Welcome! My name is Astrid Boot. I’m born in 1970 and until November 2011 I lived in the Netherlands. Then I emigrated to Australia to marry my True Love. Together with my husband and our two daughters we started a new family.

Profile picture web qualityDuring my life journey I experienced several difficult situations that made me very confused about people and their behaviour and love. It had a huge effect on my relationships with others but also on my behaviour. My feelings became so overwhelming and I didn’t understand them, so I didn’t listen to them anymore and lost contact with my intuition. I lived purely on my ratio.

I worked in offices and one day I was in a job that I didn’t like that much and I decided to quit, without having a new job. It felt like freedom. Soon there came a new job on my path and I started to work in projects. I loved it. I even started my own business as a freelance project assistant and project leader. In that time I was having a ‘new start’ in my life and I came more in contact with my feelings. I started to build up some self-esteem again and femininity.

After viewing a large amount of money on my bank account when I was 33 years old, I realised I had worked really hard for this money, but it didn’t make me happy. I decided it was time to make a big life change and finally do that four year professional education for a job I would love and that would give fulfilment. I listened to my intuitive feeling and the word hypnotherapy attracted me somehow. I read about hypnotherapy and knew ‘this is what I want’. I started a four year education to become an integral hypnotherapist and psychodynamic therapist. I finished the education in 3.5 years, while in the meanwhile getting married, getting pregnant and giving birth to my daughter. During this education I did a healing course where I discovered I had strong healing gifts. I started my own practice in 2006. After the therapy education I wanted to learn much more about feeling and intuition because I was still quite easily falling into old habits using my ratio instead of my feeling. On my path appeared a mediumship education of two years by Marion Berndsen, a Dutch well-known medium. There, I discovered I already had mediumistic gifts and that I was high sensitive. I found out I already followed guidance of my spirit guides but I hadn’t been aware of it so far.

What I wanted from life was completely different than what my partner wanted with his life and at that time I felt there was missing too much to continue. A big goal for me is to work on my personal growth continuously. There was still so much to discover! With my decision to divorce (after a very clear signal from the Universe) there was a lot added to my personal growth. I came in close contact with angels and asked them to help me. During the divorce process I found white feathers everywhere as a sign of their help. And with angels’ help I got the perfect house for my daughter and myself just in time before we had to leave our property.

I was 40 years old, single, I felt free, I felt good and My Self, I celebrated my life and I decided I wanted nothing less than true love in my life. I wrote down a list with how I wanted my true love to be and asked the angels to bring this man in my life. When I thought I found him, that turned out different than all the signs were showing. A medium predicted to me in this time, if this man wouldn’t go for me, there would soon be another true love on my path. I almost fainted; so it does exist that there are more true loves for you on this planet! And really, a month later I met my real true love. I knew him from years ago and when we saw each other again at my sister’s place, it ‘hit’ us both. We started contacting each other and after 2 months I allowed myself (I was a bit careful with myself!) to open my heart and feel the beautiful love between us. That opening of my heart gave me a flow of new insights; I knew I would emigrate with my daughter to Australia. But I didn’t tell anyone. I just wanted a bit of evidence that I could trust my intuition. This guy was everything I asked for, except two small details; he was a few years older than I had asked for, and… he lived in Australia! I think the angels did a perfect job for me. I booked a holiday of only one week to Australia to visit him and his daughter, and above Sydney in the plane it already felt like Home. That was all the evidence I needed.
To cut a story short; one year later, in November 2011, (I received the visa just in time for our planned wedding day 11 November 2011, yes 11-11-11!), I emigrated with my daughter to Australia and a week later I married my husband, Mr Jan Boot. Together we have two daughters. We integrated well and became a real family. We taught our daughters how to connect with universal beings and how to ask them for help, how to anchor yourself, how to cleanse and protect your energy.

Unfortunately at the end of June 2015 Jan became very ill. In one intense month where we said goodbye many many times, the doctors couldn’t save him anymore. I put my life aside to be there for Jan and the kids and to support them in all ways possible. I decided with Jan to share our story with the outside world via Facebook, where you can read how we experienced this intense month. We used our intuition very strongly as guidance. I honoured Jan’s free will and wishes. He decided to stop all treatment and everything got prepared for him to go home as a palliative care patient. On the night his mother, brother and sister would arrive from the Netherlands, Jan thought he wouldn’t make it till their arrival in hospital. We arranged for our daughters to sleep in hospital too that night. We constantly prayed for help from the angels and ascended masters, and I gave Jan hours of healing and a lot of pep talk to keep on fighting. It was such a relief when his family arrived! When Jan was home, we gave a big ‘Celebrate Life Party’ where Jan gave everything by chatting to everyone. After the party Jan decided he was done with life and he wanted to be sedated. We expected he would go fast because he was very weak (he couldn’t drink nor eat anymore).

