Everybody has a feeling of Anxiety in life sometimes. Think about doing an exam, visiting a doctor or dentist, giving a presentation or speech, starting your own business, say ‘no’ to your boss, having a deadline at work, receiving bills, having debts, etc. You can worry about those things and feel anxious. But it can also get worse; that you worry about lots of things, an excessive worry which starts to control your behavior. Do you recognise these symptoms: your heartbeat exhilarates, your breathing exhilarates and becomes a short high breathing in your chest, or your hand palms become sweaty? Or maybe you get a panic attack which often goes hand in hand with the thought of feeling like you’re dying of a heart attack (and what about the fear of getting a panic attack?). Anxiety robs you from enjoying life. Your body is constantly reacting as if in danger. It becomes a circle. Treatment, for example Tapping (EFT or EMDR), can break this circle.

Anxiety contains three parts:

  1. physical (feelings);
  2. mental (the ‘crazy thought’ like ‘what if….’ or ‘I have to have this belief…’);
  3. behavioral (avoidance).

If you treat Anxiety, the first goal is to break the circle, which often can be achieved in one session. But you’re not finished then. You will drop back into old behavior afterwards and that’s why you have to continue treatment until you can manage to stay in that ‘feeling good & calm’-feeling. That’s when you can take the control of your life back in your own hands again. You have to be persistent with treatment to overcome anxiety. And of course you can do Tapping at home yourself also to help your transformation. Tapping a few times a day givis the best results.

How awesome will it be when you feel calm in all those previous scary events (visiting a doctor, giving a presentation, say ‘no’ to your boss, etc.)? When you just feel confident and in your power? When you manage to stay calm the whole event, or even day? I already see your self-esteem becoming bigger and bigger…

I can help you with breaking the circle of Anxiety. I can help you release the feelings of Anxiety, I can find with you the ‘crazy thoughts’ that are blocking you and we can change your avoidance behavior into small steps to what you really want from life. Every time you will do something you earlier didn’t because of the Anxiety, you increase your self-confidence and this makes that you can take the control of your life back into your own hands again!