The mornings are quiet outside because most people work from home here in the lockdown again. It’s school holiday and the rain outside invites to sleep in a bit and enjoy the warmth of my bed. I do morning prayers while sitting in bed and it raises my vibration, which feels really nice. It’s not only prayers for myself but for the whole world, to flood the earth with the violet and ascension flame. It gives me an empowered feeling to do something for the world in this way, because there’s too much out there we have no control over. It is only a little action for such a big world, but I believe every act of love and light contributes.

We’re halfway 2021 and a lot has already happened. I’ve seen many clients with spiritual awakenings and lots of questions about what they experience and how they can connect themselves to their truth and to the Light. I’ve also had many clients who decided to break patterns they became aware of being in, clients who decided they wanted to let go of traumatic experiences and resentment feelings that were still being triggered in daily life, and clients who decided they needed help to relax and recharge their energy. I’ve seen the result of clients feeling empowered again, having clarity in their mind and taking action steps to realise their dreams. They reconnected their mind with their body and heart, chose to instruct their mind and ego to have positive, loving and abundant thoughts and to let their heart rule the mind. These clients realigned themselves with the vibration of happiness, joy, light, peace, health, confidence and abundance. I saw their tight skin transform into a soft relaxed skin. The frown between their eyebrows and on their forehead disappeared from their look.

There was a lot of negative energy around too and every now and then I get clients on my path who experience negativity attached to them, their family, their house or in general their lives and wellbeing. It can feel as if you want to move forward but something is stopping you and you can’t grab what it is, all this accompanied with negative thoughts that you recognise as not yours because normally you’re an optimistic and positive person. It can make you feel depleted, tired, exhausted, and drained. Just imagine the freedom they feel again when the negativity is removed and they can feel themselves again. The energy starts flowing again through their body and a smile comes back on their face.

Clients have lost loved ones and I have lost my first client to leukemia. Thankfully Reiki healing has helped and helps with the grieving process of my clients to integrate their losses.
I’ve also had the pleasure of giving healing sessions to a few ladies who had the wish to become a mum and fell pregnant and received that wonderful news. I even received photos of a baby born in Dubai of one of my clients. That was super special. Birth of new life is a beautiful gift in this time and brings a lot of joy. It fills up my heart with gratitude and love.

If you notice your energy goes up and down, I advise you to take the time to acknowledge the feelings, emotions and thoughts that come with it. Don’t ignore or suppress them, but instead take the time to feel them, to focus on them until they fade away and then you can fill yourself up with love. A walk in nature can definitely be very helpful when you feel moody, anxious, depressed, scared, sad, angry, lonely, floating, out of balance or constantly in your head with busyness and stress. If you can’t get yourself back into balance, being relaxed and grounded with mother earth, seek help from a person you resonate with. Your intuition will tell you. I am still open because I deliver ‘medical care’ and available for sessions to help empower you to have more clarity in your mind, experience a relaxed body, feeling confident and happy and to be able to create the life you love.

Have you noticed old emotions coming up round the New Moon time? It’s old emotions that want to be released. It’s an opportunity to free yourself from these emotions that block your lifeforce energy from flowing through your body.

It’s best to stop ignoring/suppressing these emotions, but to allow them to be there while getting your full attention. Feel where in your body that emotion is, focus on it and experience what happens while you keep focusing on it. Maybe you feel anger, sadness or tears coming up. Give them a way out. It can help to cry, to blow out emotions as a wind, or to visualise sending all emotions out of your body into a box before you. If everything is in the box, put the lit on it and send it with your thoughts to the universe, where it’ll be transformed in love and light for you. Then fill yourself up with the positive opposite of what you’ve sent away, e.g. love, strength, confidence.

If you keep emotions inside, they will grow and one day you’ll find yourself having an explosion where you don’t have control anymore or in your body starts to develop an disease. It’s way better for your health and wellbeing to address your emotions when you feel them. If the timing is bad on a day, acknowledge your emotions with your thoughts and make an appointment with them to take a time later that day (mention the time you’ll be free to do that) to sit down quietly and connect with them to find out what needs to be done. Don’t forget to show up on your appointment with your emotions :).

After having released emotions you’ll always feel better, maybe relieved, and often lighter and happier. And when you do this on a daily base, it only takes a few minutes. When it feels that it’ll be too overwhelming to let emotions come out, know that you can handle it and put your alarm for a certain time (e.g. 10 or 30 mins) that you expect to be able to handle them. That way you control the release and you can spread it so you keep functioning well in daily life.

I wonder: Do you take time daily to address your emotions to help release whatever comes to the surface?

When you listen to a news broadcast or read the newsfeed of your social media, what happens in your body? Are you aware of the reaction of your body to the news you hear and read? Does your body react with fear, anxiety, stress, sadness, anger, frustration, powerlessness OR with happiness, joy, excitement, peace and love?

You will notice your body reacts with positive feelings to positive news and with negative feelings to other news. News about a wedding announcement or solutions for problems in the world give a better feeling than news about people dying in a war. You get my point.

Have you ever checked consciously how you feel, measure it on a scale from 0-10, and then watch the news on TV or scroll through your newsfeed on social media and measure again? When you do this little test and compare the results, you have the impact of news on you, on your body.

Because news is unfortunately rarely only positive, it impacts you, your body, your energy, your light and your mood. It can make you suddenly react irritable or angry to others, or you can feel drained, tired, or exhausted.

I get to see the impact of negativity with my clients as darker energy in their auric field and I can feel it in my connection with the universe as interference. Thankfully I’ve learned how to get rid of it in a fast way.
What can you do to get rid of the negative energy of news when it attaches to you?

First of all, you can make the decision to limit listening to, reading and watching news or newsfeed. You can also choose to not engage in negativity by not responding to it. After you’ve listened to or watched news and notice negativity has connected to you, free yourself from it by visualising yourself under a purifying waterfall in a beautiful place in nature until you feel your energy is light and bright again. Also feel the connection with Mother Earth from your tailbone and feet. You can visualise golden cords from your tailbone and feet into the earth for a good grounding. Think positive and loving thoughts and affirm how you want to feel. Here are some examples:

  • I choose to only connect with love & light.
  • I choose to be grounded well into Mother Earth.
  • I choose to focus on love and positivity.
  • I reclaim my power, my Light, my freedom, my free will, my health and my wellbeing.
  • I am safe and protected.
  • I am supported and loved.

I guarantee you that you will feel better after this. You’ve raised your vibration and that’s necessary to stay centred and in the present. It’s okay when you need to do this several times a day; do it as much as you feel it benefits you.

In the past I liked watching crime series but more than 11 years ago, I noticed my sensitivity had grown and I got nightmares from the stories. My decision was to not watch those programs anymore and I’ve felt so much better since. I did the same with watching the news on TV. Instead I chose to meditate and learn new self-help techniques to work on my personal growth. I do my best to make a beach walk every day to ground well, to stay in my own energy and to stay centred.
What have you decided to stop doing to stay in a positive energy?

Since you’ve experienced an ailment or pain in your body, you can’t stop thinking about it. Finally you decide to see a doctor. You’re getting tests done. When the results come back, you either receive a diagnosis of an illness or disorder (e.g. an illness ending in …itis, cancer or depression), or the news that everything looks fine and they can’t find anything wrong.

In case of a diagnosis the way the diagnosis is being told to you can be traumatic. A doctor often brings the information as facts with a worse case scenario. The way it is being received by you can cause a lot of trauma too; it can feel like a shock and overwhelm, a fear of dying can come to the surface, and your mind can go crazy with many thoughts and questions about the present and future.

If you get to hear all looks good and nothing seems wrong, it can be frustrating because you’re truly experiencing ailments or pain in your body. The good news however, is that it gives you confirmation that your body is fine so there must be something emotional/mental/spiritual causing the ailment or pain. And you can work on releasing emotions without doctor’s intervention, so you can start immediately.

“Illness and pain in your body is a message for you to slow down, look within and make important changes.” – Inna Segal

Clients come to me in both situations described above. They first want to investigate if there’s something they can solve themselves to regain their health and feel at peace again, and they want to discover what the root cause is of the ailments or pain they are experiencing in their body. In case of a diagnosis they want to work on releasing that trauma too. After all it’s a diagnosis and ‘YOU are NOT your diagnosis’. We’ll work on finding out which areas in your life you need to become conscious of that you are avoiding or suppressing. A diagnosis is useful information about where in your body is the highest priority to work on. Through connecting with that part, you can find out what’s stored inside of negative emotions, blocking beliefs and possible unforgiveness.

I can assist you in connecting with your body and mind and discovering what information there is inside you. It’s often emotions from past events that you have experienced consciously or subconsciously as traumatic. They have left an impact with negative effects. Through connecting with those situations and feelings, we’ll work on releasing everything till you feel at peace inside again. You transform yourself from being overwhelmed to having back the control over your body and life again.

Here’s an exercise by Inna Segal that can assist to heal yourself (from her Heal Yourself Reading Cards):

  1. Take a few deep breaths and relax your body. Place your hands on an area in your body where you have pain.
  2. Ask your body: “Is there a message you want to give me?”
  3. This message may come to you as thoughts, words, images, insights, feelings, memories, etc.
  4. Say: “I call on my Divine Healing Intelligence to help release all pain, blockages and density from this area.” Watch and feel as dense energy leaves your body.
  5. Say: “I call on my Divine Healing Intelligence to infuse this area with a green ray of light. I ask that all the immune mechanisms of my body be activated and my body now returns to a state of perfect balance and health.”
  6. Imagine a green light moving through your body and repairing it. Gently bring your awareness back to normal and open your eyes.

Healing takes time. It’s a process. Some clients only need one session where others need several. It depends on what you’ve experienced, what you’ve already worked on so far and how much you can handle in your day-to-day life. It can be intense but it’s always focused on the results; your returning back to be the healthiest version of yourself including a positive mindset.

Would you like to discuss your personal situation with me to find out how you can work on healing yourself from an ailment or pain? I’d like to offer 3 FREE Explore your Happiness Sessions of approx. 30 mins by phone. You can apply for such a free session through this link:

You’re running around for everyone; arranging groceries for your parent(s), being the driver to drop your kid(s) to after school & sports activities, helping friends when they are experiencing difficult times in their lives and squeezing in to catch up with friends doing a cuppa or having dinner. At then end of the week you feel you have no energy left. Tired you fall in bed. Your weekend program is full too, so no real time to recharge your energy. It feels you’re carrying too much weight on your shoulders. What can you do to change this?

If you take action, you can create a change

Firstly take a moment to sit in silence and notice how your busy life is making you feel. You might feel the weight on your shoulders, a super busy mind with long things-to-do lists, and a body that is incredibly tired. If you don’t make a change, everything will stay the same. The result when your life stays the same? Probably a burn out, depression or illness. NOT what you want! To create change, you have to make a decision to want change. If you say out loud to yourself “Yes, I am ready to make a change! Show me how please.”, then energy can start flowing again in the right direction.

Your time is precious so make sure you utilise it in the best possible way to also have quality time for yourself. Start for example with 10 minutes a day where you sit quietly to visualise that all stress and business from your body and mind is being released. You can visualise to send it to the universe or into mother earth, and then fill yourself up again with pure love energy. Take a deep breath and smile. You have the freedom to choose how you want to experience your days and to make changes, that is something wonderful and you can be grateful for that.

Now look in your diary for the next week; what can you cancel or skip or maybe shorten in time? Just an example: instead of having to go to the supermarket to buy groceries (for yourself or your parent(s)), you could consider doing the groceries online and let them be delivered. For dropping your kid(s) to sports, you could try to organise a group of parents to rotate driving the kids every week.

From now on schedule 1 day a week free for yourself. If you work fulltime schedule 1 evening a week free for yourself, although you could question yourself if working fulltime is the right balance for you if you are so busy. Sometimes creating to work 4 instead of 5 days can give you just that space you need to have more balance and feel happier. This 1 day or evening free means you plan to do something for You. Something that makes you feel relaxed, that brings you joy, that recharges your energy, that nurtures you (think about a day spa, massage, haircut, float, workshop where you learn a new skill, meditating, walk in nature, etc.).

If someone asks your help, take the time to first think about the request and the impact on your life and energy, before you answer. When you normally would immediately say yes to help a whole day in the weekend, you might feel when you take the time to think about it first, that half a day would be enough so you have the other part of the day for yourself to relax. It’s about feeling what the right balance is for you and your body between working and relaxation, between work and private life.

In case it’s difficult for you to say no to a request, work on releasing the resistance or fear that’s causing it (often a fear to not being liked or being judged by others). You have the right to say no if someone asks you a question because you have free will. If they don’t like your no answer, it says a lot about the other and it’s their responsibility. You only need to be true to what you want and what your body needs. Sometimes that is relaxation and time for yourself to be fit for the next work week. YOU are the most important to take care of in the first place. If you manage to be in balance and harmony with yourself, then you can better give and share to others.

Have you realised you need a change in your life to feel better, but don’t you know how to make it lasting? I offer 3 FREE Explore your Happiness Sessions of approx. 30 mins to figure out what’s blocking for you and to give you some advices to break through this obstacle. Fill out the form on the page and I’ll contact you within 24 hours to schedule a day and time for your free session.

Recognise this? You feel you’ve found your true love, you’re having a flow of insights about a future together, even things like getting married that you never had before, you’re loving the feeling of being together and want to build a future together. You’re feeling in your heart that this is meant to be happening for you.

Then challenges happen and your mind takes over;

  • it was too good to be true, to be so beautiful
  • what were you thinking?
  • do I really deserve such a beautiful love?
  • there were big differences and they might not work out well for us
  • how can we make this work with both family backgrounds and our pasts?

You’re not feeling anymore, you’re in your head now. And your head takes over creating fears and doubt and confusion kick in.

One of the two partners isn’t ready

I’ve experienced it myself and hear it a lot from clients, especially in the last years where so many people are meeting their new life partner, their soul mate, but the time is not right yet to go ahead full swing. Often one of the two partners isn’t ready because of a lot of fears from the past. The one person who is living from the heart and wants to commit, gets out of balance because the head tells the facts that what the other partner says is not what the action is that goes with it. If you’re that person who followed your heart and now got in doubt if you didn’t see it right all that time: please stop doubting.

Focus on what you want in life and communicate

Stay true to your heart and communicate with each other (if possible) about your feelings. Speak from your heart and let the other person also speak from their heart and what they feel. Keep manifesting what you want in life, how you see that, how it will feel, and expand this feeling as much as possible. Make a vision board with what makes you happy, what brings you joy, how you recharge your energy, how you can keep yourself in balance, what you like to do with the rest of your life. Tell the universe what you want and ask for help to provide that for you. In case of a romantic relationship, ask the romance angels to prepare your true love soul mate and you to meet and be ready for each other.

Divine perfect timing

I know it’s heartbreaking when you’re ready and the one you love so much isn’t ready yet. It’s up to you if you will ‘wait’ till he/she will be ready, or if you want to move on with your life and meet someone who is ready now. Focus on what you like to do in your life and don’t let it hold you back, but keep moving forward. If the person you love is in your destiny for this life, you will come together one day, when it’s Divine perfect timing. And you won’t know when that is till it happens. Till that time, keep moving forward, live through all your emotions and release them one by one. Keep your heart open for possibilities and opportunities and keep thinking positive and optimistic thoughts about your love life. You deserve the best in every way.

Many clients ask me what self-help tools I use and I’d like to share my five favourite ones here with you. They’re simple and very effective. Here they are:

  1. Breathing
  2. Meditating
  3. Exercising
  4. Reiki
  5. EFT Tapping


Recently I’ve discovered the enormous effect of deeply breathing into your lower tummy in 3 counts, then hold your breath 3 counts, breathe out in 4 or 5 counts, hold your breath in 3 counts, and repeat this cycle again. If you have digestive issues like constipation, lying down and do this breathing exercise helps to get the food moving further in your bowel. If you want to help the digestion further, you can massage gently where your intestines are from the right side to the left side to move and propel your stool forward. While breathing, you might notice your bowel making noises, which can be evidence for relaxation and stool movement.


When you’re stressed or super busy, meditation is a conscious choice of allowing yourself to be in the present, ground yourself, and acknowledge what’s happening in your body. You’re connecting with where you notice your body asks your attention. You can also connect with your heart and ask what you need to know right now, and what your heart’s desires are, what your heart needs from you, and how you can give that to your heart. You can visualise a gate on top of your head, you can open it and let all thoughts fly out there into the universe to be transformed in love & light. Then close your gate again and your mind will feel so much calmer.

There are different ways of meditation, e.g.: just focusing on your breathing, traveling in your imagination to a safe place, or following a guided meditation so a voice leads you on a little journey.
I have a free meditation audio of about 10 minutes that you can do every morning when you wake up and every evening before you go to sleep on my website page: On YouTube you can find many free guided meditations including mindfulness.


Especially yoga and Pilates are great ways to feel the connection with your body again, to get back to be in the present, and to forget about the stress of daily life and busyness because you have to focus on your balance and breathing during the positions and exercises. It always makes my mind quiet and makes me deeply grateful for what my body does for me. And it’s wonderful to experience that with every breathing out you can stretch further and make your body more flexible.

