Energies from outside of you can create to get out of balance or spiraling down to a lower vibration. Do you have any idea of what energies are out there influencing your life? It’s time to become conscious about this. When you know what can have a negative impact on your energy, then you can protect yourself against it and you can make smart choices for what you want in your life.

Other people

Other people can bring their drama, information, problems and events into your life. Their mood, their thoughts and their communication (in words or by sending messages through electronic devices) can affect your energy in a negative way. Know that other people’s problems are NOT your responsibility, so don’t take it on and leave it with them. It’s their experience and they have to learn from it.
Help by empowering them to change their situation and guide them to think of an action they can take as a first step to that change. Taking an action is taking responsibility and keeps you out of victim-behaviour. It’s a choice to look at possible solutions and an opportunity to change the situation.

Planetary changes

Planetary changes can influence your energy too. Everything that’s going on in the world causes emotions to rise to the surface on the whole planet. If you’re sensitive or an empath you can notice a change in your energy. Think about the emotion of shock after a disaster or life-threatening fears.
Also energies of planets’ movements like Mercury Retrograde have an impact on our energy. It’s important with planetary changes to ground yourself well with mother earth, to take the time to connect with your body to feel what can be released and how you can create tranquillity inside. Meditation is a really good help for this.

What if something gets you out of balance? Acknowledge that this has happened first. Don’t judge but just observe what has happened and how you feel. Then find out if you can let go of these feelings by giving words to what you experience in your body and mind. Is your body feeling tense or do you feel a pressure on top of your head? Do you have fears or negative thoughts? Send them away and detach from them. They are not helpful for your life and wellbeing, so you don’t want to keep them any longer.


Now choose to only connect with the highest level of love and light and choose to only have positive, loving and abundant thoughts. If you set that as an intention every morning when you get up, your day will unfold in a different way. Visualise yourself in a golden disco ball of protection and program this ball that only pure, unconditional love can come through and the rest will be reflected back to the sender immediately, transformed in love and light.

If you choose love and light you invite that in your life. Negativity will find another place or person to go to. When you doubt if your guidance is of the highest level of love and light, use your intuition first. What do you feel? Does it feel loving, warm, uplifting? Are the words you get with it uplifting, empowering and of love? That’s positive energy and that’s what you want in your life as guidance. All the other energies that demand you to take certain actions that make you feel uncomfortable or that make you suddenly only having negative thoughts, means you’re receiving info from a lower vibration or negative energy. As soon as you realise this, send them away and refuse to communicate any longer with them nor listen any longer to them. You can always ask Archangel Michael to cleanse your energy and remove any form of negativity attached to you.

I’m curious what ways you have of keeping drama and negativity out of your life. Or how you free yourself from these energies when you notice them. You can share them in a comment below so that others learn more about what methods works.

Great exercise to Manifest

In two weeks time it’ll be Mercury Retrograde again, which is a great opportunity to focus on your Self, what you can let go that doesn’t serve you any longer and what you can create to have the life you dream of. For the creating part, I recently pulled the card Manifesting, and it contained a beautiful exercise to manifest. I’d love to share this exercise with you because to me it was a new way of manifesting through your chakras and it seems very powerful. You can use this exercise for all topics in your life to manifest abundance, a beautiful house, a true love relationship, new like-minded friends, perfect health, a career that is your purpose and completely fulfilling, etc.

“The following Heart-Manifestation Balance helps you bring your heart, solar plexus and navel chakras into alignment so that your energy can work for you.

  • Your heart chakra (location: centre of your chest) represents your heart’s desires and intuition;
  • Your solar plexus chakra (location: the centre of your midriff) represents your sense of self, material reality and your gut instincts’; and
  • Your navel chakra (location: just below your navel) represents your creativity, fertility and ability to manifest.

Simply imagine a flow of energy and light moving through and connecting the three of them in a figure-8 configuration. [8 means infinity and a new beginning.]

When you begin, it may be difficult to visualise or feel anything. The figure-8 may feel heavy or sluggish, or weak and watery. In its healthy state, this energy connection will be rich in a beautiful, bright colour and feel like a strong, even flow pulsing up and down through the figure-8 shape. Placing your hands on any of these three chakras may help you feel the energy, and closing your eyes can make it easier to sense the clear, bright colour emerging in your heart-manifestation connection.

