I’ve sent out an early newsletter for April with some free resources for you to use in this time where anxiety, fears, panic, and stress are at a high. It also contains a beautiful part of a reading message from a reading I did for a client recently, that might give you some inner peace and hope.

First I’d like to confirm that I am still available to work with you online (through Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger) or on distance with a photo. I’m experienced working like that because I’ve done this a lot back in the Netherlands and still have some international clients I work with online. Because I work with energy, the results in a face-to-face session are the same as in an online session.
I know there’s a lot of fears and anxiety in everyone at the moment, and stress about juggling your work plus teaching your kids at home, or having lost your job or business, etc. Feel free to contact me what you’re experiencing that you’d like to release and transform, so we can work together on getting you back into experiencing an inner peace and being in the vibration of trust and creative solutions.

I set my intentions every morning for the day, and it helps me in my life. Of course I experience days when the fear kicks in too, and then I acknowledge the fear and work with meditation and self-help techniques to release it again, and to come back to trust and inner peace. I’d like to give a positive affirmation in this newsletter that might help you on your path too:
“I choose to focus on love and peace, and to only have positive, loving, and abundant thoughts today.”

Recently I did a reading on distance for a client with her deceased grandmother. This came through as a message about how she could best deal with the Coronavirus situation. I thought it was such a beautiful message of love, that I’d like to share it with you.
“Keep focusing on the bigger picture with the Coronavirus; how the world transitions to a higher vibration, a higher level of consciousness, how people are finding ways inside themselves to connect and how they are forced by staying home to go deep inside themselves to find their own truth.
See how children are teaching their parents how much wisdom they possess, and how they empathise with the situation of stress round jobs, work, income, and how they contribute in their own fantastic way that makes their parents realise what a Great human their children are inside.
See how the world is uniting, because everyone is facing the same issue with the same fears. Approach this time with an open heart to learn and grow, to let come to the surface what you can release and transform for your highest & greatest good, to be a more evolved being. And stay positive and optimistic, so you can be a role model for the people around you, to do the same. Send love to each other, reach out to whoever needs help and who you can help in your situation. Be there for people who want your help. Don’t judge, but just be there.
Learn to discover that when you can have that inner peace, you can handle everything in life, because you can trust and have faith in that everything happens for a reason. It’s okay to not know all the answers, the uncertainty and not having control are to discover how you can trust. Sometimes it’s enough to just choose to trust, and let go, surrender, knowing that what must happen for you, will happen.
Don’t be scared to die because only your human body will die, your soul just moves on to have more amazing experiences. It’s beyond your comprehension when you’re on earth, but being freed from your human body, is an incredible experience. And the opportunity here in heaven to further grow/develop is such a gift/blessing. There is still freedom of choice here; you can choose what you’d like to learn more about. And you can connect with so many other souls who are great teachers with more experience and knowledge.
That’s what’s happening on earth now too; people are reaching out to others for what they need and what others can provide. We teach each other how you can deal with the situation and what methods work for you that could help others. People on earth are opening up more to share, instead of keeping knowledge and resources to themselves. And the focus is turning away more and more from making money to being of service to one another.”

I’ve created two videos with an EFT Tapping session to help you go back to inner peace about the whole situation. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and is a very simple practice for self-help with a big effect for your health. It works with meridian points and ‘tells’ your amygdala (the place in your head that goes into a fight or flight reaction in traumas) that it can be at peace. Here are the video links:
1. EFT Tapping to let go of stress, anxiety, panic, and fears about the Corona virus, link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQAC1qgcjQ8. I created a Dutch version too for those interested in that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7DpoyMUtUA
2. EFT Tapping for small business owners affected by the Coronavirus, link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlMxu63_Bf8

Please know that on my website page https://astridboot.com.au/free-gifts/ are also two audio files;
1. To ground, cleanse, connect, and protect yourself.
2. For kids called Tinklebell’s Goodnight Trick, as a short bedtime meditation to sleep peacefully.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones, help others where you see you can help, and know you are loved, supported, and guided by lots of Light Beings in the universe. The spiritual purpose of the virus is to rise above the fear vibration, and we can do this and will be successful. Trust.

Warm greetings and sending you love & hope,


There are a lot of emotions coming to the surface, and old blockages ready to be released. It’s definitely a time to ‘go inside’, to take the time for yourself to feel what is happening in your body, what is happening in your mind, and to understand what your body and mind are telling you.

How can you be in the present?

You need to set time apart to connect with yourself; it won’t happen when you’re busy with work and daily life, running around and stressing. If you keep being too busy, you’ll find yourself being held back, or delayed. This is guidance from the universe to let you stop this behaviour, and bring you back to the present again. That’s where you can best be, in the present. Focus on what is now. What are you feeling? Is there pain in your body? Do you experience anxiety? Do you feel bloated, do you have constipation, or are you constantly running to the toilet? All messages of your body you need to change something in your life.

