Monday 27th September starts three weeks of Mercury Retrograde, a time where it looks like the planet Mercury goes backwards around the earth. It’s not really going backwards, it’s slowed-down speed is connected with a variety of things in life becoming a bit muddled in areas of life Mercury rules: communication, travel and technology.

This three weeks’ time till 17th October, often causes chaotic energy and problems with electronic devices. Be prepared and make a backup of your electronic devices today (files, photos, contacts). Also ask Archangel Michael, the angels of the Blue Flame of Protection and other angels of protection to protect you, your loved ones, your personal belongings including electronic devices and their data, your jobs, careers, relationships, money, bank accounts, cars, houses and properties. This is of course handy to ask daily, but specifically in the coming three weeks as an extra protection.

“Mercury will retrograde in Libra – the sign of relationships. Libra’s qualities are fairness, balance, justice and equality. Mercury governs the mind and communication. With Mercury retrograde in Libra, you will find yourself going back and forth, weighing your pros and cons before discerning what is right for you. It’s okay no to know all the answers now. This is a period of discovery. Tune into your heart to know what’s right. “ – Kari Samuels –

  • During Mercury retrograde the advice is to not sign any important contracts or make big decisions in your life, unless you are confident that your intuition is guiding you to do so. If it’s possible wait with your decision or contract till after 17th October.
  • If you have travel plans or certain appointments you need to travel to, it’s possible that you’ll experience unexpected delays, so schedule some extra time around your plans.
  • Be mindful about your communication and choose your words wisely and speak your truth. During these weeks communication can cause confusion, heightened emotions and misunderstandings.
  • When emotions of past relationships are triggered, acknowledge them and connect with them to find out what still needs to be addressed, resolved and released and free yourself from old hurt, pain, anger, sadness, resentment and unforgiveness.
  • Don’t start new projects during these weeks, but finish what you’ve started and prepare for new beginnings so that after Mercury retrograde you’re ready to roll.

You might have noticed the past 1-2 weeks that Mercury retrograde energy was already playing up. My daughter and I both experienced the last week that we only got a task finished when we were super determined to start and kept pushing through till it was done. It felt like a cloud of thick fog we had to get through. The 1-2 weeks before and after the official three weeks of retrograde is a shadow time where the energy is already sensible.

Some people get scared of Mercury retrograde or don’t like this time, but it’s not all bad: it’s preparing yourself and knowing how to deal best with this energy. See the three weeks as a time to take time for yourself in meditation to connect with your heart, with your body, and your dreams you’d like to achieve. Strengthen your connection with your guides, angels and the Creator to have love and light flowing freely through you. Let go of trauma, fears, anger and sadness. Be very gentle with yourself. Be in nature, take a dive in the ocean or a bath with Epsom or Himalayan salts and essential oils, write in your journal and keep a gratitude journal. Take all types of actions like the above to keep your vibration as high as possible and to stay anchored in mother earth.

If you experience emotions coming up that you can’t release yourself and you need professional help with, feel free to contact me to discuss your personal situation to find out how we could work together to get you in the flow again having back the control over your life again.