Your body as a messenger

Did you know your body is your personal messenger? Every injury, pain, fracture but also every disease is a message for you. It contains information about where you are at the moment and what needs your attention. Mostly it’s about letting go of your past, letting go of disapproval of yourself and letting go of your fears. But how do you get clear what your body is trying to tell you? You can meditate and focus on the body part where you feel a pain or where you have a disease. Imagine you have to draw how it looks there;

  • is it a big blockage or small?
  • does it have a specific form?
  • what’s the colour of the blockage?
  • how long is it there?
  • with what occasion did it start?
  • which emotion is connected to this?

When you have all this clear, you can start to let go what caused the blockage. And I have experienced with my clients that there’s always an emotional cause underneath physical issues. If you can find that sting, that’s the solution to your healing. I can totally understand that you want some help in this process. It can be hard to find the ‘sting’ yourself. I can help you with a therapy session where we use EFT Tapping. This tapping technique helps you to come to the ‘sting’ and to start the healing process from there. I also use other techniques but I combine them with tapping. You can continue tapping at home when another feeling appears after the session. That’s what I like so much about this self-help technique. It’s all about making your own transition to completely and deepley love and accept yourself as you are exactly right now. You deserve the best because you are a magnificent highly evolved Being.

Let me know what you found out about the ‘sting’ of your physical blockage(s) and add a comment under this blog. I can tell about a male client who had heart problems and we came to the ‘sting’ via connecting with how his heart looked from the inside. The cause was a situation as a teenage boy where something didn’t go smoothly and it made him believe he wasn’t good enough. When he understood where it came from, he could transform his belief into a positive one that he’s worthy and he’s doing great! His heart problem disappeared and he finished his heart medication. With another female client who had suffered breast cancer and had a mastectomy, we used a technique of going through the layers of emotions until she reached her centre. We came to the ‘sting’ which was a situation of losing (passing away of) her best friend due to cancer and the husband of her friend couldn’t cope having contact with my client and her husband and ended the relationship with them in a negative way. After this was all completely felt, forgiven and released, she could feel love again and connect with her deceased friend. In my own process I found out that a lot of my beliefs about myself came from my childhood, that I created these beliefs myself, and I released them after this insight. It helped me to stand more in my power.

Do you have trouble to fall asleep? Maybe you’re having a lot of thoughts when you get into bed or you are worrying about things in daily life or about your work. If you want to create calmness and space in your head again, just visualise that on top of your head, in the middle, is a door or gate you open and you give your thoughts, worries and busy energy the command to leave your head and fly to the Universe where they will be transformed in love and light. If it’s not going easily, ask your guardian angel to help you to release all thoughts, worries and busy energy. If your thoughts, worries and busy energy flew out of your head, it will feel calm and with a lot of new space again in your head. You have the space now to receive new ideas and creative solutions. Then close the door or gate again on top of your head.

But what if you still can’t fall asleep after you emptied your head? If you are restless, turning and turning in your bed although you’re not worrying about anything? Then you can ask your guardian angel to help you and put its wings around you, send its love to you and make you feel comfortable, calm and peaceful. Open yourself to receive this loving help and you will notice a difference. Ask your guardian angel to help you have happy, joyful and loving dreams. If you are in pain, ask if you may be led to Archangel Raphael to receive healing to release your pain and be healthy again. Expect this to happen and open yourself to receive the help. There is always help for you, for everyone. Just ask for the help you want to receive. Your guardian angel is assigned to help you in this life, but of course you can also ask The Source (or God, Buddha, All That Is, etc.) to send you the right help. You have a free will so if you don’t ask for specific help, angels can’t help you. They love to help you, so please ask them!

If you want to connect with your guardian angel, search a quiet place where you can sit without being disturbed and put your feet on the ground. Close your eyes and breathe in and out a few times. With inhaling you think of the word ‘Love’ and with exhaling you think of the word ‘Peace’. Then ask your guardian angel to step forward and let you feel its energy. You can ask your guardian angel to touch your shoulder to feel its energy. Ask your guardian angel to send you love and open your heart to receive this love. You can also ask your guardian angel’s name. The first word that pops into your mind is the name of your guardian angel. And thank your guardian angel to help you in life, to support you and protect you. Ask for signs that your guardian angel is always with you and open yourself to see and recognise them. Then you can open your eyes again.

