My cousin asked me a question that I thought would be good to share with you. It was about being super sensitive and what she could do to get rid of energies after reading or hearing other people’s stories. Do you recognise that you’re like a sponge absorbing the energies of other people’s stories with all emotions (fears, sadness, anger) and heaviness?

I advised my cousin to send the energies back to the sender transformed in love and light. Or to send it to the universe where it’ll be transformed in love and light. She replied she noticed she had difficulties sending it back.

When you are a ‘giver” you want to help others and feel a resistance sending their energies back because it’s energy with a load, a blockage like the emotions fear, sadness and anger. It’s heavy energy and you can feel terrible to send it back, because you think they are already having enough to deal with and you don’t want to add more. You are kind of sacrificing yourself to keep their energy and trying to make it lighter for the other person. But sacrificing yourself with absorbing more and more energies of others, will result in being full of other people’s energies and not feeling your own energy anymore. You can’t feel yourself anymore which means you can’t make decisions, can’t focus nor concentrate, and don’t know what you like or do not like any longer. You’ve lost yourself.

See other people’s energies as their responsibilities. You don’t need to sacrifice yourself to absorb their energies. It’s not empowering for the other person. They have to learn from their experiences and they have to deal with their own energies. Everybody gets what they can handle, even if it feels unfair and impossible in your eyes. You don’t want to take away the learning experience and personal growth experience of the other person, even though you maybe love them very much. The best thing you can do is help them to empower themselves. You can offer help and they have a choice if they’ll accept help or not.

If you feel you’ve taken on energies of other people, send it with your intentions back to the sender transformed in love and light. That last part is important because the other person at least receives his/her own energy back as love and light, instead of the heavy blockage. You’ve helped them a little bit with that and you’ll feel your own energy again so you can focus on your life and your happiness.

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