Since we’re out of isolation here in the Illawarra, I see an increase of clients with anxiety, depression, and relationship issues to breakups. Remarkable is also that a lot of men are seeking help to release emotions and to change patterns they’re experiencing.

The anxiety and depression were already present before isolation, but during isolation time fears have become bigger. Fear of the unknown, fear about the future, fear of losing your job, fear of not having enough money. And overwhelm of having to manage a complete new situation at home with work, the kids (and many suddenly had to educate their own kids as a home school teacher), and a partner at home for work too. It has definitely stretched many relations; the normal routine was gone, there were many tasks to do each day, and roles sometimes needed to change to keep the tasks equal between both partners. Some of my clients have felt unsupported, others felt frustrated.

Clients with a parent in an aged care facility suddenly couldn’t visit their parent any longer, and saw and felt how their parent couldn’t comprehend what was going on. It often made them feel heartbroken that they couldn’t do anything more than talking on the phone to their parent. It’s an extra stress where they already had their own challenges to cope to the new situation too.

At the other hand, I also have seen clients who told me how they grabbed last months’ situation as an opportunity. I’ve heard stories about losing a job and putting all effort into finding a new job or changing careers to a profession that had their interest and they had never dared to choose so far. I’ve received clients who used the situation to work on themselves by meditating, taking a step back from being overly busy with just their career, wanting to deal with old habits and feelings to become more authentic.

I’ve helped clients to release emotions of guilt so they could come to acceptance of the situation how it is, in some specific situations knowing there is nothing they can change for now (think about a parent in an aged care facility). So surrendering to the situation and not knowing what the future will bring. Just staying in the present, focusing on their own happiness and personal needs. For some it was finally a few months they had time for themselves and could rest after many years of long hours p/week for a career and always busy. They decided to connect more with nature and doing yoga at home, reading books and picking up a creative hobby.

Surrendering to the situation, and using the current situation as an opportunity, is the best to deal with what’s happening. Let me give an example of my own life; at the immediate start of isolation, it was very quiet in my business. Most people got very scared and suddenly had a new situation at home with their families. My sister asked if I wanted to join an online challenge for a business course, which we did together. This resulted in doing a 3 months’ course that kept me very busy besides the clients I had online sessions with. I’ve learned new skills and my bond with my sister has deepened because of sharing our journey together so intensely during the course. We’ve helped, supported, and encouraged each other, and applauded for achieved successes. My focus was on the course instead of worrying about finances when it was quieter in business with uncertainty when the situation would change to face-to-face sessions again. Looking back, it was a great opportunity and it has brought me so much.

Look back at what you’ve done in the past months. Have you seen or created opportunities for yourself? What did you learn? What has it brought you in life? Have you grown from it? Are you doing things differently than before? Have you found out that nurturing yourself became a higher priority and that it made you feel good? Write the things down that made you feel better and schedule them in your diary for as often as you need them (every day, once p/week or fortnightly or  once p/month) and stick to them. See it as an appointment with yourself. No excuses, not letting other people or situations take over the appointment you have with yourself. Do you feel that you’re having emotions and negative thoughts or patterns you want to change, but you can use some professional help to realise that? I give away 5 free Explore your Happiness Sessions to discuss your personal situation and give you some tips & advices how you can start. Apply for a free session through clicking on this link and filling out the form: