Here’s what happened in my life this morning. It’s big for me, and it feels amazing. I didn’t see it coming. It happened and grabbed me completely out of the blue.

Let’s go back to yesterday first. I was reading in the book Light is the new black by Rebecca Campbell. I took time to read in the sun at the Lake of Illawarra. It was windy but nice. Even a man in a speedboat waved at me, cause there was no one else there. It was peaceful. I enjoyed reading this book. It sooooo resonated with me. Lots of topics and advices in the book I already knew, and I have even used them with client sessions for years, but it’s nice to read it from someone else in a structured way, so to speak. I did all the exercises in it and got answers from my heart and soul, and spiritual guidance. It raised my vibration. I read how Rebecca told about her own life, that she wanted to become a writer, and kind of was waiting for it to happen, not knowing how to come to that point that it would become reality. I thought ‘oh well, that’s her story, and she became a writer, good for her!’. Somewhere deep down inside me was a little feeling about the word ‘writer’. Further in the book it came to an exercise where you call back all lost parts of you. Not that I had the impression parts of me were missing, but I always do exercises to find out what happens. I said out loud: “I call all missing parts back home now. I am home. I am home. I am home.” I felt good, but nothing special at that moment.

This morning I participated in a free webinar from Hay House Publishers about Deciding on your Book Topic. I was really excited to hear all the useful tips. The webinar was cool and I made a lot of notes. Then Reid Tracy, CEO of Hay House, talked about a book that contained advices about positive habits, and he gave as an example ‘If you are a writer, acknowledge first that you’re a writer, I am a writer, then show up every day to write. If you’re already writing for a blog, a newsletter, or you post texts on social media, you are already a writer.’ And then it happened.

There was a huge click inside of me. It was triggered by the sentence I am a writer. Then there was the eye opener that I already post on social media, that I write blog articles for my newsletter, that I have already written an eBook (you can get that for free on my website by the way), and that I AM A WRITER. It was true: I AM A WRITER. This had such a huge impact; it was the missing part of me that had come home with acknowledging I am a writer. I have a writer part that was not acknowledged for so long, that it felt forgotten. Even though I write daily – truly, you don’t wanna know how many pages I write daily, or when reading a book making notes for myself, diaries of the past with daily notes, endless, so much paper… – I hadn’t acknowledged I am a writer. I heard a thud in the living room and didn’t know what that was. I thought it was maybe someone delivering a package at my front door.

Back to my feeling about the writer part. I said it out loud: I am a writer. A couple of times more. I started to sob loudly, and let it all come out. It was definitely on soul level. After the big cry, I felt whole and complete. I’ve never felt this whole and complete before. I felt high; this is how it must feel when you are in alignment with your purpose, with the universe, and with everything you’re supposed to do, and what you come for on this planet to spread as your light. My light could shine brighter than ever before. I was already on the right path, but this part needed to be included.

There was an urge in me to print affirmations. I opened a new page in Word and typed:

I am a writer
I am a speaker
I am a teacher
I am a healer
I am a therapist
I am a medium
I am a mother
I am a partner
I am ME

Wow, this resonated, and more emotions came out. The order of the affirmations was important too. I could now see and understand that writing is my top priority. I can speak about my writings to people; I do that all the time when I tell about my own personal growth and experiences, but also when I help clients to step into their own power again. I teach from what I write, because I connect my personal growth experiences and insights to educate others, in the hope it’ll serve them or inspire them to be their true selves. The other parts as what I do as a daily job in client sessions, is being a healer, therapist and medium. I can’t do the one without the other. But my work gives extra info and topics to write about. From my personal experiences as a mum and partner I can understand and feel more compassion for my clients and people in general about their life experiences. They all help me grow. And yes, I am love, and I finally am me. I have discovered who I am completely whole and shining brightly.

What a surprising discovery. It came out of the blue. It was certainly a big break-through for me. And I am thrilled about it. It even made me write this extra blog article, where normally I always feel a bit of a deep sigh feeling when it’s time to write my monthly blog article for my newsletter. It made me want to write this one to share with you what happened in my life. It can happen to you like this too. Just ask what you want and need in life, and the universe will deliver in divine timing. The timing is always right. All the puzzle pieces in my life are finally falling in place, and it’s great to experience this happening. I’ve worked incredibly hard to come to this point and I’m really grateful and excited. I’m so glad my writer part is fully present again!

When I walked into my living room, I found my worldglobe had fallen on the floor. It had landed perfectly on Antartica and had Australia at the front. I see this as a sign with a message about my writing. I’ll keep it for myself and time will reveal it all, but let me know if you have ideas of what the message is.

Along the way during your life you’ll find challenges and experiences on your path that can cause deep emotions. It can bring you down, where you can experience to spiral down into a dark, heavy feeling, a low vibration, and negative thoughts about yourself, life, and the world. You’ve lost your connection. You can feel alone and not supported too.

All you want is this time of heavy and low energy to be over, to thrive in life again, to feel positive, and achieving goals and results, to do what makes you happy. That last thing, is exactly what you can best focus on; finding out what makes you happy, and start taking actions to do so. If it is being in nature that makes you happy, go for a walk at a nice place in nature. If it is reading a book, grab your book or order one that you feel drawn to, and start reading. If it is something creative, get your necessary materials out of the closet and be creative.

What comes next? Now schedule time to sit down quietly by yourself, and to just feel what’s happening in your body. Where do you feel something, where is your attention drawn? Go there with your attention, and acknowledge the feelings. Then allow the feelings to be there completely. Cry if you need to, shake or move your body if you feel like that, stamp your feet if that helps, yell if you feel like it. Let the feelings come out of your body one by one. When you do this daily, you’ll notice you’ll feel better. It’s like a daily clean up. See it as your spring cleaning.

After having let go of your feelings and emotions, you can best fill up the voids with something positive like a colour energy, a word, or a symbol. If a void is filled up again, nothing can come back anymore in that same space, because it’s occupied with positivity.

You are so connected with your body when you do this routine daily. But can you be even more connected? Yes, in a different way. From your body and mind there is also a connection to your higher self, a very wise part of you. And a connection to your soul that knows all your experiences of many life times. If you go with your attention to your heart and ask a question, you’ll get answers of your higher self and soul. You also have a connection to The Source/All-That-Is/God, whatever you call it. It’s a Source of pure, unconditional Love and Light and it is infinite. Plus it’s available for everyone who wants to connect with it.

Even if you don’t feel a connection to Source, you are still connected, but the connection is smaller and Love and Light can’t reach you completely. It’s possible that you experience you’ve lost the connection with Source. A cause can be that you’ve closed your heart to protect yourself for potential more hurt, that you’re angry at the universe for what you’ve experienced in life, or that you have fears for the connection to Love and Light.

In today’s session with a client we discovered that there was a fear from a past life where my client had been a healer, got threatened because of his healing work, and decided to stop his work and connection with The Source. I got to see a glimpse of how alone, sad, and goalless my client was walking further on his path. My guides and angels told me my client could invite this past life part to come to him and to integrate this part in him. Oh my, this lonely, sad, goalless part was so happy to finally being saved! They merged beautifully and the past life part felt safe again. Together they can experience from now on how wonderful it is to do healing work in this life, and how safe it is now to be a healer. Prosecutions and threats were from past lives, not from the present anymore.

You know, this integration of the past life part, was healing for my client, and it helped to transform the previous fear with his connection to feeling the connection with The Source fully again. The bright white Light could now completely fill him up. It was no longer blocked.

This is just one of the reasons of a blockage with your connection, but feel how your connection with The Source is. Do you see or feel a bright, white Light coming to you, going into your crown chakra (top of your head), and filling you up completely? Where do you see or feel that it’s blocked? Go with your attention to that spot, and ask for help from your guides and angels to transform this blockage into allowing and receiving the Light fully. Tell your guides and angels when you’re ready to reconnect, or realign with The Source, and to receive the Light inside of you without any interference. Choose to receive the Light.

Visualise the connection, and feel how wonderful this is. With your connection flowing well, you’ll feel guided, supported, connected, in the flow, and your Self. And that’s all you have to do,, be your Self, completely authentic and pure, because there’s only one You with all your talents and abilities. And you have the right to shine your Light brightly. Be connected. Stay connected. Feel connected. For the rest of your lifetime here on the planet Earth. Affirm: I am connected, and Love and Light flows freely through me continuously.