Of course a walk in nature is a super effective and free self-help tool too. It helps to ground yourself again, to quiet your mind and it’s a workout at the same time too. If you listen to a meditation or self-love affirmations while walking, that provides extra benefits. Connecting with nature (also in ways of reading a book under a tree, or taking a dive in the ocean is a wonderful tool to relax and recharge your energy.


Self-healing with Reiki is absolutely amazing because it’s so relaxing that you can fall asleep fast. I often use this when I get into bed, give healing on my head, chest, and when my hands come on my tummy, I fall asleep in a very relaxed state. If I wake up during the night and can’t sleep immediately, I use Reiki self-healing again and it mostly helps to get back to sleep again. Reiki also helps to calm you when you experience anxiety, stress, fears and grief. It creates new space in your mind when you feel there doesn’t fit any extra thought in there anymore. It’s like archiving your thoughts so that there can come in new insights and guidance from the universe that is useful for your life. And as a mum I can say Reiki is also a great tool to give healing to your child when they are restless, anxious, scared (great to use Reiki after a scary dream!), sick, or in pain. My daughter asked for my healing hands when she was sick in primary school time. It helped her to fall asleep in a relaxed state.

EFT Tapping

I sometimes forget about tapping because I use Reiki as a first tool, but tapping is very powerful and simple to use. There are acupressure points on your head and chest that you tap on while just breathing and focusing on what happens in your body and mind. It helps to say out loud what you’re noticing like: ‘I am anxious, I feel that in my chest, it’s tight there and it feels as if someone is pressing on my chest, now I feel a lump in my throat, it makes me feel sad when I feel that, I’m sad about …, etc.’ Because you keep on tapping on the points, you’re helping to release your feelings, emotions and thoughts so your body and mind get into a calm(er) and relaxed state.

If you’d like to learn how to give a Reiki healing, I teach Reiki this Sunday (21st March from 9 am – 5 pm in Wollongong NSW) and there are 2 spots left. You can enrol here:

The first incident happens in your life. It’s hard but it doesn’t knock you out. Then the second happens, and the third. It keeps going until all parts of your life have collapsed like a house of cards. Things were building up, but the collapse happened in a very short time frame. And you can’t handle it anymore. You’re overwhelmed, anxious, in panic, and you can’t relax anymore, you can’t even think clearly anymore. And you’re so tired. You look at yourself in the mirror and don’t recognise your face anymore from the stress.

It’s been enough!

You need a break, a time-out from everything to rest and get yourSelf back together again. But it’s hard to announce this to the people around you because you feel incredibly embarrassed.  You’re unhappy, stuck and lost, but you can also see that you have beautiful things in your life too which you are grateful for.

A huge opportunity to have a breakthrough

Do you recognise the above situation? The last month I’ve had many clients contacting me describing this situation in their lives. My first reaction is that there’s no need to be embarrassed about anything that life has thrown at you. You’re human and it’s okay to feel this right now. The best way to see your situation of your life having collapsed like a house of cards, is as a huge opportunity to have a breakthrough.

Lots of energy from your past has come to the surface at once to be released and you can have your (spiritual) awakening where you connect with your heart and true heart’s desires. When you connect with them, you can make choices with big impacts for your life and happiness. You can finally live from your heart instead of from your mind. Your heart can rule your life so you can live your purpose and experience fulfilment.

This is the big breakthrough that many people will experience; after releasing the energy from your past that has come to the surface, you’ll shine your light and every light that starts to shine, is one more light on the planet earth. This will continue till the planet is enlightened and we’ll be one big light. More and more lights are shining and together we can make this happen.

Free Explore your Happiness Session offer

Help each other to shine our lights. If you’re in the described situation above and can use professional help to build up your house of cards again, I can offer 5 people a FREE Explore your Happiness Session by phone of approx. 30 minutes. You can read all about this free session on this page and apply to get one yourself.

What your body tells you

Recently I was confronted with physical pain that came out of nowhere and was quite unbearable. The pain increased rapidly in my shoulder and every move hurt. I took action and saw my awesome remedial massage therapist the same day for a treatment. A few tears rolled over my face from the pain, but straight after the session there I had a big cry with an emotional release. It was a new experience because I had never cried out so loud with someone else present. Driving home was painful because I could not really lift my arm without support to use my indicator. It’s amazing how often you have to use your indicator 😊. I had to cancel sports class that night because all I wanted, was to lie down and sleep. I felt miserable.