Be conscious what you eat, and how your body reacts on this food or beverage. Notice if your body feels happy about what you eat and drink, or if it has a resistance. It’s useful information. Notice when you buy food and you’re standing before the shelf in the supermarket, if your body is guiding you to buy that article, or if you’re getting a resistance or a strong ‘no’. Your body can really tell you what’s good for you or not.

How can you centre yourself?

In meditation you can quiet your mind by focusing on your breathing for a while. Every time you notice you’re having thoughts again, don’t judge, but go back with your attention to your breathing. Then ask the universe, what is best to work on today? Open yourself to receive the answer in whatever way; as a thought, feeling, image, voice that you hear speaking, a smell, or a taste.

If you are conscious about feelings in your body or emotions like fears, sadness, or anger that you’re walking around with, connect with these feelings in your body and the emotions. Acknowledge them without judgment, and then allow them to be there completely. It’s possible they’ll grow first, let it happen, but keep focusing on them, and they will decrease. Notice them fading away. If they don’t go away completely, ask the universe what you need to know to let it go completely, and you’ll be brought to a situation in the past that is connected to it. Do whatever you feel guided to and release whatever comes on your path. It’ll calm your mind and bring more peace inside you.

After a release, always fill yourself up with something positive like a colour energy that you like, Love, Light, the I AM Presence, a word or symbol that you like, or a positive affirmation.
Ground yourself well every day. This helps to not be with your energy only in your head, but to anchor yourself in the earth, so you feel supported by mother earth, and more in balance. A busy mind will keep you awake at night; a peaceful mind will help you sleep well and recharge your energy, so you are fit and vital and rested when you get up the next day.

Use intentions every morning with what you’d like to do and achieve that day. Write down your tasks as a things-to-do list and set as an intention that you tick them all off during the day. You’ll notice you’ll work more efficient, get more done in less time, and have some time extra for yourself. Of course it works great too if you schedule time for meditating, a nature walk, etc. as an intention in the morning when you wake up.

Ask for help from your guides and angels, from the universe in general, from your deceased loved ones, from friends, whoever you’d like to invite to help you. Tell what you need and feel good about asking help. It’s not weak, it’s a strength. No one needs to do everything alone. It’s a time to unite with each other. Open yourself to receive help and love. And be grateful and thank for the help you receive. Help can come in many ways!

The above will help you be more in the flow with the changing energies at the moment, and the challenging times on the planet earth. If you focus on staying centred, you can handle more and also be there for others who need you. Take excellent care of yourself as the highest priority. When you feel good and work daily on yourself, you can help others better without running down on energy. You’re worth to be the number one on your priority list.

At the start of this year I made a big decision in my life, which was accompanied with lots of emotions. To come to this decision, I had to figure out what the difference was between what my mind was telling me and what my heart was telling me, which were two different things. I always tell that you have to follow your heart, your intuition and feelings. In my case I learned something new to add to this. If your mind is telling you evidence and facts about something not working for you anymore, evidence that it’s making you unhappy, then the heart can give you a good feeling, a warm, loving feeling, about the same topic. Then you’ll experience confusion because they are not telling you the same, and which one do you believe?

In my situation, I needed to pay attention to both, but what was happening in my heart, meant the heart needed to release something first. It was my beautiful late husband Jan in a channelled message who gave an exercise, to connect with my heart and then let the topic go from my heart. I did this, and it worked. Firstly, when I connected with my heart, I got to see it was broken in two halves. I honestly had no idea and it was quite confronting to be aware of this. After this realisation, I gave my heart permission to let go of the topic. I often see colours of blockages, and in this meditation, I then saw lots of brown and darker energy fly from my heart into the universe, to be transformed in love and light. I felt a big relief and suddenly everything transformed into a bright, white light, which made me feel wonderful. My heart was whole again. This was a very powerful exercise Jan had given to me. I was grateful.

After this experience, I felt peace inside; my mind and heart agreed with each other now. The evidence was clear and the decision was clear too. No objections any longer from my heart. First energetically, and then in physical form, I communicated my decision clearly. I could let go, and since then, I’ve released a lot of emotions and feelings, but also beliefs that came to the surface. I’ve worked on myself daily. I’ve had some nights with sleeping issues because of what was going on in my body. I’ve felt that my vibration dropped and had to work really hard to raise my vibration again. I felt constantly that there was energy in my aura that I didn’t want there, but couldn’t get rid of easily. Every time again, I connected with what I felt, to figure out what it was and how I could release it. I’ve asked my guides and angels daily to help me. I’ve asked my Reiki guides and angels to assist me with releasing and healing too. Every day was a step in the process. It wasn’t easy, but necessary.

It’s not that with just a decision your situation is solved. After communicating a decision there can be a lot to release from your body, mind, and soul. I’ve felt fears, anger, sadness, confusion, self-blame, and many more emotions. Nobody can take them away from me. I had to do this myself. And learn from it. So now I can tell you so you can learn from it, if you want to. Or recognise it in a future situation. You’re not going crazy or bananas. By the way, this last sentence I’ve said quite some times “It feels I’m going crazy and bananas.” And what was the result? I had a food intolerance for peanuts, cashews, and bananas. Simply couldn’t digest them. That’s how literally my body reacts. Thankfully there is an elimination therapy to get rid of food intolerances and allergies called NAET and I know a great practitioner who does this work with me, so that’s released again.

Also my body reacts physically with infections that have an emotional root cause. I discovered I had a few infections of the same kind in my bowel. They caused me digestive issues with noises in my tummy, nausea feelings, strange stools, but also issues in my head/brain when I tried to fall asleep, I get a little shake/shock, then a little shock through my body, and I’m wide awake again. Even though I’m really tired, I can’t fall asleep because of this. It feels like interference from the outside, but it isn’t. With muscle testing I figured out which infection it was, and also that I had more than 3 000 negative emotions that were feeding the infection, all in association with the big decision I had made. After removing them with my guidance team, I suddenly slept the whole night of 8 hours in one time again. With muscle testing and the gained knowledge about natural healing medicines, I also figured out what to use to help my body physically to get rid of the infections now. Because just a super healthy diet helped to keep doing my work in the best possible way, but didn’t succeed to get rid of the infection.

To my surprise I had a great experience today. Firstly, I felt so good when I woke up and realised I had slept 8 hours in one time, just as I had set the intention after releasing all the negative emotions around my decision. Secondly, when I hang up my laundry today, there came a cute, little feather fluttering from above that fell next to my foot. It was a sign from the universe that I’m being helped. I couldn’t miss this feather. Although I had signalled several other feathers during the week on the property, I had thanked the universe for every feather I saw, but never picked one up, and left them for others as signs. But this little feather was so meant for me. I picked it up and put it in my living room with the other collected special feathers. This one feels very special. It gave a warm feeling in my heart. Thirdly, today I had no negative or pessimistic thoughts anymore about the situation of my decision. Instead, I could feel the beautiful memories now, the love and gratitude in my heart. It feels free and new, like the world is open for whatever I’d like to do now. It feels big and so much space around me, like an expansion.

Earlier this week, I got the insight with a release of energy from my aura, that it was energy of ‘the old me’ that I was releasing. The old me who experienced losing her husband and all the stress and negativity that came as a result of this traumatic experience. It was like coming out of a cocoon and becoming a butterfly. And then the bright, white light was ‘the new me’. The New Me who has grown, is more confident, and more in alignment with my purpose.

What a decision can do with you, amazing! I encourage you to go for a change and decision, if you feel guided to. Don’t let fears hold you. Go for it. Keep believing in your dreams and your truth. Act upon them without hesitation. Release what needs to be released, and open yourself for the new. It’ll come in Divine perfect timing. Trust. Just focus on what you have now, what you want, and be grateful. Take every step and it’ll come your way. One day you’ll find your dreams are reality. Then you can be proud of your achievements, your growth, your miracle. Be a role model for others by choosing for love and being true to your heart. You deserve the best.

Although most people were happy to leave all blockages from their past like drama and emotions as anxiety and fears,  behind them in 2019, the start of 2020 was for lots of Australians not such a happy and festive start with all the bushfires, drought, heat, wind, and smoke in the air.

I know people are in fear and anxiety about the fires and the threat of fires, so I’d like to hand a tool to release anxiety and fears. It’s an exercise from the book ‘The Secret Language of Your Body’ by Inna Segal that I use a lot in my work with clients.

  1. Place your hands on the part of your body where you feel fear most intensely. Breathe into this area for a few moments while allowing any emotion to rise to the surface with little resistance.
  2. Relax your hands.
  3. Say: “Divine Healing Intelligence, using the orange-red flame of purification, please dissolve all fear, anxiety, worry, and powerlessness. Help me release feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, betrayal, and trauma. Help me to find a blessing in every challenging situation and to focus on the best possible outcome. Thank you.”
  4. Repeat the word “CLEAR” several times until you feel lighter.
  5. Observe the orange-red flame moving through your body, mind, emotions, and energy field, and begin to dissolve all negative thoughts, words, feelings, memories, and images of fear, anxiety, worry, and powerlessness.
  6. Now to bring back feelings of love and empowerment, do the Love process:
  7. Say: “Divine Healing Intelligence, I call on the pink ray of Divine Love and wisdom. Please heal every part of my consciousness and cellular memories where I hold fear instead of love, worry instead of peace, and anxiety instead of faith. Surround me with your loving, protective, peaceful ray of light, so that I can feel safe, empowered, nurtured, and loved in every situation that I encounter. Thank you.”
  8. Repeat the word “CLEAR” several times until you feel lighter.
  9. Look for a blessing in every challenging situation, and remember that whatever you think about, you will attract. Focus on what you would love to happen instead of worrying about what you don’t want to happen.
  10. Begin every day with an intention of how you would like your day to go. Say to yourself, ‘Today is going to be a wonderful, prosperous day.’ Think of all the wonderful things you would like to create that day, and be grateful for all the opportunities that flow your way.

I understand if you’re living with the threat of fire for your property, it’s very challenging to focus on something positive that you want as an outcome, so here are some examples to use:

  • Visualise your property surrounded by a golden light of protection, including you and your family members and pets;
  • Call upon Archangel Michael to protect you, your family members and pets, your property, house, car, personal belongings, etc.;
  • Visualise gentle rain that fills up Mother Earth and that stops the fires, and see farmers have the best harvests so far;
  • Feel gratitude in your heart for all the work fire fighters are doing and see them stopping the fires;
  • Visualise that you’re receiving all the help from your community and in unexpected ways that you need;
  • See solutions everywhere. Visualise the word ‘Solution’. Do the same for ‘Miracles’;
  • Affirm: “I am at peace in my body, mind, and soul. I am protected and surrounded with Love & Light. I can handle everything that comes on my path with ease and grace. I am always safe. I am connected. I have faith and trust my intuition and inner guidance.”

Not every day in your life will be pure happiness; you will experience days of hurt, pain, sadness, anger, fear, frustration, etc. too. That’s part of life and totally normal. It’s to learn from, to release, to make choices, to move further forward on your path of evolution. It is the path we’re all walking, so let’s join our strengths and support each other. We all need people around us who help, support, assist, encourage, love, and hold us in their hearts.

When you notice you are in a lower vibration when you wake up, just acknowledge that to yourself first without judgment. It’s okay to feel like this. In a short meditation you can already give yourself permission to let all feelings be there completely. Breathe to them and let the fresh air encircle your feelings and breathe them out with love. Just let them go, because you don’t need them any longer.

Choose love and light in your life for today, and ask your guides and angels to fill you up with this and to surround you with it. Feel how your feet are connected with Mother Earth and let the earth energy come up through your feet and fill up your whole body. Feel how good this feels, it’s already so much better. Now visualise a golden disco ball of protection around you. Give this protection ball the intention to only let through pure, unconditional love, and to send back other energies immediately to the sender transformed in love and light.

Set your intentions for the day. What do you want to have achieved at the end of the day, how do you want to feel today, what makes you happy today? Here are some examples you could use:
• I am in alignment with happiness, joy, health, abundance.
• I am at peace in my body, mind, and soul.
• I love myself and others unconditionally.
• I only have positive and optimistic thoughts.
• I focus on seeing love and positivity everywhere.
• I only connect with the highest level of love and light that can communicate with me.
• I am in my power.
• I radiate love and light.
• I only use uplifting and inspiring words.
• I am free, true to myself, and I honour my body.
• I am successful in everything I do.
• I am protected from low vibrational entities and energies.
• I open my heart to receive love, abundance, and miracles.
• I am in a constant stream of bliss, and an everlasting flow of happiness.
• I am guided by my spiritual guidance team and trust my intuition.
• I experience a wonderful day.
• I am grateful for my life, the gifts I receive, and for love and light.

Visualise the sun shining on you and your day and how happy this day makes you.

You have just raised your vibration and are ready to start your day. Don’t forget to smile today!

Focus on the world around you too; see others, hear others (listen to people’s stories), be kind to others (maybe you feel drawn to ‘give’ to others, like being a listening ear for them or acknowledge their feelings, getting a cup of coffee for your colleague, buy a little gift for someone who’s sad, invite someone who’s alone). Here’s a question you can ask your guides and angels to start your day: How can I serve today? Just trust what you feel guided to do today, and act upon your intuition.

When you’re consciously working on changing your life and releasing blockages to achieve that, it is possible that you start to recognise patterns that you can’t seem to break through. Since I’ve gotten more spiritual clients who are aware of themselves and work on themselves on a daily basis, I receive more requests to work on breaking through patterns so they can be left behind for good.

First of all, there’s no such thing as a ‘one technique fits all clients’ to break through a pattern. It starts with you having become conscious about the pattern, and your decision to want to change this. What is needed then, is your commitment to be willing to do whatever it takes to release what’s necessary to break through your pattern and achieve your desired situation in life.

After that, we can explore together what the pattern is that you’re experiencing, how long it is going on, when it started, what the impact is on your life, and of course how it feels for you to have this pattern going on. We’ll do some progression also, which means you visualise your future, so how would it be to live without this pattern, and how would you feel that, and where in your body would you feel that? Even if you want a breakthrough, sometimes it can be scary also to not have that familiar pattern playing in your life any longer. Then we need to work on releasing your fear too.