Do you want to see changes in your life? Everybody has wishes or dreams that they want to see happening for them. But how do you turn your dreams or wishes into reality? How do you for example get a new job, new friends, a new house, a new romantic relationship? The first step to do so, is one that everybody can easily do; asking your guides and angels for help.

If you ask for help from the universe, you have to be very clear what you want. This helps you to think about what you want also, to become conscious about what you’re asking.

If you want a new job, what is important for you in that new job? What do you want to find there? Is it a manager/boss that appreciates you, is it like-minded colleagues, is it a company with a high vibration and encouragement to develop yourself further, or a company where you can stay at least 5 years and get promotions, are you looking for a job with lots of responsibilities, or a no-brainer-job to just have stability as an income besides your own business which is your passion? What days and hours do you want to work, and what do you want to earn?

In case of your wish for new friends in your life, what qualities are important for you in friends? Is it that you’re looking for honest friends, people who accept you completely as you are without judgement? People who laugh with you, cry with you, support you in tough times, cheer for you, empower you, and celebrate successes with you? Do you want them to have the same interests as you, and what are those interests exactly?

For a new house, you must be very specific and can ask for lots of details as in: type of building, what floors, what walls, insulation, what safety precautions (e.g. alarm, double glass windows), maintenance, how many rooms and how big must the rooms be, do you want to cook on gas or electric, in what suburb do you want to live, what neighbours or environment do you want to have, do you want to buy or rent, what price is the maximum you want to pay or can afford, do you want a bath and shower or only a shower and what type of bathroom including colour(s) do you want, how many toilets in the house, a garage, a garden (with trees, flowers, bushes, or only grass), build-in-wardrobes, modern equipment in the kitchen (oven, stove, hood, fridge/freezer, microwave), colour and material of kitchen, must the house be close to school/shopping centre/bank/post office, and when do you want to start living there?

When you want a new romantic relationship, it’s important to know what your core values are in life, because you’d want to attract a partner with the same core values to make a relationship successful (think about communication about feelings and emotions but also religion/spirituality, openness & honesty, working on personal development/growth, open-mindedness, creativity, respectfulness, adventurous, passion, environmentalism, eating healthy food, being in connection with your body and mind, supportive, empathetic, etc.). Are you ready for a new relationship? If not completely, you can ask help to prepare yourself to be ready for a new relationship, to have released your past and ex-partners, to have your heart open to receive a new partner in your life, and to be able to trust a new partner will bring good things to you. Of course you’d like a partner who also has released his/her past, and who is free from ex-relationships, so ask that too. State clearly what your values about a romantic relationship with a partner are; what is acceptable and what isn’t in a relationship? What do you want to do together, and what would you like to do by yourself? Are you focused on materialism or a deep soul connection? Do you want kids together, would you accept kids from a previous relationship from your future partner? What age do you want your future partner to be, where do you want him/her to live, what work does he/she do, what is the education level you’d like from your partner? You can even ask the romance angels to prepare your future partner and you to meet each other, to recognise each other, and to start talking to each other in a natural flowing and relaxed way.

As you can read above, it’s super important to first figure out what you really want in life and what your core values are. It helps to get clarity for yourself, and maybe also what you need to work on first for yourself (maybe you discover you’re having a fear or trust issue, or a self-esteem issue you can transform first). Know that what you radiate, you’ll attract. A good advice here is to ask your guides and angels to help you radiate the things you’d like to attract, and to have your heart open and being ready to attract that what you wish for.

How do you ask help from your guides and angels? You can write on a piece of paper: “Dear guides and angels, thank you for helping me to make my wish to … <fill in what your wish is> be reality right now. I appreciate your help, guidance, and support and let my wish go now. I trust that with your help, my wishes come true. With love and gratitude, …. <your name>.” State as many details with your wish (even if it’s several A4 pages full of text) so they know exactly what’s important for you. You can fold the paper(s) and put them in an envelope, and light a candle next to it as a ritual to ask for help and let your wishes go. And don’t worry if you get the insight of a new detail you’d like to add later to your wish list; that’s fine to do.

Don’t think you’re asking too much. The universe likes clarity and always wants to help everyone. You deserve help and to get what you wish for. They like to contribute to your happiness. Good luck with manifesting your dreams into reality! Follow the signs and guidance from your guides and angels to make it happen. Only think thoughts as if your wishes are already truth right now, because that helps manifesting. Visualise the reality you’d like and feel how wonderful that feels in your body and mind, and then radiate that from your heart to the outside world. Expect miracles!

Transform your Self

A butterfly represents transformation.I’m so thrilled to see my clients making beautiful personal journeys where they release traumatic experiences with all its emotions, feelings, and fear-based and limiting beliefs. If you feel like you struggling, being stuck, or going around in circles, it means there is something to release so you can experience being in the flow again. If you get into a situation that gives you feelings of hopelessness and powerlessness, where there seems no solution, it can result in wanting to give up. But in every situation you experience, is an opportunity too. An opportunity to learn from, release fears and other blockages, transform blocking beliefs into positive affirmations and free yourself from your past. So an opportunity to transform your Self.

A challenge to keep faith and to stay positive

It can be really challenging to keep faith and to stay positive, but look at the opposite: in what way will being negative and giving up contribute to your situation? When I ask this question to my clients, they often ask me for advice how they can work on this. Often the pain, hurt, or powerlessness is so intense, that they don’t see how to shift this.

Decide what you want in life

First of all, you have to decide what you want. If you’d like the change in our situation, you can state out loud to choose for a better situation, and what your desired outcome is. You can fight the negative thoughts by continuously observe your thoughts, and with every negative thought, immediately say: “Stop. Out of my head. You’re not helping me. From now on I want you to think positive, optimistic, loving, encouraging and help me achieve my desired outcome.” Then think about your desired outcome. How does that look when you visualise it? How do you feel when that is your reality? Where do you feel that in your body? Give the intention to expand this feeling to every cell of your body.
With this choice to think positive, it’s important that you tell your loved ones and friends that you expect the same from them. You want them to only talk, think, and speak positive with you and about you. Don’t tolerate negativity any longer. If someone can’t comply to this, decide if you can release them from your life.

Ask for help

Secondly, ask your guides and angels for help. Ask them to assist you and guide you to achieve your desired outcome, to only think positive thoughts, to only connect with the highest level of love and light, to be filled up and surrounded by love and light, to feel connected with your heart, to be one with The Creator and all helpers of Love and Light, and to be anchored firmly into the centre of Mother Earth. Ask to be realigned with love, light, truth, health, happiness, joy, and peace in your body and mind, but also to faith, hope, trust and believe. And ask to be in a constant stream of bliss and an everlasting flow of happiness.

Journal your experiences and gratitude

Thirdly, write a journal of your experiences and write every day 3 things you’re grateful for. This last part can seem a huge challenge because your mind is focused on what’s not working in your life and possible misery you’re experiencing, but if you are consistent doing this, you will be able to start focusing on the beautiful things of life. The chirping of a bird, or the sun shining that day, or a smile of someone to you, can be that one tiny thing to be grateful for on a day. You can even ask your guides and angels to help you focus on love and light. Writing the 3 things of gratitude per day contributes to live in the present and that’s important for your healing process. Know that you have the power to heal and transform your Self.

What do you contribute to the world?

If you’re struggling with what you’re still here for on the planet earth, what your contribution is, it can help to write down your talents and uniqueness. Believe me, everyone is unique and has talents and skills to contribute something to this world. Ask others in your surrounding what they think you’re really good at or what you bring to this world. It all helps you to focus on the positive side of life and on your worth. You are worthy of the best in life, and I’d like to see you being the best version of yourself and shining your light brightly to the world. Remember that every light counts.

My ideal client

Did you ever hear about manifesting your ideal relationship, your ideal dream house, your ideal job? Well, I have my ideal client. Do you want to know who my ideal client is? It is a person who is ready to make a huge change in her (or his of course) life, who is 100% committed to do the healing work, who is open for my way of working and whatever we feel guided to do during a session, who shows up on the appointment for a session, sets intentions what she wants to achieve as an end result of a session, who takes responsibility for her life and actions, who is aware/conscious of her behaviour and choices she makes.

I tell this description of my ideal client to my guides and angels and The Creator, and ask them to send me these clients who are a perfect match with me and my vibration and light. And it’s so beautiful when these clients come to see me for a session, have set their intentions and are open for whatever needs to happen. The beauty of my work is that I get to see miracles occur before my eyes. Big releases of blockages are realised, messages that create a deep impact on my clients come through and help their growth, projections of others are given back in love and light to the senders and helpful positive affirmations are programmed instead, realignment with happiness is realised, and reconnection with the universe is achieved.

Cleansing, balancing and grounding of energy comes with the healing that occurs, and my clients feel lighter, that a burden has been lifted off them, that a heavy weight has been removed, that they have a clear mind again, that their mind is tranquil and the negative critical voices are quiet. They have gotten new insights that help them in their life to understand situations and actions, but also help them to choose other directions from now on that make them happier.

I’ve had clients who had no idea about spirituality, but were open for everything that could help them to get rid of their depression, anxiety, and trauma. They took all messages and info on board and connected to their body, reprogrammed their mind to only have loving and supportive thoughts. They made choices that had a big impact on their lives, they stood up for themselves and decided to leave situations behind them, feeling empowered and strong enough to handle their new life path. They put themselves on the top of their priority list. They chose for their own happiness first, and from there, they could spread love and light to others.

I get so freaking excited about feedback from a client that they feel so much better and happier, and that they are making changes to create a good life for themselves where they are ‘connected’ in all ways (with them Selves, their bodies, their guidance, their power). I love to see the change in a client from a tight skin of stress and unhappiness, to being relaxed and lighter and feeling in their power again, when they leave after a session. This is why I am so passionate about my work. No session is the same, no client is the same. That’s why my work is so variable. I never know what will happen in a session. Together with my client I play detectives to discover what needs to be done. It’s the best job I can imagine for myself so far. I’m as ready as I can be to serve more clients. If you recognise yourself as my ideal client, feel free to contact me to start your journey now.

The last month most clients who reached out to me, felt stuck. Stuck in life and having no idea what to do to change their lives to experience a flow or at least a move forward again. Let me start by explaining that feeling stuck is a huge opportunity to get insights, release blockages, and get clarity about what needs to change in your life. It is a message of your body that you need to go back to who you are, what you want in life and what makes you happy. It is going back to YOU, stripping off all layers till you connect with your heart and soul. This often includes finding out who you gave the power to influence you what you’re doing in daily life that maybe doesn’t feel good, or who you gave the power to keeping you from achieving your personal goals.

Let’s go a bit deeper into this last point. If you have a personal goal but you feel constantly pulled in another direction by another person (often someone close by like a family member) who wants you to do what they want to receive from you, this can give a feeling of conflict in you. You can feel torn between yourself and the other person, or you can feel manipulated which can create a guilt feeling. You can feel as if you can’t make the right decision because what makes you happy, won’t make the other person happy. Like stated above, it’s going back first to what will make You happy, what You need for Yourself. If you live your life how another person wants you to live, you give that person the power over you. That means you’re going away from your heart’s desires and it will make you experience unhappiness. That is exactly the inner conflict you experience. Your heart/soul is telling you have to reconnect and reconsider what’s best for you. Another person can’t give you a happiness feeling. Only You can create happiness for yourself by doing what your heart’s desires are.

It’s not egotistical to choose what will make you happy. It is empowered and self-love. If you don’t feel happy inside about your own life, how can you spread love and joy to other people?

You can also feel stuck because of emotions that have been built up and are in the way. This is a message from your body that you need to release those emotions first. It’s a positive sign that these emotions have come to the surface and to your attention, because they are ready to be released. Letting go of emotions is not as hard as some people think. It has often to do with fear of their own emotions. I can promise you from experience with clients that you can handle all emotions that you have inside you. You won’t go crazy or out of control. Sometimes it’s just the insights about the emotions that help release them. It can be speaking out loud what you feel inside, there can be tears or a big catharsis, but the heaviest feelings normally don’t last longer than a few minutes. The result after a release, is that you feel lighter, relieved, and free, that a weight has been taken off your shoulders and that you experience more space around you and in your head. After this, you can connect more with your heart’s desires and get clarity about what you want with your life. You have freed yourself from being stuck to take actions again.

I can assist you in the healing process of freeing yourself from being stuck. If you feel you need more than just one session to change your life, I can offer you a transformation program to achieve this. Most important is that you feel ready to make the big change, are committed to heal yourself, and are open for my way of working. It’s my biggest passion to work together in a transformation program with you to see you break free of your past, releasing everything that’s keeping you from living the life you want, and being a magnet for abundance and success. Feel free to contact me for any questions about how we can work together.