The next day it was still very painful, so I had a doctor looking at it. I could see on the screen during the ultra sound scan that there was clearly something wrong that caused the pain. A few weeks later, everything is way better and I can move my arms again without pain thankfully. One specific action I needed to take as an effect of what was happening physically to me, was that I had to cancel my client appointments. I absolutely felt terrible about that. First I thought it was only a few days, but it turned out I had to reschedule clients after a week again. I still wasn’t in a space of being able to work with clients. I was flabbergasted about what was happening in my body because I was only shortly back from an amazing relaxing holiday week where I had recharged my energy.

I am normally passionate about working with my clients to assist them in healing, but this time I felt I couldn’t be bothered. This was a complete new experience for me. I’ve learned that my soul wanted me to take time for me, time for self-healing, and that’s exactly what I did without any guilt feelings. I had a few sessions myself for healing and released lots of emotions from the past. I also worked on myself daily, meditated and went for a walk along the beach whenever it was dry outside. It brought peace in my mind and grounding. Again, I have never in the 15 years I’m doing this work, had to cancel client appointments for two weeks!

At the end of last week I noticed that I was starting to feel excited again to work with my clients, I could feel the passion back in my heart, I wanted to go back to sports class again and felt more motivation to take actions again. I’m still meditating daily of course and I’m also still making a long walk in nature daily while listening to self-love affirmations on my phone. That last one is a very powerful tool I’ve discovered; try it because you will feel so empowered after your walk with the affirmations! The Soul Sisters Healing Workshop on Valentine’s Day was my start again, and it was a lovely workshop with beautiful people, healing and messages for everyone.

What I’ve experienced is that it is incredibly rewarding to listen to what your body is telling you and to take actions upon that. Taking the time for myself to heal was necessary to bring me where I am now. Even with my first sports class earlier this week, I tuned in and asked in my mind with every exercise where arms were used, if my shoulders could handle that. A few times I got a ‘no’ answer and didn’t do the exercise or asked the teacher for an alternative exercise. And I didn’t give 100% with the arm strengthening exercises, but focused on the movement this lesson. As the teacher often says: ‘focus on the mind-body connection’. That sentence now resonated fully with me. Just moving again with a little resistance for strength was enough for my body.

In case you’ve also noticed your physical body is giving you signs in the form of pain, restrictions or tiredness, and you keep being busy and still running around as if nothing has happened, I’d like you to take a few minutes. Just sit down and connect with your body. Ask it what’s happening. Acknowledge this to your body. And then ask what it needs you to do to help. You might be surprised what answers you receive in the form of thoughts, images or feelings. Take these answers seriously, because when you don’t listen to your body and keep running being busy, your body will come with a more serious signal to make you stop and take time to rest and release. It’ll take longer to recover then, so better take every signal seriously when it presents itself.

If you would like advice about what you’re experiencing in your body and life and how you can best deal with it, and how to release your feelings of stress and anxiety around this, you can use the application form for a FREE Explore your Happiness Session with me ( In a phone call of approx. half an hour you can share details about your specific situation with me, and I’ll give you advices about what you can do the transform your situation to feeling happier, more confident and at peace plus having clarity again to move forward. I have 3 spots available for a free Explore your Happiness session. I‘d love to see you enjoy life fully!

When one of two partners in a relationship starts to work on personal growth, it results in raising the vibration. This is an action and will cause a reaction with the other partner. It can be resistance to change first, but then the partner has to decide what to do; also start working on him-/herself or not doing anything.

If we visualise this in 2 lines, then the person working on him-/herself has a line going in an angle upwards. If the other partner chooses to work on him-/herself also, their line will go in an angle upwards too. It doesn’t need to be the same angle, as long as both lines are going in an angle upwards, you as a couple can make a transformation together.

If the partner chooses to not do anything, and that is a choice too (everybody has free will!), their line will keep going horizontal. With your line going in an angle upwards, there will come a gab between the two lines, so between the two of you. The gab grows bigger and bigger until you will realise the gab has become too big and the relation doesn’t work any longer. You’ve grown apart too much. When I explain this to my clients, it gives them clarity about what can happen, what they can expect and how they can explain it to their partner also.

It’s so important to both work on your personal growth. Every soul came to this planet to learn new things and grow, so this is everyone’s purpose.

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