Do you want to see changes in your life? Everybody has wishes or dreams that they want to see happening for them. But how do you turn your dreams or wishes into reality? How do you for example get a new job, new friends, a new house, a new romantic relationship? The first step to do so, is one that everybody can easily do; asking your guides and angels for help.

If you ask for help from the universe, you have to be very clear what you want. This helps you to think about what you want also, to become conscious about what you’re asking.

If you want a new job, what is important for you in that new job? What do you want to find there? Is it a manager/boss that appreciates you, is it like-minded colleagues, is it a company with a high vibration and encouragement to develop yourself further, or a company where you can stay at least 5 years and get promotions, are you looking for a job with lots of responsibilities, or a no-brainer-job to just have stability as an income besides your own business which is your passion? What days and hours do you want to work, and what do you want to earn?

In case of your wish for new friends in your life, what qualities are important for you in friends? Is it that you’re looking for honest friends, people who accept you completely as you are without judgement? People who laugh with you, cry with you, support you in tough times, cheer for you, empower you, and celebrate successes with you? Do you want them to have the same interests as you, and what are those interests exactly?

For a new house, you must be very specific and can ask for lots of details as in: type of building, what floors, what walls, insulation, what safety precautions (e.g. alarm, double glass windows), maintenance, how many rooms and how big must the rooms be, do you want to cook on gas or electric, in what suburb do you want to live, what neighbours or environment do you want to have, do you want to buy or rent, what price is the maximum you want to pay or can afford, do you want a bath and shower or only a shower and what type of bathroom including colour(s) do you want, how many toilets in the house, a garage, a garden (with trees, flowers, bushes, or only grass), build-in-wardrobes, modern equipment in the kitchen (oven, stove, hood, fridge/freezer, microwave), colour and material of kitchen, must the house be close to school/shopping centre/bank/post office, and when do you want to start living there?

When you want a new romantic relationship, it’s important to know what your core values are in life, because you’d want to attract a partner with the same core values to make a relationship successful (think about communication about feelings and emotions but also religion/spirituality, openness & honesty, working on personal development/growth, open-mindedness, creativity, respectfulness, adventurous, passion, environmentalism, eating healthy food, being in connection with your body and mind, supportive, empathetic, etc.). Are you ready for a new relationship? If not completely, you can ask help to prepare yourself to be ready for a new relationship, to have released your past and ex-partners, to have your heart open to receive a new partner in your life, and to be able to trust a new partner will bring good things to you. Of course you’d like a partner who also has released his/her past, and who is free from ex-relationships, so ask that too. State clearly what your values about a romantic relationship with a partner are; what is acceptable and what isn’t in a relationship? What do you want to do together, and what would you like to do by yourself? Are you focused on materialism or a deep soul connection? Do you want kids together, would you accept kids from a previous relationship from your future partner? What age do you want your future partner to be, where do you want him/her to live, what work does he/she do, what is the education level you’d like from your partner? You can even ask the romance angels to prepare your future partner and you to meet each other, to recognise each other, and to start talking to each other in a natural flowing and relaxed way.

As you can read above, it’s super important to first figure out what you really want in life and what your core values are. It helps to get clarity for yourself, and maybe also what you need to work on first for yourself (maybe you discover you’re having a fear or trust issue, or a self-esteem issue you can transform first). Know that what you radiate, you’ll attract. A good advice here is to ask your guides and angels to help you radiate the things you’d like to attract, and to have your heart open and being ready to attract that what you wish for.

How do you ask help from your guides and angels? You can write on a piece of paper: “Dear guides and angels, thank you for helping me to make my wish to … <fill in what your wish is> be reality right now. I appreciate your help, guidance, and support and let my wish go now. I trust that with your help, my wishes come true. With love and gratitude, …. <your name>.” State as many details with your wish (even if it’s several A4 pages full of text) so they know exactly what’s important for you. You can fold the paper(s) and put them in an envelope, and light a candle next to it as a ritual to ask for help and let your wishes go. And don’t worry if you get the insight of a new detail you’d like to add later to your wish list; that’s fine to do.

Don’t think you’re asking too much. The universe likes clarity and always wants to help everyone. You deserve help and to get what you wish for. They like to contribute to your happiness. Good luck with manifesting your dreams into reality! Follow the signs and guidance from your guides and angels to make it happen. Only think thoughts as if your wishes are already truth right now, because that helps manifesting. Visualise the reality you’d like and feel how wonderful that feels in your body and mind, and then radiate that from your heart to the outside world. Expect miracles!