What if your life has gone down hill and you’re experiencing so much drama and negativity that you’re scared that only bad things will happen to you and your loved ones? You feel like you’ve lost control but don’t know how to change this. You can experience depression, anxiety, and sleeping problems. You want to hide, but you hold on to that tiny last bit of control you think you have. Every day you feel like your situation isn’t changing, it feels hopeless, but you keep going since you open your eyes in the morning and have to face a new day.

In your heart, you can be a person who can love and who has experienced love on a deep level. The impact of losses and trauma can still be in your heart, head, and other places in your body. It can get triggered often and then you get emotional and cry out a bit of this hurt and pain, this feeling of ‘missing’ and ‘lost’.

How can you create change in your life?

  1. Decide you want to change your life
    It starts with the decision you want to change your life. Even if you feel powerless, it’s important to choose to take your responsibility for your life in your own hands again. And it’s important to reclaim your power because it’s yours and you need it for yourself. It helps to say it out loud because that opens your throat chakra.
  2. Ask for help
    After this you can ask your guides and angels for help. Of course you can ask The Creator or another specific being or deceased loved one you’d like to help you also. A general ‘please help me!’ works well too. You don’t need to do this alone. Together with your help from universe, you can create change.
  3. Choose to focus on love and positivity
    Often you’re focused on negativity or maybe drama around you, because you have been experiencing or seeing this so much or so long. If you’re focused on and surrounded by negativity, you can’t raise your vibration to a higher level, so you need to change this first. Since you can’t change other people, you can choose to change your life. It helps to state: “I choose to only focus on love and positivity. I choose to only connect with the highest level of love and light.” Just observe during your day what you’ll see. I’ve had the experience after I noticed I saw too much of a low vibration in my surroundings years ago that stating and choosing to only focus on love and positivity, made me see the beauty of nature, meet kind people and receive positive conversations from people with me. I was flabbergasted by how the world changed so quick after this choice and statement. It’s really powerful to state what you desire to focus on.
  4. Acknowledge, allow and release emotions
    Feel how ready you are to have the big change and shift in your life. If you feel you have emotions like fears, sadness or anger inside you, find a way to release them. The first step for that is to acknowledge these feelings and allow them to be there, for example while you meditate in a quiet space. Most of the time, acknowledging an emotions, e.g. anger, works like this: say out loud ‘I am angry. If you feel you need more assistance and guidance in this releasing process, find a practitioner who feels good for you to work with. Feel free to contact me to find out if we could work together.
  5. Surrender completely
    If you feel you are ready to release whatever it takes because it has been enough and you are 100% ready for the big change in your life, you can tell The Creator out loud: “I surrender this situation to you now Creator, I’m stepping out of the way, so you can deliver the solution and transition I need for my life right now. Thank you for sending the solution to me, and for opening my heart and myself to receive your solution. Thank you for trusting that your solution is for the best possible outcome that serves my highest & greatest good.”

Normally after this last surrendering to The Creator, you’ll feel lighter and it can feel like a weight has being lifted off your shoulders. You can also experience more personal space around you (which means your aura has expanded).

You’re never done with working on yourself in life. Every new experience can bring to the surface more that needs to be addressed and released. It’s a beautiful way to grow and become a stronger and more confident person and to come in closer contact with your heart and who you really are from the inside. It’s getting rid of all influences from other people in your life and experiences you’ve had, until you find out what you stand for, what you believe or choose to believe, instead of what others try to make you believe. Everyone has his own belief system based on experiences and people in his life, but life is about finding out who YOU are. People who really love you, accept you the way you are, encourage you to grow and are there for you when you need a hand to get back on your feet again.

This is Ganesh and I’d like to deliver a message through automatic writing. I’m working together with this medium because she has invited me a few years ago and since then asked my help more often to protect her and free her from energies of others she felt. I’d like to make myself known to you so you can ask me for help too. I’m happy to help whoever invites me.

You can read my story on internet, so I want to tell here more about what I can do for you, how we can work together. I can help with protection from other energies but also other people on this planet earth. If someone crosses your boundaries and you get scared, angry or overwhelmed by this but don’t know how to stop this behaviour, call upon me and I’ll help you. What I do, is clearing your energy in your aura. I remove energies that have attached to you, including how they’ve attached in your body. I return their energy to where it needs to be, namely with the sender, and place a protection shield around you to keep their energy on a distance from you and your life. But I can do more besides protection.