Once you have a feel for the energy pulsing up and down smoothly you can add the final ingredient of this practice – focus on what it is you would like to manifest. This is a great balance to do as you are lying in bed. Morning or evening is fine – you can start your day by tuning into your heart’s desire or drift off to sleep while connecting to all that is available to you in the universe.”

What do you want to manifest with the above exercise? Share your dream life in a comment below.

[The card Manifestation is from the card deck True Love Reading Cards by Belinda Grace]

You have physical pain or illness and have seen a doctor about it. The cause of your pain is unknown and you haven’t been able to solve the pain or get back your health. Another situation: You’ve just had a traumatic experience, a loss that you feel in your heart. After this experience you suffer from anxiety and sleeping problems, you’re very tired and as if you’re carrying a heavy energy with you. Besides that, your mind is constantly busy and you can’t stop the thinking. You’re feeling stuck or alone.

For all the above situations you can use a Reiki healing session to transform your situation. The end result? Feeling super relaxed and calm, sleeping better, an easing of the pain or completely have gotten rid of the pain, partly or more getting back your health, a quiet mind, recharged energy and feeling vital again, cleansed energy and feeling lighter, connected again, and having new space in your mind to receive new insights and to have creativity flow, also to feel grounded with mother earth again.
[I can never promise a cure of health issues. I can only tell about miracle healings I’ve seen happening and share clients’ testimonials about their experiences.]

With my Reiki healing sessions I use a releasing prayer as a start so that you state clearly what you’d like to release and what you desire as the outcome for the session. I work with Reiki masters and angels, Divine Healing Intelligence, the Creator, Archangels, Ascended Masters, the 7 Sacred Flames and their Masters, healing angels, my spirit guides, and your spirit guides, and many more Beings who can help you. That’s why clients often say that they feel my hands on many spots at the same time; they feel the healing energy of all these beautiful helpers too.

In case of physical pain or specific emotions, I can help you with releasing exercises to let them go including their root cause. With physical pain issues it often gives clarity and new insights about the root cause so you can take actions to prevent it from happening again in the future.

Testimonials from clients

Here are some experiences from clients about their healing session:

  • “Astrid is a warm and caring practitioner who had the ability to clearly understand my problems. She gave me more insight into the issues we addressed. We dealt with a major health issue and family relationships. In particular I found the Reiki sessions and visualizations extremely healing. Astrid possesses the skills, flexibility, knowledge and tools that allowed me to achieve my goals.”
    Linda L.
  • “What Astrid does is beyond traditional medicine. What she has is a gift from above. I went to Astrid after all medical interventions failed. I am at least 90% healed and I know that soon I will be fully healed.”
    Mario Jordans
  • “Working in a stressful environment with at risk teenagers, I was feeling more incapable of managing my emotions and keeping my work life out of my home life. My sleeping patterns were terrible; I felt unable to ‘switch off’ and my emotional state was affecting my health.
    I felt the first sessions changed my emotional state instantly. I was able to, with Astrid’s guidance, delve into past relationships and understand how they still affect my wellbeing today. By releasing those emotions and letting go of negativity attached to it, I was able to feel a sense of renewal in my way of dealing with anxiety.”
    Kelly Sherpa

What if you could make a fast shift in your life in just 2 Reiki healing sessions? I’ve created the Quick Fix to Get Back on Track Program for you, consisting of 2x 2 hours Reiki healing. Until 1st October 2020 I have a special discount of $ 60 on the normal price for this Quick Fix Program. Instead of the normal price of $ 360 it’s now $ 300 for 4 hours healing. If you’d like to start this Quick Fix Program as soon as possible, contact me through a call on 0410 046 766 or message and we’ll schedule your sessions to get you back on track.

Have you heard about your I AM Presence? It’s the part of you that is one with the universe, the Source, or the Creator. This part contains all the knowledge and wisdom that you need to live your life. It has the answer to every question. Everybody can connect with their own I AM Presence by inviting it to connect, asking your question and wait for the answer to appear. Often the answers are short and just a few words. You have to quiet your mind to connect and receive the messages.

What happened with humans on earth, is that we’ve disconnected from our I AM Presence because of fear from external sources that don’t want us to have our own knowledge, guidance, and light. They want to control us, but this can only happen if you allow them to. Therefor you can choose to reconnect with your I AM Presence again, to trust this connection that is there for you and that wants to guide you through life.