I’ve come across many root causes of patterns in client sessions;

  • Projections of others (e.g. your parents) that have become your own beliefs
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of success
  • Fear of judgment/rejection by others
  • Your ego
  • A part of you that has come in your past to protect you and still continues doing that in the same way as when it came to you
  • Cords to other people
  • Vows or past life vows
  • Past life experiences that made you create a belief to ‘never have or experience <…> again’
  • Karmic connections
  • Curses or spells that others placed upon you.

Together with you and both our spiritual guidance teams, we’ll work on what comes up as a root cause and find ways to release that. It can give a huge freeing sensation where you feel lighter and a weight lifted off your shoulders. Suddenly the Light can find its way through your body again and everything starts to flow freely. We’ll work on transforming your energy where you’ve released blockages so that you are filled up with positive feelings and thoughts to live the life you desire for yourself, and so you can take action step one (e.g. to expand your success, to get that promotion, to do the work you love, to have that relationship where you feel equal, to be able to receive, to experience that financial flow, to build that dream house, etc.).

I know it can be frustrating to experience a pattern that you don’t want to have in your life, and to not being able to break through it. I’ve been there, and I’ve helped many clients in sessions too. Know that it is possible to break through a pattern and live the life you want for yourself. It can take a lot of work as in releasing emotions, facing the truth about yourself, feeling uncomfortable with leaving familiar situations and sometimes people behind, and meeting other parts of yourself, but the final outcome is rewarding and worth it. The benefit is that you free yourself from your past, and that you feel more connected to your heart, your purpose, and being your true Self.

A few years ago I read about how essential oils can help you heal your health. At that moment I had a lot of inflammation issues in my body going on, and I decided to give it a go with Frankincense oil. The results were amazing; I finally got energy again, my skin started looking good and aging wrinkles round my eyes dissolved, and even operation scars on my tummy started fading, I felt more positive in my mind, I could cope with my grief better after losing my husband, and the healing of inflammation started also. Since then I bought more oils, and in the meantime I have a box full of all different oils and I’m using lots of oil products also in my household.

My daughter and I became such a fan of the oils, that I decided to start telling others about their effects too. I started telling my clients how the oils can help with healing anxiety, fears, depression, trauma, pain, skin issues, infections or inflammation, grief, anger issues, stress, and insomnia. When I give them a sample of an oil that can help them with a specific issue, they fall in love with the oils too. This is the reason why I chose to become a Wellness Advocate so I can help people to make the right decisions which oils can help them for their health and wellbeing, and I can facilitate to get the oils themselves delivered at their front door.

I receive lots of questions about the oils, so I thought I’d answer them for you in a Q&A below. This way your questions are maybe answered when reading this too. Here we go.

  1. What brand essential oils do you use and sell?
    It’s called dōTERRA, which means ‘Gift of the Earth’. It’s a brand that’s very popular worldwide and constantly expanding because of its pure healing properties and honest organisation that contributes to make this world a better place.
  2. What are essential oils actually?
    It’s the essence of a plant -a gift from the earth -, the natural compounds of plants that are found in their roots, seeds, flowers, or bark and these compounds protect the plant from its environment, give it its scent, and even assist it with pollination, amongst its many other functions.
  3. How can you use essential oils?
    On each bottle is a label that tells you exactly how you can use the oil. Ways to use the oils are: topically (on the skin), aromatic (in a diffuser), or for flavouring (in cooking and this means you can take them internally e.g. in a veggie capsule).
    Always keep the oils out of eyes, ears, nose and other sensitive areas. Dilute the oils with a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil or olive oil when you have a sensitive skin. Use only 1 drop of each oil because they are very potent.
  4. Why would you choose dōTERRA essential oils?
    There are many reasons, but the most important is because they are the purest and most tested oils in the world. dōTERRA has created their own testing system, called Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, because there is no worldwide recognised testing system, and they wanted to deliver the highest quality of pure oils. There’s a web page called https://sourcetoyou.com/en where you can find how the oils are sourced, and where you can enter the number of your oil bottle to find all test results.
    dōTERRA exists since 2008 and is still expanding rapidly because they deliver the purest oils. They have more around 40 oils that you can even ingest because they are so pure. Because the oils have the compounds of plants who can survive in nature, your body accepts them as a pure natural solution to heal. The oils help you to take control of your own health naturally, so it’s empowering and they help you increase your immune system.
    You can treat the problem instead of the symptoms with dōTERRA oils.
    The oils have no side effects and are not addictive.
    And the oils are delivered at your front door instead of needing a prescription of your doctor and needing to go to a pharmacist.
    When you choose dōTERRA oils it’s not only an oil for one purpose, but it’s a whole lifestyle change to integrate natural solutions for your and your family’s health and wellbeing. That’s why you buy oils from a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate and not in the shops; you receive education and support so you know how to use the oils in your daily life, and you have someone to go to with your questions.
  5. What have the oils meant in my life so far?
    First of all, they gave me energy when I didn’t have any energy left after a traumatic loss and becoming ill. I could function again as a mum, but also do my work that I love so much, serving clients on their healing path. Further the oils have helped with healing infections, burns of boiled water and sun burns, a sprained and fractured ankle, menopausal issues, protection for seasonal threads like the flu and cold. I also have two diffusers in my house spreading beautiful aromas and healing properties every day and night, which also help with client sessions.
  6. What are the most used oils?
    Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Melaleuca (= Tea Tree), Oregano, Digest Zen, Easy Air, On Guard, Ice Blue, Wild Orange.
  7. Which oils are my favourites?
    Frankincense, Myrrh, Lemon, Peppermint, Cheer, Elevation, Passion, Motivate, Melaleuca, Wild Orange, Digest Zen, Citrus Bliss, Citrus Bloom, Ice Blue, On Guard, Rose.
  8. How can you learn more about dōTERRA essential oils?
    I’d love to show you the working of the oils and teach you about them how they can change your life. We’ll sit down together to discuss what you’d like to see changed in your life and how the oils can assist you to achieve that desired change. That’s called a wellness consult and it’s completely free. I’ve had clients who gave the feedback that it’s quite an experience to learn about the oils and use them immediately, and they were blown away by the effects of the oils.
  9. How can you get the oils in your house?
    I can help you to get the oils in your house fast. I recommend though to first meet with me to experience the oils and learn about their working. That is in a free wellness consult. We’ll make a personal plan how you can make changes to increase your and your family’s health and wellbeing, and then I can show you the options how to get the oils in your house fast.