I am a being of love and light too, so I’d like to surround you with light so you’ll attract more love. I can help you opening your heart to receive more goodness in your life like love, abundance, healing, help and support, but also health and the right practitioners. It brings me joy to help you, so please feel free to ask me. I have time for everybody who asks me for help. If you have the feeling I don’t deliver immediately, don’t think I haven’t received your request and am not working on it. It’s the opposite, I am working on your request but behind the scenes. Keep faith and you’ll see my efforts come to fruition. Just open yourself to receive the unexpected and I’ll deliver.

You wouldn’t think of this probably, but I like helping you cleanse when you use the ocean to take a dive to cleanse your energy. If you invite me before you step into the ocean, I’ll help you cleanse your energy and feel refreshed again. The ocean is very powerful and can wash away (as in detach) energies from you that don’t serve you any longer. I’m helping this process so you free yourself of energies and can move forward on your path.

Here’s my message of love: I love you all and I’m excited to connect with more of you when you’ve read this article that contains my message. If you ask me for a sign, I will deliver you a sign and keep on repeating it until you tell me you understand my sign and know I’m helping. I want to walk before you (and your family) to keep your path free of interferences, whenever I can. I am here to create openings for you to see new ways, new methods, new opportunities to challenge yourself and grow spiritually, to come closer to your heart and your true Self, to be a loving being who feels safe and loved. Just call upon me now and tell me your problems and what you need. I’ll do my best to deliver a miracle for you. Thank you in advance for inviting me into your life. I’m looking forward to connect with you and your family.

I read this in the book ‘Where There’s Hope’ by Elizabeth Smart. The author is interviewing a remarkable woman who has survived civil war, rape, having her hands chopped off with a machete, losing a child, living in a refugee camp, and being separated from her family for the chance to seek a better life in Canada. Her name is Mariatu Kamara, a UNICEF Special Representative. Elizabeth asks Mariatu: “Do you feel that you’ve forgiven everyone who’s wronged you?” This is the woman’s answer: “Well, that’s another thing I work on every single day. Each day, I wake up and have a second chance to see the world. There are things that can never be done in one time, in one day, one hour, or one year. It’s just that you keep on working on it until you finally can grow out of it, so that’s what I am doing. I am on the road of forgiving. I am forgiving them because there is nothing I can do about it. I mean, either I forgive them, stay positive, and have peace with myself, or still be bitter and not forgiving, leading me to become a horrible person – unhappy, unhealthy, miserable, and sad all the time. Crying over and over again. And I don’t want to be like that. I want to be positive. I want to be a good example of a true survivor. I want to be strong for myself, and my family. I want to use that to inspire other people. That is why I am on the road of forgiving.”

Elizabeth asks: “What would you say to someone who’s struggling to find that path?” Here’s Mariatu’s advice: “Keep on fighting. Use what you have. Stop complaining. Oh, I do complain sometimes, but not out loud. Only to myself. I just try my best. Get up and do what I can to make myself happy. Make my life worth living. I don’t give up. I learn to forgive, to be faithful to everything I do, and to stay thankful for the life I have. There’s so many worse things out there that are going on.”

I was touched by the strength of this woman. She thinks there are so many worse things out there in the world. And that after what she’s been through. When I look at my own life, I’ve experienced some big challenges including losing my husband, and I also want to move forward and stay positive. I always think ‘there will come better times, it can’t stay terrible forever, in a week, month or year from now, everything will be different’. And it is like that. When you’re in a big challenge of your life, it can feel terrible with lots of different emotions like fears, anger, sadness, frustration, hurt and pain, hopelessness, and powerlessness. But when you take step by step, there will be growth and you can find your power again and step into your power.

Forgiving others and yourself is a big part of the process to move forward again. Maybe just after a traumatic experience, you have many other emotions like anger and fears, that you have to release first. You have to work your way through all of these emotions. But if you really want to move forward, you’ll come to the conclusion that forgiving is not approving that others did something the right way, but that forgiving is freeing yourself from what happened. And forgiving yourself for everything you’ve done, felt and thought, is the next step to free yourself completely.