I’m very curious what the signs of your guardian angel are or in what way you experienced your guardian angel’s help. Let me tell you that I had a car accident in Sout Africa in 2000 while I was on a holiday there with my cousin. We were unconscious and ‘woke up’ in hospital and didn’t remember anything of the accident that took place. The next day we went with the police to the place where our rental care was brought. When we saw the remains of the car, we couldn’t believe that this was the car we sat in and that we survived without serious injuries. It was a miracle! We were definitely saved by our guardian angels. Another situation was recently when I was in the bathroom with my daughter. Earlier I had cleaned the bathroom floor and I used the hot water tap for that. I forgot to open the cold water tap afterwards to arrange nobody could burn himself. Just when my daughter walked from the toilet to the sink to wash her hands, I suddenly heard the sentence in my head: “The water is hot”, to protect my daughter from burning her hands. For me, this was the first time I ever heard a warning so clear from a guardian angel.

Do you recognise the situation of your child coming to you in the middle of the night having a scary dream and wants your help? My daughter came to me last night. We have an appointment that she stays quiet, she touches my leg and I step out of bed and walk with her to her room. There she tells what’s going on. She told me she had a scary dream. She’s familiar with methods like imagening a gate on top of her head, opening the gate and send the dream flying out of the gate and close the gate again. It didn’t work this time, she told me. I asked what the problem was with the scary dream. Then she told me the dream was in a room in her head but the door was closed and even locked. I thought it would be easy to resolve and asked her where the key was. She had no idea! “Oops”, I thought, “this needs a creative solution”. It was round 4 am and I was still a bit sleepy, so I thought of making it really work well and suggested to use dynamite to blow the door (just in case simpler solutions wouldn’t give the complete result we needed). It worked. We asked Archangel Mchael for protection and to grab the scary dream, put it in his big purple net of Light and take it with him to the Universe where it would be transformed in love and light. All good so far. With a blown room in your head it’s gentle to rebuild/redecorate it in a nice way, so my daughter decided she wanted a new door but definitely without a lock and with just a simple handle to open and close it. She gave the room a nice new colour and it felt really good for her. Then I received an insight. My daughter is a huge fan of Tinklebell so I started to do a guided meditation for her about Tinklebell’s world. I told her to imagine in one corner of her room to have a Pixie dust tree with magical powers. Her room started filling with lovely fairies who held their wands under the stream of Pixie dust, so they got magical powers. After that, the fairies flew to my daughter and ticked their wand on and over her to make her feel asleep immediately and creating that she would have nice dreams with love and loads of fun. They would protect her room the whole night and they spread the gold Pixie dust through the room to make it the perfect ambiance. I kissed my daughter goodnight again but she was already completely in the new fairy world… 🙂

Often people ask me how they can recognise a sign of a deceased loved one. Here’s a list of examples of signs you can receive from your deceased loved ones:

  • they can play music on the radio
  • ‘their song’ will play everywhere you go
  • they can call you on your phone (you’ll see their name on your phone display)
  • they can send you a text message on your mobile phone
  • they appear in your dreams (= visiting you)
  • you smell the perfume they used to wear or the cigar they used to smoke
  • you see orbs of light appear in photo’s you take
  • they make toys run without batteries (to say they’re around your kids)
  • they communicate through kids (kids are often seeing deceased persons)
  • they send birds to you (= symbol of freedom, sign of life and expanded consciousness)
  • they flicker the lights in your house
  • when you switch on the lights in your house, a light breaks down
  • they play with electronic equipment in the way of getting temporary technical trouble (with your TV or the radio)
  • they can hide your keys and make you find them in time again (= their way of joking around with you)

Deceased loved ones want to share in your good times, so talk to them, remember the good times you had together, eat their favourite food, do things you loved to do together or do these things with your kids or family now. Deceased loved ones are fantastic where they are now and they are safe. They watch over you and your family. They don’t want you to suffer for the rest of your life. They want you to be happy and move forward. They are always around you and they want to be acknowledged by you. So if you have a feeling that your deceased loved one is making contact with you, say something like “I know it’s you, I can feel you”, and you can ask for more signs that they are around you and supporting you. You can also ask their help for situations in your life. They will always help you. Make every day count, creating magic moments and stories to share with your loved ones.