Firstly, you invite your I AM Presence to connect with you. It’ll be there in a second. You can feel light around you and a sensation at your heart area, maybe you’ll see light in and around you too. It’ll give you a grounding, grateful and loving feeling, and a feeling that all is well, that you’re in your own space and nothing outside you matters for now. You’ve shut out the outside world for now so you can just be focused on you and your connection.

We (Ascended Masters, amongst others St Germain), invite you to connect daily with your I AM Presence to bathe yourself in this energy, to get used to this feeling, to ask questions and to receive the answers. It is restoring the long-lost connection and it’ll help you grow faster to higher levels of consciousness. This will result in feeling connected, guided, loved, having direction, taking actions to more fulfillment in your life, and experiencing more happiness, joy and gratitude.

The biggest blockage interfering with your I AM Presence is fear and fear thoughts. It’s important to face these fears you’re carrying inside from your past, your programming when you were raised, but also the negative information that comes to you from the outside world (think about TV, radio, news). And every human is carrying fears from lifetimes before this one on earth also. Facing your fears and dealing with them to release them, helps to clear the path for your deeper connection. It’ll bring you a freedom feeling that only you can create for yourself.

Do you feel ready to face your fears and release them to restore your connection with your I AM Presence? Astrid offers 5 free sessions of approx. 30 minutes to discuss your personal situation with her and to receive some free tips & advices to start using immediately. She can also tell you how she can facilitate to help you heal so you can connect and receive your I AM Presence again. Fill out your details in the form on this page: https://astridboot.com.au/free-explore-your-happiness-session/ and she’ll contact you within 24 hours to make an appointment for your free session.

In a conversation with my daughter where I’m trying to help her to transform a situation in her life, she closes herself with the communication. Every time this has happened so far, I’ve noticed the same specific feelings and emotions happening in my body, but I didn’t do anything with it. This particular time a few days ago, there was a change; I was easily able to not buy into this emotion, so it wouldn’t have the power over me, but I became aware that the emotion itself didn’t make any sense with the situation happening. I got curious how I could transform this. It became clear to me that I was faced with an emotion being triggered from a past life.

Do you recognise the pattern in situations where every time the same emotion is being triggered?

Have you had this before in your life: that you notice an emotion that doesn’t make any sense for the recurring situation happening to you? And that there hasn’t happened a situation in your life with this person before, that could have caused to experience this emotion? I mean for example if you’ve never had a disagreement with someone before, it doesn’t make sense to feel deep anger inside every time you’re in a conversation with this person. It is possible that you’re experiencing an emotion from a past life here.

You’re presented by an emotion that’s ready to be released and healed in this life. And you will notice that in relationships with people like partners, siblings, parents, children, colleagues, and friends situations occur in your life that contain many emotions. The people the closest, the ones you love the most, will push the most buttons with you. And they will provide the most emotions to solve in this life so that you can finish karma from past lives with them. When you work on acknowledging these emotions and finding a way to release them, you can heal your past. You can break circles and patterns by doing this work on yourself. And that will make you feel lighter and more in contact with your heart and yourSelf.

It’s not always necessary to exactly know what the cause in a past life (or this life) was for the emotion you’re feeling in the present. If you want to break the circle or pattern, it’s a choice of free will to do so, and that choice is often enough to start transforming the situation. Of course it’s a good thing to meditate on what you need to know about the situation and if there’s anything you can learn from it for your personal growth. If you understand the lesson, you won’t experience the same situation again with this emotion. You’ll experience a neutral feeling instead. No trigger anymore.

For the above situation of my emotion being triggered in a conversation with my daughter, it was enough for me to get the insight that it stemmed from a past life. I went for a walk at the beach in the dark later that day and asked the universe for help to let go of the emotion and to heal the situation for good. At home I meditated further on this and was able to transform everything so I felt peaceful inside again. After this I’ve slept well and the day after I felt happy, peaceful inside and grounded.

I invite you to share a recurring situation or pattern you’ve noticed in your life where a specific emotion occurs that you’d like to change. Keep it short and I’m curious which emotion comes with the situation you’re experiencing. You can either leave a comment or send me an email.

A situation happens, at work or in your private life. You have several emotions and try to keep yourself standing in this situation. Afterwards you have many thoughts about what happened. They keep on circling around in your head. You want silence in your mind, but your thoughts seem to live their own life and don’t quiet down. It keeps you awake at night. In daytime it occupies you so much, that you’re not functioning well. Your vibration has gone low and you don’t seem to be able to increase it. You prefer to stay in bed and do nothing, because your head is so busy it consumes all your energy.