To fully forgive, you need to find out if you’re carrying resistance inside you. Acknowledging every resistance, allowing it to be there completely, helps to release it. You have the power to set others and yourself free. It will open your heart to receive again. To receive possibilities and opportunities, love and abundance. You will come to the point that you can see and appreciate what you have, and feel the gratitude in your heart. From there you can create what you desire for yourself in life and take actions to achieve that.

If you’d like a professional to assist you in this forgiving process, feel free to contact me and discuss how we could work together in achieving you come to complete forgiveness. I’ve managed to get through my challenges in life so far, and I believe everybody can do that. I looked for colleagues to help me on my path too, so I’m happy to assist you on your path.

The last months I was guided to learn more about the connection of our physical body and what it has to tell you. It is absolutely amazing what we have on important information in our bodies, and what we don’t access or don’t use enough. It’s a source of information about your life, health, wellbeing, life purpose or path, help with decisions to make, help with food choices, etc. The only thing you need to do, is to schedule daily time to sit quietly and to check in with your body.

When I was visiting the library, I was guided to read the book ‘What’s your body telling you?’ By Steve Sisgold. It’s a great book with lots of practical exercises. All the info spoke to me, it made sense and I recognised how much of these techniques I even already use in sessions with clients. I always work with the physical aspect in a session; I ask what the clients feels, where in the body, how it makes them feel, if this feeling is familiar, what the impact of the feeling is in their life, etc. You get a lot of information from your body like this. And of course it can be nice to have someone guiding you to connect with your body when you’re new to this phenomenon or are too stressed to connect by yourself. It also helps to get new insights and to discover what blocking beliefs you are experiencing. Blocking beliefs we often don’t see ourselves, until someone mirrors it to us and we become aware of it.

Since I started scheduling daily time for purely checking in with my body (so something different than meditating daily), I discovered so much! I scheduled time every evening before going to sleep. First of all, this made me sleep so nicely, because I had an inner calmness after releasing all feelings of stress and/or tension in my body. Secondly, through my bodily feelings I made connections to the root cause of them, which sometimes were past life experiences. I noticed that most tension in my body is stored in my small intestines in a sort of a vertical line. And this tension became a strong cramp when I spoke out loud what I felt in my body. While focusing on this tension and continuing to breathe to that spot, the tension disappeared fully. I noticed this literally released more than 1 kg of my weight (during xmas and new year’s time). When you store stress and tension without releasing it, you start to have cravings or you become an emotional eater, to suppress the feelings. The solution is to schedule time to sit with your feelings, to give them your attention and to find a way to release them.

In his book Steve Sisgold describes the SET (Self-Evident Truth) technique. Here’s how it goes:

  1. Commit to place all of your attention on yourself for the next 2 minutes. Point or imagine pointing at your chest and say this out loud or silently: “I am willing and ready to focus my attention on my body and feel what it is feeling right now.”
  2. Take three slow, deep, full breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Release the breath out through your throat, careful not to force it through your lips by blowing or pushing your exhale out. Let whatever wants to happen in your body happen. If your head wants to lean forward, let it. If your hand tightens, let it.
  3. Notice what is happening in your body. Are your shoulders and neck and jaw relaxed? Do you feel any emotion? Notice, don’t analyse.
  4. State aloud what you notice; declare the truth of your body. For example: “I am noticing that my breath is shallow and my fingers are tingly.” Start every sentence with ‘I am noticing…’
  5. Sometimes when you declare your self-evident truth, body sensations begin to change. Simply observe and witness the change.
  6. Now, take an action that benefits you right now. For example: if your self-evident truth is that you aren’t breathing deeply, take some deep breaths. If you notice that your shoulders are raised, relax them and let them drop.

This is a whole-body experience. You raised your body awareness. The more you practise this exercise, the more your body intelligence will increase.

I so want for you to discover what your body stores and has to tell you. I’d like to see you scheduling daily time to check in with your body too, to release stress and tension, and to sleep nicely and feel recharged again. You can handle way more when you feel calm inside, and you’ll be more focused on your goals and taking actions to achieve your goals. Everything will flow better. Your health and wellbeing will improve too.

If you tried the above exercise, but you need some help to understand your body’s language and help with releasing blockages, feel free to contact me and discuss how I can assist you.

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