Do you know people who only speak negative about others? Who compare themselves to others in a way that others seem less than themselves? Who complain about everything in life? People who seem to have lost the connection with Love and Light and who don’t experience joy and happiness in life anymore?

Negativity is the lowest energy. It is dark and cold. And it’s caused by fear. Think about something you’re afraid of and feel for a few seconds how that feels in your body. It can give you a feeling of your tummy being pulled inwards, it can make you nausea and it can make you feel like a very small being. Also you can experience the darkness around you (in your aura). It’s absolutely not a pleasant feeling.

If you surround yourself with people who are constantly negative, they’ll pull you down in your energy also (and: you allow them to do that). It’s all about your Choice. Do you want to connect with negativity? Or do you want to connect with only positivity? If you decide you only want to connect and surround yourself with positive people, I can only encourage you to take action and ask the angels to send you new people on your path who are positive and happy and who want to enjoy life. People who are already ‘Aware’ like you and who are grateful for challenges in their life to make that personal growth and move forward too! And even though you may have the belief that those people aren’t around for you or you can’t find them, I can tell from experiences with lots of clients that they are there for you. Plenty! And they love to connect with you too! Just open yourself fully to become a magnet for people who are also in the Light.

How do you feel that someone is in the Light? First of all, trust your intuition, because those people will feel good to you. You can feel pulled towards their energy to have a chat with them or to visit them or to do things together. You’ll find out that you can talk easily together about lots of subjects. And after a visit, you will find yourself feeling energetic, happy and loving. And the other will feel the same. That’s why you will want to meet again.

Here are some positive affirmations that might help you connecting with people who are positive, ‘Aware’ and in the Light:

  • I am a magnificent Divine Being.
  • Today, I am a magnet for positive and happy people.
  • I already see myself surrounded by people who are positive and happy.
  • I honour the Light.
  • I am superior to negative thoughts and low actions.
  • Today, I abandon my old habits and take up new, more positive ones.

Everybody has a feeling of Anxiety in life sometimes. Think about doing an exam, visiting a doctor or dentist, giving a presentation or speech, starting your own business, say ‘no’ to your boss, having a deadline at work, receiving bills, having debts, etc. You can worry about those things and feel anxious. But it can also get worse; that you worry about lots of things, an excessive worry which starts to control your behavior. Do you recognise these symptoms: your heartbeat exhilarates, your breathing exhilarates and becomes a short high breathing in your chest, or your hand palms become sweaty? Or maybe you get a panic attack which often goes hand in hand with the thought of feeling like you’re dying of a heart attack (and what about the fear of getting a panic attack?). Anxiety robs you from enjoying life. Your body is constantly reacting as if in danger. It becomes a circle. Treatment, for example Tapping (EFT or EMDR), can break this circle.

Anxiety contains three parts:

  1. physical (feelings);
  2. mental (the ‘crazy thought’ like ‘what if….’ or ‘I have to have this belief…’);
  3. behavioral (avoidance).

If you treat Anxiety, the first goal is to break the circle, which often can be achieved in one session. But you’re not finished then. You will drop back into old behavior afterwards and that’s why you have to continue treatment until you can manage to stay in that ‘feeling good & calm’-feeling. That’s when you can take the control of your life back in your own hands again. You have to be persistent with treatment to overcome anxiety. And of course you can do Tapping at home yourself also to help your transformation. Tapping a few times a day givis the best results.

How awesome will it be when you feel calm in all those previous scary events (visiting a doctor, giving a presentation, say ‘no’ to your boss, etc.)? When you just feel confident and in your power? When you manage to stay calm the whole event, or even day? I already see your self-esteem becoming bigger and bigger…

I can help you with breaking the circle of Anxiety. I can help you release the feelings of Anxiety, I can find with you the ‘crazy thoughts’ that are blocking you and we can change your avoidance behavior into small steps to what you really want from life. Every time you will do something you earlier didn’t because of the Anxiety, you increase your self-confidence and this makes that you can take the control of your life back into your own hands again!

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