This is what’s happening with most of my clients who do the Take Back Control over your Life Program. A guided meditation or breathing exercises is only giving some relief for a little while. It can feel as if your mind is taking you over. Powerlessness is the experience. Thankfully there is a way to change your situation and have back the control again over your mind. This is how I work with clients:

Unravelling what’s happening in your head

Together we are unravelling what’s happening in your head. How does is it feel, how does it look like if you have to draw it? There are emotions connected to all events you’ve experienced. When these emotions aren’t completely released, the past event can’t be integrated completely. During your daily life you’ll experience that situations, words, or even smells can trigger emotions inside you. This means emotions come quickly to the surface again. It’s a message from your body that these emotions are ready to be released. It’s a positive sign. Now it’s up to you to take action upon this message of your body.

Face every emotion that you’re carrying inside you. Think about emotions as anger, sadness, fears, resentment, frustration, hurt and pain. Acknowledge every single emotion and allow it to be there. Where you might try to suppress it in daily life with food or addictions or escaping behaviour, you can better allow it to be there instead. Speak out loud what you feel with sentences like: “I feel …”.

Beliefs that block your happiness

I help you find out what beliefs you’ve created in every past event that is still blocking your happiness in your day-to-day life. For example: you could have decided to close your heart because ‘you can’t trust anyone’. See the impact of this belief here? Your heart is closed which means you can’t receive love, you can feel disconnected and unsupported. It’s important to release this belief and open your heart again. And of course to find out what it is you need to trust people again.

Every emotion you have released, will create more silence in your head. It’ll help you function well because you can focus and concentrate on tasks and get things done, you’ll sleep better, you’ll feel more energised, you’ll be more grounded with the earth, and you’ll feel lighter and happier. From here you can take actions to make your dreams come true and that’s what makes life interesting again. You’re a creator again, spreading your light and love to the world.

Do you want to make this change in your life too? I’m offering 3 FREE Explore your Happiness Sessions of approx. 30 minutes to discuss your personal situation and to give you some useful tips and advices how you can start changing your situation. Apply now through the form of this link: https://astridboot.com.au/free-explore-your-happiness-session/, and I’ll contact you within 24 hours to schedule your free session.

The last weeks I’ve had several clients with a bullying experience in their past. From being bullied at school, the workplace to being bullied by a relative. All situations where you can’t just walk away from. And as I often explain to my clients, if you e.g. change environment, it can happen again if the root cause inside you isn’t released. I prefer to see bullying as an opportunity to let go of a blockage and to step into your power. When you’re being bullied you feel powerless. When you’ve transformed the situation in yourself, you feel empowered. That’s what you need to focus on, cause it’ll be life changing for you.

So what happens if you’re being bullied? Another person pushes you’re buttons. In other words, emotions inside you are being triggered and come to the surface. For example anger or fears. Your mind will often go into thoughts like ‘why me?’, ‘it’s unfair’, ‘I’m not good enough’, or ‘nobody likes me’. These thoughts can go around in circles and spiral you down into a low vibration, which makes you even an easier target to bully.

The big question is of course how you can change this situation. It’s starting with the emotions and feelings you have. To acknowledge them and to allow them to be there. You probably tried to avoid them, maybe suppressed them with addictions like sugar, caffeine, smoking, or alcohol. You’ve noticed then that it only worked short term, because the feelings and emotions are still there and pop up again. The reason they come to the surface, is because they are ready to be released and they are helping you to let go and transform the situation.

It helps to say out loud what feelings and emotions you experience while allowing them to be there completely. By saying them out loud you give them a way out of your body. If you feel fears, say out loud what fears they are, e.g.: I’m scared that this will never stop, I’m afraid to not stand up for myself, I’m afraid to get hurt more, I’m afraid to be rejected by others, I’m scared to lose the people I love.

It’s important to come to forgiveness of the bully. To come to that point, you can scan inside your body what you still feel as resistant to forgive the bully. That resistance is what you still need to release first. Think about anger, maybe even hate, resentment, sense of righteousness or punishment. It can also help to see the little child in the bully, because their younger self is often emotionally hurt. A bully is someone who doesn’t feel loved, supported, or connected and they are very insecure deep inside, although they pretend to the outside world to be confident. Bullying someone else makes them feel better about themselves, because of the power. It gives the bully a sense of control where in their personal life, they don’t feel control about love, support or connection with their loved ones.