The only way to communicate with him after sedation, was with him blinking his eyes as a ‘yes’ answer. He was very frustrated every day he was still with us. The day after sedation my youngest sister arrived from the Netherlands. I was so happy with her at my side to assist and support. Jan’s soul was ready to go but his mind wasn’t. He had a huge fear; losing the strong soul connection between the two of us. Two nights later I woke up with an unbearable pain in my lower tummy and I went to hospital to have an emergency surgery where one ovary and a huge cyst were removed. It was heartbreaking to have to leave Jan to go to hospital myself. I realised he could cross over while I was in hospital. Suddenly I was the one in the ambulance and the emergency department, where Jan so many times previously was the patient. After 50 hours of hospital stay I came back home. While lying and sitting in bed I did all administration around our situation. Jan’s family departed one day before Jan crossed over.

Hardly able to sit long in a chair I was with Jan when he crossed over on 29 July 2015 at the age of 53 years young. That morning Jan and I were home alone and I found a way to still communicate with him (I found out he still tried to blink his eyes but could only see his eye lid muscles make the muscle contraction). Intuitively I felt that Jan needed a channelled message from Universe through my colleague Elida and she gave one over the phone including healing. After that I convinced Jan that our soul connection will always stay and that my work as a medium is proof of that. He could finally release his fear and crossed over that afternoon. We could feel his presence in the room for two hours after his passing. We picked up our daughters from school and they didn’t need to cry at that moment cause they could feel his presence too. They even went to play outside and were laughing, dancing and singing one hour later. Jan wanted to comfort us and make sure we were okay. Then he started his journey. We had a big farewell coming together at our house a few days later where we watched a slide show of Jan’s life. It was impressive to have a whole room full of kids sitting on the floor and adults standing behind them and everybody completely silent. The next morning my sister went back to the Netherlands. We felt lots of emotions but I was so tired that I immediately went to bed again. Jan’s wish was a private cremation and it was hard to stand there with two little girls grieving.

I am lucky to be able to connect with Jan myself and I can channel his messages. He gives me a lot of guidance, support and help on my path and he led me to my new house. In three months time I had to deal with the whole administration round his passing, several people crossing my boundaries and not respecting my grieving, Jan’s daughter who didn’t visit us anymore as a result of this, my recovery from surgery (not lifting weight for six weeks), and on top of that a move to a smaller house. All this in three months time, and without family around, but with the loving help from the whole community from school and my spiritual friends. I couldn’t have done it without their help and support. The year 2016 was a year where my body made me pause and where I experienced several organs and my immune system not functioning correctly anymore, extreme tiredness, deficiencies in my body and not being able to do what I want. It taught me a lot about health, healthy food and water, reconnecting to my heart and intuition, healing my heart and body and heading into a new direction. In this time I’ve discovered doTERRA essential oils to assist me in my healing process and I integrated using these beautiful oils in my daily life for my health but also as ingredients for products I use in my household and for skin care. I’ve become a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA essential oils.

I am very grateful for everything that happened in my life and I’ve learned a lot from it. My personal priority in life is personal growth because I’ve experienced I got more out of it to really Live. I discovered that I am a strong woman, that I have a strong intuition and that I trust and follow this intuition, that I still believe in the miracles of love, that I can stay positive, optimistic and hopeful and that I can bounce back every time after a life experience to have balance in life again and be my bubbly me.

I continued my work as a medium, healer and therapist after my emigration to Australia. I also became a certified medium by Doreen Virtue. And I have a certificate to give Access Consciousness Bars Sessions. I do my work with passion to assist as many people I can to be happier, relaxed, confident and to have direction in life again. I use trauma techniques like EMDR and EFT Tapping as a standard treatment for therapy because they give such fast results, which I prefer! I like to bring love, hope and comfort to clients who lost their faith in a beautiful and joyful life and I feel grateful for every client that comes on my path. I experienced many different types of treatment myself and I’m still attending seminars and workshops to be able to help more people with new or better techniques. If you want to find out your way to happiness and joy in your life, how to connect with your intuition and universal guidance, I’m here for you!

My qualifications:

  • Diploma Hypnotherapy 2004-2007
  • Certificate of Participation Haptotherapy and Bodywork 2007
  • Diploma Medical Basic Knowledge 2005-2007
  • Diploma Psychodynamic & Integral Hypnotherapy 2004-2007
  • Diploma Universal White Time Healing 2006
  • Certificate of Participation Mediumship Education by Marion Berndsen 2007-2009
  • Certificate of Completion Mediumship Program Angel University by Doreen Virtue 2013
  • Certificate Angelic Reiki 2016
  • Certificate AromaTouch Technique 2017
  • Reiki Master 2019
  • Seichim Master 2019

Warm greetings,

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