If you’ve gotten excited about essential oils after reading this article, feel free to contact me with your questions about solutions to increase your and your family’s health and wellbeing. My advices are completely free, because the only thing I’d like to see is that you are thriving in life!

Here’s what happened in my life this morning. It’s big for me, and it feels amazing. I didn’t see it coming. It happened and grabbed me completely out of the blue.

Let’s go back to yesterday first. I was reading in the book Light is the new black by Rebecca Campbell. I took time to read in the sun at the Lake of Illawarra. It was windy but nice. Even a man in a speedboat waved at me, cause there was no one else there. It was peaceful. I enjoyed reading this book. It sooooo resonated with me. Lots of topics and advices in the book I already knew, and I have even used them with client sessions for years, but it’s nice to read it from someone else in a structured way, so to speak. I did all the exercises in it and got answers from my heart and soul, and spiritual guidance. It raised my vibration. I read how Rebecca told about her own life, that she wanted to become a writer, and kind of was waiting for it to happen, not knowing how to come to that point that it would become reality. I thought ‘oh well, that’s her story, and she became a writer, good for her!’. Somewhere deep down inside me was a little feeling about the word ‘writer’. Further in the book it came to an exercise where you call back all lost parts of you. Not that I had the impression parts of me were missing, but I always do exercises to find out what happens. I said out loud: “I call all missing parts back home now. I am home. I am home. I am home.” I felt good, but nothing special at that moment.

This morning I participated in a free webinar from Hay House Publishers about Deciding on your Book Topic. I was really excited to hear all the useful tips. The webinar was cool and I made a lot of notes. Then Reid Tracy, CEO of Hay House, talked about a book that contained advices about positive habits, and he gave as an example ‘If you are a writer, acknowledge first that you’re a writer, I am a writer, then show up every day to write. If you’re already writing for a blog, a newsletter, or you post texts on social media, you are already a writer.’ And then it happened.

There was a huge click inside of me. It was triggered by the sentence I am a writer. Then there was the eye opener that I already post on social media, that I write blog articles for my newsletter, that I have already written an eBook (you can get that for free on my website by the way), and that I AM A WRITER. It was true: I AM A WRITER. This had such a huge impact; it was the missing part of me that had come home with acknowledging I am a writer. I have a writer part that was not acknowledged for so long, that it felt forgotten. Even though I write daily – truly, you don’t wanna know how many pages I write daily, or when reading a book making notes for myself, diaries of the past with daily notes, endless, so much paper… – I hadn’t acknowledged I am a writer. I heard a thud in the living room and didn’t know what that was. I thought it was maybe someone delivering a package at my front door.

Back to my feeling about the writer part. I said it out loud: I am a writer. A couple of times more. I started to sob loudly, and let it all come out. It was definitely on soul level. After the big cry, I felt whole and complete. I’ve never felt this whole and complete before. I felt high; this is how it must feel when you are in alignment with your purpose, with the universe, and with everything you’re supposed to do, and what you come for on this planet to spread as your light. My light could shine brighter than ever before. I was already on the right path, but this part needed to be included.

