A client sometimes writes on her intake form that she just wants to be her old happy self again. She means the person who had energy to get a lot done in a day, was raising her children, was socialising with her friends once in a while, and could handle what was coming on her path. That person has changed after a traumatic experience and suddenly suffers from anxiety, negative thoughts, sleepless nights, feels down and has no energy. And still, I don’t think she’s wanting to be her old self again. Why? Here’s my vision on this.

A traumatic experience changes your life in many ways. There’s a shock moment that the impact of the situation hits you. This is where in your body a red alert flicks on and the message ‘not safe’ takes place and brings you in survival mode. The door of your future can close, which means your dreams won’t or can’t happen as you had in mind. Lots of uncertainties arise and fears of the unknown, fear of the future, fear if you can handle everything that will come on your path from now on, maybe fear of being alone or being different, fear of judgment of others about what happened and what you do from now on. It can decrease your self-esteem totally.

Depending on how heavy the traumatic experience was for you, it can take a lot of courage and work to heal from it. And during the healing process you’ll discover so much more about yourself in a conscious way; it brings you closer to knowing yourself and to become your true self. You release energy blockages and make choices if old behaviour, habits, and beliefs are still suiting you and your life and future, or if you want to change them and create new positive helpful behaviour, healthy habits and positive optimistic thoughts. You can decide to change your complete You into a new person you like better. That’s the opportunity connected to a traumatic experience.

Can you say after this healing transformation process that you have your old happy self back? You have found yourSelf but you are definitely not your old Self anymore. You’re the New You who integrated the traumatic experience and who has released a lot of energy blockages connected to the past. You have freed yourself from your past and have become a new person who lives her life from the connection with her heart; who feels worthy, deserving, and good about herself, who has clear boundaries about what she wants and how, and who communicates clearly about what she wants and is determined to take care of achieving what she wants. You dare to dream again and have clarity about what you need, what makes you happy, and what brings you energy and joy. You will feel safe and you will feel more at peace inside than before the traumatic experience.

If you’re ready to meet this New You in your life to create your new future that will make you happy and more fulfilled, I’d love to work together with you to realise this. I have 5 free sessions of approx. 30 minutes to offer that can take place in the week of 21-24th July. You can apply now on my website page: https://astridboot.com.au/free-explore-your-happiness-session/ and I’ll contact you within 1 business day to schedule your free session.

In May 2016 I bought another car, a Ford Focus automatic. A few days before that, I had negotiated with the salesman at the car dealer about a Toyota Corolla, but we couldn’t close the deal with the budget I had to spend. After a test drive with the Ford Focus I decided to buy it. During the test drive there was a little ‘holding back’ when I accelerated onto the highway, but I thought it was nothing serious, just me driving for the first time in this car. I had no idea this car would bring me so much stress, a court case, and a release of a past life connection. I warn you it’s going to be a long article. Here we go…

Within the first months driving the Ford, I started noticing a mechanical issue. I won’t go into all the details, but 4 dangerous incidents and a lot of stress, worries, fears, discomfort, and powerlessness later, it turned out that my car had a well-known technical issue and there was even a class action against Ford Australia for this issue. After having tried to have Ford repair or give my money back for the car, I decided to join this class action.

I hadn’t heard anything after signing up, but one day I got a phone call from someone of the law firm. They had seen my uploaded files with evidence of what I had already undertaken as actions, and they were interested and invited me to compose an Affidavit. Mind you, I have never been in a court case, let alone in Australia, and I had never heard of Affidavit, so they first had to explain to me what it was.

After many phone calls and drafts, I travelled to Sydney to make the last changes and sign the document. What an experience. It felt like I was signing for my life. Every word and detail in the document needed to be the truth and facts.

Two months later I got a phone call that the case had changed and they wanted me to compose a new Affidavit; a more extended version with the emotional background of the impact of the technical issues with the car. Just to give you some idea of the situation: I bought the car 9 months after my husband passed away with the idea to have a safe car for my daughter and myself to drive another 10 years in. It was precious money that I spent on this car after trading in the old 4×4 drive we had been driving for a few years. Again composing the Affidavit was a stressful experience, and in the afternoon before I would get a surgery, I received it at 2 pm to read it, give the last changes, read it again, get it printed (it was about 60 pages), have it witnessed by a JP and scan it in to email it back before 5 pm. It looked impossible, but I asked the universe to help get it done and just after 6 pm, I had it all emailed back.

The court case was postponed and rescheduled several times over the years. In the meantime 10 000s of car owners had joined the class action against Ford. I was one of the more than 50 people who had submitted an Affidavit.