I also get children in my practice who are being bullied at school. The good part of this is that it can be transformed faster when it’s happening. When someone comes in as an adult and the bullying took place at primary school, then there’s often more work to do because they might have created many negative beliefs about themselves and the effects in life are bigger. Children are often very forgiving and it is fantastic to see how they stand in their power again with a huge increase in their self-esteem and confidence.

I’ve been bullied at high school myself. Not very long but I am sensitive and noticed that there was a building up of tension between two girls and me. I had talked with my mother about this tension I was sensing, and got her advice to just walk away from them and pretend it didn’t affect me. One day, when I did this, the two girls kicked me and I quickly left to go into the changing room. My sports teacher saw me leaving and came after me. We talked about what happened, and he must have talked to the two girls also. It never happened again. The advice of my mother hadn’t been a useful advice that worked for me, and that day I decided I would do what felt good for me, so being true to myself, and to stand up for myself and use my voice. This resulted even in becoming friends with one of the girls after this event.

It sounds maybe strange, but sending love and light in your thoughts to the bully helps to transform the situation too. It’s not what you would think of, but it is very effective. And of course you can ask your guides and angels to help you transform the situation into respect for each other and having removed all negative energy between the bully and you. If you’d like to work on transforming your experience of being bullied in the past into standing in your power again with increased self-esteem, I’m offering 3 Free Explore your Happiness Sessions of approx. 30 mins by phone to discuss your personal situation and give you some useful tips and advices how to release your feelings and emotions. Apply for a free session through this link https://astridboot.com.au/free-explore-your-happiness-session/ and I’ll contact you within 24 hours to schedule an appointment for the phone call.

Since we’re out of isolation here in the Illawarra, I see an increase of clients with anxiety, depression, and relationship issues to breakups. Remarkable is also that a lot of men are seeking help to release emotions and to change patterns they’re experiencing.

The anxiety and depression were already present before isolation, but during isolation time fears have become bigger. Fear of the unknown, fear about the future, fear of losing your job, fear of not having enough money. And overwhelm of having to manage a complete new situation at home with work, the kids (and many suddenly had to educate their own kids as a home school teacher), and a partner at home for work too. It has definitely stretched many relations; the normal routine was gone, there were many tasks to do each day, and roles sometimes needed to change to keep the tasks equal between both partners. Some of my clients have felt unsupported, others felt frustrated.

Clients with a parent in an aged care facility suddenly couldn’t visit their parent any longer, and saw and felt how their parent couldn’t comprehend what was going on. It often made them feel heartbroken that they couldn’t do anything more than talking on the phone to their parent. It’s an extra stress where they already had their own challenges to cope to the new situation too.

At the other hand, I also have seen clients who told me how they grabbed last months’ situation as an opportunity. I’ve heard stories about losing a job and putting all effort into finding a new job or changing careers to a profession that had their interest and they had never dared to choose so far. I’ve received clients who used the situation to work on themselves by meditating, taking a step back from being overly busy with just their career, wanting to deal with old habits and feelings to become more authentic.

I’ve helped clients to release emotions of guilt so they could come to acceptance of the situation how it is, in some specific situations knowing there is nothing they can change for now (think about a parent in an aged care facility). So surrendering to the situation and not knowing what the future will bring. Just staying in the present, focusing on their own happiness and personal needs. For some it was finally a few months they had time for themselves and could rest after many years of long hours p/week for a career and always busy. They decided to connect more with nature and doing yoga at home, reading books and picking up a creative hobby.

Surrendering to the situation, and using the current situation as an opportunity, is the best to deal with what’s happening. Let me give an example of my own life; at the immediate start of isolation, it was very quiet in my business. Most people got very scared and suddenly had a new situation at home with their families. My sister asked if I wanted to join an online challenge for a business course, which we did together. This resulted in doing a 3 months’ course that kept me very busy besides the clients I had online sessions with. I’ve learned new skills and my bond with my sister has deepened because of sharing our journey together so intensely during the course. We’ve helped, supported, and encouraged each other, and applauded for achieved successes. My focus was on the course instead of worrying about finances when it was quieter in business with uncertainty when the situation would change to face-to-face sessions again. Looking back, it was a great opportunity and it has brought me so much.