There was an urge in me to print affirmations. I opened a new page in Word and typed:

I am a writer
I am a speaker
I am a teacher
I am a healer
I am a therapist
I am a medium
I am a mother
I am a partner
I am ME

Wow, this resonated, and more emotions came out. The order of the affirmations was important too. I could now see and understand that writing is my top priority. I can speak about my writings to people; I do that all the time when I tell about my own personal growth and experiences, but also when I help clients to step into their own power again. I teach from what I write, because I connect my personal growth experiences and insights to educate others, in the hope it’ll serve them or inspire them to be their true selves. The other parts as what I do as a daily job in client sessions, is being a healer, therapist and medium. I can’t do the one without the other. But my work gives extra info and topics to write about. From my personal experiences as a mum and partner I can understand and feel more compassion for my clients and people in general about their life experiences. They all help me grow. And yes, I am love, and I finally am me. I have discovered who I am completely whole and shining brightly.

What a surprising discovery. It came out of the blue. It was certainly a big break-through for me. And I am thrilled about it. It even made me write this extra blog article, where normally I always feel a bit of a deep sigh feeling when it’s time to write my monthly blog article for my newsletter. It made me want to write this one to share with you what happened in my life. It can happen to you like this too. Just ask what you want and need in life, and the universe will deliver in divine timing. The timing is always right. All the puzzle pieces in my life are finally falling in place, and it’s great to experience this happening. I’ve worked incredibly hard to come to this point and I’m really grateful and excited. I’m so glad my writer part is fully present again!

When I walked into my living room, I found my worldglobe had fallen on the floor. It had landed perfectly on Antartica and had Australia at the front. I see this as a sign with a message about my writing. I’ll keep it for myself and time will reveal it all, but let me know if you have ideas of what the message is.

Along the way during your life you’ll find challenges and experiences on your path that can cause deep emotions. It can bring you down, where you can experience to spiral down into a dark, heavy feeling, a low vibration, and negative thoughts about yourself, life, and the world. You’ve lost your connection. You can feel alone and not supported too.

All you want is this time of heavy and low energy to be over, to thrive in life again, to feel positive, and achieving goals and results, to do what makes you happy. That last thing, is exactly what you can best focus on; finding out what makes you happy, and start taking actions to do so. If it is being in nature that makes you happy, go for a walk at a nice place in nature. If it is reading a book, grab your book or order one that you feel drawn to, and start reading. If it is something creative, get your necessary materials out of the closet and be creative.

What comes next? Now schedule time to sit down quietly by yourself, and to just feel what’s happening in your body. Where do you feel something, where is your attention drawn? Go there with your attention, and acknowledge the feelings. Then allow the feelings to be there completely. Cry if you need to, shake or move your body if you feel like that, stamp your feet if that helps, yell if you feel like it. Let the feelings come out of your body one by one. When you do this daily, you’ll notice you’ll feel better. It’s like a daily clean up. See it as your spring cleaning.

After having let go of your feelings and emotions, you can best fill up the voids with something positive like a colour energy, a word, or a symbol. If a void is filled up again, nothing can come back anymore in that same space, because it’s occupied with positivity.

You are so connected with your body when you do this routine daily. But can you be even more connected? Yes, in a different way. From your body and mind there is also a connection to your higher self, a very wise part of you. And a connection to your soul that knows all your experiences of many life times. If you go with your attention to your heart and ask a question, you’ll get answers of your higher self and soul. You also have a connection to The Source/All-That-Is/God, whatever you call it. It’s a Source of pure, unconditional Love and Light and it is infinite. Plus it’s available for everyone who wants to connect with it.

Even if you don’t feel a connection to Source, you are still connected, but the connection is smaller and Love and Light can’t reach you completely. It’s possible that you experience you’ve lost the connection with Source. A cause can be that you’ve closed your heart to protect yourself for potential more hurt, that you’re angry at the universe for what you’ve experienced in life, or that you have fears for the connection to Love and Light.

In today’s session with a client we discovered that there was a fear from a past life where my client had been a healer, got threatened because of his healing work, and decided to stop his work and connection with The Source. I got to see a glimpse of how alone, sad, and goalless my client was walking further on his path. My guides and angels told me my client could invite this past life part to come to him and to integrate this part in him. Oh my, this lonely, sad, goalless part was so happy to finally being saved! They merged beautifully and the past life part felt safe again. Together they can experience from now on how wonderful it is to do healing work in this life, and how safe it is now to be a healer. Prosecutions and threats were from past lives, not from the present anymore.

You know, this integration of the past life part, was healing for my client, and it helped to transform the previous fear with his connection to feeling the connection with The Source fully again. The bright white Light could now completely fill him up. It was no longer blocked.

This is just one of the reasons of a blockage with your connection, but feel how your connection with The Source is. Do you see or feel a bright, white Light coming to you, going into your crown chakra (top of your head), and filling you up completely? Where do you see or feel that it’s blocked? Go with your attention to that spot, and ask for help from your guides and angels to transform this blockage into allowing and receiving the Light fully. Tell your guides and angels when you’re ready to reconnect, or realign with The Source, and to receive the Light inside of you without any interference. Choose to receive the Light.

