The last weeks were intense with unexpected changes to make because of the isolation. You’ve adjusted as well as possible – found a way to keep doing your work and have created all facilitations for your kids at home to do their study online –. It’s time to focus on yourself again.

‘Myself?’ you wonder.

Yes, yourself, because I bet you’ve been focused on everything and everyone, except yourself. Be honest and ask yourself how much quality time you’ve had for yourself the last month? Time where you could do whatever you wanted that would make you feel good, without being disturbed. It wasn’t even half an hour per day, was it?

Now it’s really time to check in with You. If you don’t connect with what’s happening in your body, stress feelings and emotions will stay there. When you don’t acknowledge them, they will grow and can start to cause issues like tiredness, headaches, concentration problems, not getting tasks finished, procrastinating, and a mind that doesn’t switch off so you can’t sleep well.

So, it’s better to check in with your body what’s happening there.

How can you do that? The start is to schedule a time for yourself to sit down in silence without being disturbed. Why not start today with half an hour for yourself? Close the door of your room, make yourself comfortable and start with breathing and focusing on your breathing. Just feel where your breath goes in your body – does it stay high in your chest, or can you breathe till deep in your abdomen? Just observe without judgment. And with every tension you feel, breathe to it and let it go through your intention while you exhale. Notice if you start to feel lighter.

Now go with your attention to your heart. Breathe to your heart a few times very consciously. Then ask your heart ‘What do you need right now?’. Open yourself to the answer. Be silent and wait what answer comes to you – it can come in the form of a feeling, a thought, or an image. Then ask your heart: ‘How can I give that to you?’ and wait again for the answer. Are you surprised by what you got?

From here, it’s a matter of providing what your heart needs. Be creative with the way how you’re going to provide this. Often you can do that instantly or you can commit to schedule some action steps. Feel how your body reacts on what you provide. I’m sure it’ll give you a good feeling.
It’s great to experience this once, but you have a wonderful opportunity here to experience this good feeling every day! It’s a form of self-care, self-love, and important for your health and wellbeing because it’ll recharge your energy, create space in your mind to receive new insights and to sleep better, and it’ll increase your feelings of happiness.