Look back at what you’ve done in the past months. Have you seen or created opportunities for yourself? What did you learn? What has it brought you in life? Have you grown from it? Are you doing things differently than before? Have you found out that nurturing yourself became a higher priority and that it made you feel good? Write the things down that made you feel better and schedule them in your diary for as often as you need them (every day, once p/week or fortnightly or  once p/month) and stick to them. See it as an appointment with yourself. No excuses, not letting other people or situations take over the appointment you have with yourself. Do you feel that you’re having emotions and negative thoughts or patterns you want to change, but you can use some professional help to realise that? I give away 5 free Explore your Happiness Sessions to discuss your personal situation and give you some tips & advices how you can start. Apply for a free session through clicking on this link and filling out the form:https://astridboot.com.au/free-explore-your-happiness-session/.

I work a lot with women who experience heartache after a relation break-up. When it has been a relation where they’ve experienced trauma, they often blame themselves for what has happened.

It’s important to look at what such an experience can teach you. There’s always some message in every situation what you have as a pain point that was triggered, and can be healed now.

Most of the time my clients discover there is an emptiness inside them, which creates a neediness from a partner to fill that hole (of emptiness) up with love. It means you’re looking outside yourself for love to fill up an emptiness inside yourself. But the only one who can fill up that emptiness is YOU.

When I bring a client to the root cause of that emptiness inside her, the situation can be healed and transformed and the hole of emptiness can be filled up with self-love. With no emptiness anymore, you’ll radiate to the world that you’re whole and complete. There’s no need to connect with a partner who has a hole inside too. You’ll attract a partner who also has a healed heart filled up with self-love. And that will bring you a complete different relationship. A relationship where you complement each other instead of completing each other. That’s a relation of a higher vibration with pure love.

Do you have an emptiness inside that you want to transform into feeling whole and complete? I invite you to apply for a free Explore your Happiness session through this link: https://astridboot.com.au/free-explore-your-happiness-session/. I have 3 free sessions of approx. 30 mins to give away to discuss your situation and give you some advices what you can do to change your situation.

A client sometimes writes on her intake form that she just wants to be her old happy self again. She means the person who had energy to get a lot done in a day, was raising her children, was socialising with her friends once in a while, and could handle what was coming on her path. That person has changed after a traumatic experience and suddenly suffers from anxiety, negative thoughts, sleepless nights, feels down and has no energy. And still, I don’t think she’s wanting to be her old self again. Why? Here’s my vision on this.

A traumatic experience changes your life in many ways. There’s a shock moment that the impact of the situation hits you. This is where in your body a red alert flicks on and the message ‘not safe’ takes place and brings you in survival mode. The door of your future can close, which means your dreams won’t or can’t happen as you had in mind. Lots of uncertainties arise and fears of the unknown, fear of the future, fear if you can handle everything that will come on your path from now on, maybe fear of being alone or being different, fear of judgment of others about what happened and what you do from now on. It can decrease your self-esteem totally.

Depending on how heavy the traumatic experience was for you, it can take a lot of courage and work to heal from it. And during the healing process you’ll discover so much more about yourself in a conscious way; it brings you closer to knowing yourself and to become your true self. You release energy blockages and make choices if old behaviour, habits, and beliefs are still suiting you and your life and future, or if you want to change them and create new positive helpful behaviour, healthy habits and positive optimistic thoughts. You can decide to change your complete You into a new person you like better. That’s the opportunity connected to a traumatic experience.

Can you say after this healing transformation process that you have your old happy self back? You have found yourSelf but you are definitely not your old Self anymore. You’re the New You who integrated the traumatic experience and who has released a lot of energy blockages connected to the past. You have freed yourself from your past and have become a new person who lives her life from the connection with her heart; who feels worthy, deserving, and good about herself, who has clear boundaries about what she wants and how, and who communicates clearly about what she wants and is determined to take care of achieving what she wants. You dare to dream again and have clarity about what you need, what makes you happy, and what brings you energy and joy. You will feel safe and you will feel more at peace inside than before the traumatic experience.

If you’re ready to meet this New You in your life to create your new future that will make you happy and more fulfilled, I’d love to work together with you to realise this. I have 5 free sessions of approx. 30 minutes to offer that can take place in the week of 21-24th July. You can apply now on my website page: https://astridboot.com.au/free-explore-your-happiness-session/ and I’ll contact you within 1 business day to schedule your free session.

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