About Astrid

I followed my heart expecting to live happily ever after, but had to deal with a huge loss that changed me and my whole life

While living in my home country, the Netherlands, I gave birth to my daughter Esmee in 2006. It was an overwhelming time, becoming a mum, my parents’ divorce, my own wedding, financial stress and a new job starting two weeks after giving birth – the job wasn’t what I expected it to be. I was also studying for my exams and doing my thesis, while taking care of my baby. As a result, I had no energy or physical fitness. I didn’t feel supported by my partner and I couldn’t really enjoy motherhood, because of all the stress in my life and the responsibilities weighing heavily on my shoulders. I decided to divorce my husband.

When I felt ready for a new partner, I met Jan, an old friend, who lived on the other side of the world! I followed my heart and 11 months later I emigrated with Esmee from the Netherlands to Australia to start a new family with Jan and his daughter.

It was a time of adjusting to two children from two different backgrounds and nationalities, and Jan recovering from a long and difficult divorce and an immune disease, but we were happy to be together. I had found true love with Jan.
Unfortunately, Jan became seriously ill, had to stop working and became a palliative care patient at home, where I was his carer until he crossed over within four years of our marriage.

Following his funeral, I had many decisions to make and was facing uncertainties – I moved house and both Esmee and I needed to deal with grief. Then when everything seemed calm, I became ill – I had no energy and suffered from anxiety and panic attacks in bed at night. Experiencing insomnia and financial stress, I had no idea how I would survive this. I lost not only my husband, but also myself and I had to find my true self again. What would make me happy and what did I want to do with the rest of my life?
Step by step I went on a journey, facing every feeling, emotion, thought and belief I had to be able to release all blockages to heal myself. In the meantime, raising my daughter and working with my clients was what kept me going.

I’ve transformed from having super low self-esteem to feeling confident; from being scared to having faith, and from feeling powerless to becoming empowered and taking action for my own happiness and doing the work I’m passionate about. I’m still a ‘giver’, but I am in balance and can keep this balance by communicating my boundaries to others and having respect for my needs. I’ve put myself on the highest priority on my list and take excellent care of myself these days. I feel loved, supported and connected and have a zest for life.

What you need to know about me

  • I don’t want to give up until my clients have reached their set goal.
  • Be prepared to receive a lot of information from me during your session and schedule some time for yourself after your session with me to integrate everything.
  • I believe that setting intentions for the outcome of my client’s session is powerful, so I expect miracles to happen and need my clients to be open to that too.

Why my work is my passion

Being a part of a complete transformation process with the end result of a happy and confident client, is what brings me fulfillment, makes my heart sing with joy and is my way of contributing to making the world a happier and kinder place.

What is typically Astrid?

  • When I have set my mind on something, I go for it with full commitment and determination – I leave behind what doesn’t serve this goal. It might look impulsive, but it’s actually a ‘knowing’ inside me that guides me and I trust it completely.
  • I love the ocean – it keeps me in balance and calms my mind and body. I also love the mountains, so I live in the perfect place in Wollongong. I live at walking distance from the beach and 15 minutes’ drive from the mountains.
  • I love the number 11, which represents spirituality and music; I’ve played several wind instruments in orchestras and I used to sing in a band. I got married on 11-11-11 at 11:11 am. I also sang a beautiful love song live on my wedding day to surprise my husband.
  • I am very direct in my communication (Aussies say that’s a very European thing). I say yes when I mean yes, and no when I mean no. No hidden agendas for me.
  • In Australia I’ve lost 20 kilos because of trauma, stress and changing my diet to a healthier one. My intention is to maintain my current healthy weight. My diet is vegan, gluten free and generally refined sugar free.
  • I am quite serious and eager to learn. I read a lot, and absorb and apply my new knowledge to understand and assist my clients even more. I like a good laugh but firstly approach it seriously, so you might need to tell me it was a joke when I don’t laugh.
  • I love flowers – the Iris is my favourite flower. I also love smelling all different roses in the rose garden at the Botanic Gardens. During a walk outside I often stop to smell blossoming flowers in gardens along the path.

Interview in online psychic magazine Psychics4U

On 7th July 2024 my interview for the online psychic magazine Psychics4U was published. It contains a lot of advices for practices to assist your personal growth. You can read my interview here:

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