Visualise the connection, and feel how wonderful this is. With your connection flowing well, you’ll feel guided, supported, connected, in the flow, and your Self. And that’s all you have to do,, be your Self, completely authentic and pure, because there’s only one You with all your talents and abilities. And you have the right to shine your Light brightly. Be connected. Stay connected. Feel connected. For the rest of your lifetime here on the planet Earth. Affirm: I am connected, and Love and Light flows freely through me continuously.

Do you want to see changes in your life? Everybody has wishes or dreams that they want to see happening for them. But how do you turn your dreams or wishes into reality? How do you for example get a new job, new friends, a new house, a new romantic relationship? The first step to do so, is one that everybody can easily do; asking your guides and angels for help.

If you ask for help from the universe, you have to be very clear what you want. This helps you to think about what you want also, to become conscious about what you’re asking.

If you want a new job, what is important for you in that new job? What do you want to find there? Is it a manager/boss that appreciates you, is it like-minded colleagues, is it a company with a high vibration and encouragement to develop yourself further, or a company where you can stay at least 5 years and get promotions, are you looking for a job with lots of responsibilities, or a no-brainer-job to just have stability as an income besides your own business which is your passion? What days and hours do you want to work, and what do you want to earn?

In case of your wish for new friends in your life, what qualities are important for you in friends? Is it that you’re looking for honest friends, people who accept you completely as you are without judgement? People who laugh with you, cry with you, support you in tough times, cheer for you, empower you, and celebrate successes with you? Do you want them to have the same interests as you, and what are those interests exactly?

For a new house, you must be very specific and can ask for lots of details as in: type of building, what floors, what walls, insulation, what safety precautions (e.g. alarm, double glass windows), maintenance, how many rooms and how big must the rooms be, do you want to cook on gas or electric, in what suburb do you want to live, what neighbours or environment do you want to have, do you want to buy or rent, what price is the maximum you want to pay or can afford, do you want a bath and shower or only a shower and what type of bathroom including colour(s) do you want, how many toilets in the house, a garage, a garden (with trees, flowers, bushes, or only grass), build-in-wardrobes, modern equipment in the kitchen (oven, stove, hood, fridge/freezer, microwave), colour and material of kitchen, must the house be close to school/shopping centre/bank/post office, and when do you want to start living there?

When you want a new romantic relationship, it’s important to know what your core values are in life, because you’d want to attract a partner with the same core values to make a relationship successful (think about communication about feelings and emotions but also religion/spirituality, openness & honesty, working on personal development/growth, open-mindedness, creativity, respectfulness, adventurous, passion, environmentalism, eating healthy food, being in connection with your body and mind, supportive, empathetic, etc.). Are you ready for a new relationship? If not completely, you can ask help to prepare yourself to be ready for a new relationship, to have released your past and ex-partners, to have your heart open to receive a new partner in your life, and to be able to trust a new partner will bring good things to you. Of course you’d like a partner who also has released his/her past, and who is free from ex-relationships, so ask that too. State clearly what your values about a romantic relationship with a partner are; what is acceptable and what isn’t in a relationship? What do you want to do together, and what would you like to do by yourself? Are you focused on materialism or a deep soul connection? Do you want kids together, would you accept kids from a previous relationship from your future partner? What age do you want your future partner to be, where do you want him/her to live, what work does he/she do, what is the education level you’d like from your partner? You can even ask the romance angels to prepare your future partner and you to meet each other, to recognise each other, and to start talking to each other in a natural flowing and relaxed way.

As you can read above, it’s super important to first figure out what you really want in life and what your core values are. It helps to get clarity for yourself, and maybe also what you need to work on first for yourself (maybe you discover you’re having a fear or trust issue, or a self-esteem issue you can transform first). Know that what you radiate, you’ll attract. A good advice here is to ask your guides and angels to help you radiate the things you’d like to attract, and to have your heart open and being ready to attract that what you wish for.

How do you ask help from your guides and angels? You can write on a piece of paper: “Dear guides and angels, thank you for helping me to make my wish to … <fill in what your wish is> be reality right now. I appreciate your help, guidance, and support and let my wish go now. I trust that with your help, my wishes come true. With love and gratitude, …. <your name>.” State as many details with your wish (even if it’s several A4 pages full of text) so they know exactly what’s important for you. You can fold the paper(s) and put them in an envelope, and light a candle next to it as a ritual to ask for help and let your wishes go. And don’t worry if you get the insight of a new detail you’d like to add later to your wish list; that’s fine to do.

Don’t think you’re asking too much. The universe likes clarity and always wants to help everyone. You deserve help and to get what you wish for. They like to contribute to your happiness. Good luck with manifesting your dreams into reality! Follow the signs and guidance from your guides and angels to make it happen. Only think thoughts as if your wishes are already truth right now, because that helps manifesting. Visualise the reality you’d like and feel how wonderful that feels in your body and mind, and then radiate that from your heart to the outside world. Expect miracles!

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