came in my mind, I freaked out. It became clear to me that this wasn’t a normal reaction of just the court case now, but this was a past life connection. It felt like I was going to die, but I was safe in the present time. My logical sense told me that it was too uncontrollable to be a reaction for my life now. So here I was experiencing emotions from a past life connected to testifying about a technical issue of my car, but further no clarity of any details. How could I solve this?

A while later, my friend Elida texted me why I had left the guided meditation. She thought I had a technical issue with the online connection maybe, so I called her and told her about the past life connection I was experiencing. She channelled for me a message that brought clarity; the past life was about a battle where I was a leader of a large group of women on a battlefield against men. Many women lost their lives and I took my own life to honour all the women who had lost their lives in the battle. The class action contains souls who were in that battle of the past life and my testifying was as ‘the leader’ from the past life standing up for all these souls again. I felt responsible for all the others in the class action as the group that I would be representing and I wanted to succeed. The message was that this time, so in this life, I would be successful. Wow, this was big. It made more sense with the emotions I was feeling and calmed me down.

I had wondered from the moment the problems with my car started, if I had made a mistake buying the car; hadn’t I listened carefully enough to my intuition?, hadn’t I noticed the signs the universe had brought on my path?, had the salesman used my innocence? With this new info about the past life connection, I got an answer that I could let go of all questions in one time. I was meant to have this car so I could heal the past life experience. I had to testify as a leader and be successful in this life. I was safe now and would survive.

I couldn’t sleep though. My bowel was making lots of noises and movements (pure stress reaction), and I had a terrible headache at my forehead and behind my eyes till 3 am, when I got the insight that it was the cause of death I was experiencing from that past life; how I had taken my own life. It could have been a bullet in my head exploding or something like that. Straight after that insight, the headache disappeared; obviously I needed to be made conscious about what it was.

The next day I had client sessions and was busy. In the evening I sat down to read my three Affidavits, compared info of them and discovered some corrections to have all info with the same details. I am very precise in these things, especially when I have to testify that it is the truth. I didn’t want to give Ford Australia any chance to question me about details that were not the same in my Affidavits. I sent an email with the last corrections to my barrister close to midnight and with a sigh of relief I went to sleep.

I slept fine but a bit short. The next morning I had a phone call with my barrister at 9.45 am till 10 am and that was the time the court case started again for that day. A bit stressful at the last moment yes, but good to know that the barrister and I agreed on the corrections. Suddenly I got a call and had to login and the testifying started. No time to think further. I was in the court room on Zoom and answered all questions of the barrister representing Ford Australia. I got feelings and thoughts in my mind with her questions, I understood where she was going, but I had to stick to answering the questions factually and not go into an emotion. I succeeded and an hour later, I left the court room online. When I pressed the button ‘leave’ on my screen, the clock turned into 11:11. Beautiful sign from the universe. And then the emotional catharsis came.

It was a big release. I took a deep breath and everything that had been carried by my soul of that past life, came out uncontrollably. I experienced myself making sounds with my throat I hadn’t experienced before, my body was shaking as if I was freezing to death, my teeth were chattering load and I thought it would be better if I would have been able to put something between my teeth to bit on. That’s how hard they were chattering. After a while it became quiet, and I took a few deep breaths. And the next wave of emotions came out. Again with shaking and loud chattering teeth and crying. Here I was sitting, all alone, in my room, having a huge catharsis of a past life. Seriously, if someone would see me, they would probably have called the ambulance and in hospital they would have submitted me to the mental ward 😊. This physical, emotional and spiritual release is something a doctor wouldn’t understand. They would give you tranquillizers or Valium, but that was not what I needed. I needed to let it all come out until it was gone.

An hour later I was feeling that the last wave of emotions had been released. I felt like myself again and calm inside, settled. I decided to go for a beach walk. While walking towards the beach, I asked for a sign if I had been successful with my testifying. During my walk I suddenly discovered a rainbow looking at the lighthouse at the harbour. I stood still for a while to take this unexpected rainbow in and thanked the universe after taking a photo of the rainbow.

That night I slept amazingly long; 10 hours! The next two days I took it easy with a lot of meditating, administration work in my office, and catching up with a friend. I felt so much better and everything in my life started flowing better, felt easier and lighter, as if tasks didn’t cost a lot of effort. I ticked off lots of tasks from my things-to-do list and felt back in control.

In another channelled message through my friend Elida I got to hear that with the past life release, I had healed a big hole in my heart. I had loved the women I led in the battlefield more than I had loved myself. That was healed now. And Elida had been with me in the battlefield of that past life.

It was quite an experience and I am super glad it’s behind me. I’m also proud of how I’ve released everything. Even though the decision of the judge about the court case can take another 13 months from now, I have let it all go. I trust the universe will have justice celebrate.

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