Recently I got informed that Ford was calling all people who had submitted an Affidavit, to appear to testify. I started to become nervous about this but didn’t know why this felt so scary. I thought it was all because I had never been in a court case before. Thankfully due to the Corona virus the court case would be online through Zoom. I received a subpoena to testify and I was scheduled in for 30th June. I truly did my best to not even think about that day because there happened so much in my body, that I didn’t understand. When a short thought about the testifying popped up in my mind, I felt shivers, stress in my head, a tightness in my body, sometimes even a short chattering of my teeth. I felt a huge responsibility for all the car owners in the class action. The responsibility went way further than just my own car. A few days after the subpoena was delivered, I had a call on Zoom to test my connection so everything would work fine during the court case. No problem for me, because I am a Zoom user so knew how to deal with that thankfully.

Last week on Monday round 4.30 pm I received a phone call from the lawyer office that the testifying was brought forward and not everyone needed to testify anymore, but I did, and was expected to testify on Tuesday or Wednesday, but most likely it would be Wednesday. We scheduled a video call with the barrister who would be with me in the Zoom court room to go through my Affidavit and to prepare me what you need to do when you are testifying, like speaking out an affirmation, telling your name, calling the judge Your Honour, etc. It was really good to know all this, because it made me feel more confident what to expect. After the call I had chattering teeth and shivers and I felt I freaked out. Again, I didn’t understand why this was happening, why my physical reaction to the court case was so strong. I had to cry and was overwhelmed with emotions. I couldn’t place what was happening. An hour later I would join an online meditation, and I hoped that would calm me down.

The opposite happened; as soon as the meditation started, I relaxed more and immediately the emotions came to the surface. The tears followed, I switched off the camera, and allowed the tears to come out. I tried to focus on the guided meditation. The guidance was that people would appear in the meditation, and I saw a few people I love, and at the end of a path I saw my late husband who gave me a hug in the meditation. We came in a building and we would get information about past lives while sitting at a table. I had Jan sitting next to me at that table, and at the left side of me another person I love, but no information came to me. The emotions rose high and I was sobbing. I chose to leave the guided meditation and let the emotions come out. Here I was sitting in my room, no idea why I was so incredibly emotional. Every time when a thought about the court case and testifying came in my mind, I freaked out. It became clear to me that this wasn’t a normal reaction of just the court case now, but this was a past life connection. It felt like I was going to die, but I was safe in the present time. My logical sense told me that it was too uncontrollable to be a reaction for my life now. So here I was experiencing emotions from a past life connected to testifying about a technical issue of my car, but further no clarity of any details. How could I solve this?

A while later, my friend Elida texted me why I had left the guided meditation. She thought I had a technical issue with the online connection maybe, so I called her and told her about the past life connection I was experiencing. She channelled for me a message that brought clarity; the past life was about a battle where I was a leader of a large group of women on a battlefield against men. Many women lost their lives and I took my own life to honour all the women who had lost their lives in the battle. The class action contains souls who were in that battle of the past life and my testifying was as ‘the leader’ from the past life standing up for all these souls again. I felt responsible for all the others in the class action as the group that I would be representing and I wanted to succeed. The message was that this time, so in this life, I would be successful. Wow, this was big. It made more sense with the emotions I was feeling and calmed me down.

I had wondered from the moment the problems with my car started, if I had made a mistake buying the car; hadn’t I listened carefully enough to my intuition?, hadn’t I noticed the signs the universe had brought on my path?, had the salesman used my innocence? With this new info about the past life connection, I got an answer that I could let go of all questions in one time. I was meant to have this car so I could heal the past life experience. I had to testify as a leader and be successful in this life. I was safe now and would survive.

I couldn’t sleep though. My bowel was making lots of noises and movements (pure stress reaction), and I had a terrible headache at my forehead and behind my eyes till 3 am, when I got the insight that it was the cause of death I was experiencing from that past life; how I had taken my own life. It could have been a bullet in my head exploding or something like that. Straight after that insight, the headache disappeared; obviously I needed to be made conscious about what it was.

The next day I had client sessions and was busy. In the evening I sat down to read my three Affidavits, compared info of them and discovered some corrections to have all info with the same details. I am very precise in these things, especially when I have to testify that it is the truth. I didn’t want to give Ford Australia any chance to question me about details that were not the same in my Affidavits. I sent an email with the last corrections to my barrister close to midnight and with a sigh of relief I went to sleep.

I slept fine but a bit short. The next morning I had a phone call with my barrister at 9.45 am till 10 am and that was the time the court case started again for that day. A bit stressful at the last moment yes, but good to know that the barrister and I agreed on the corrections. Suddenly I got a call and had to login and the testifying started. No time to think further. I was in the court room on Zoom and answered all questions of the barrister representing Ford Australia. I got feelings and thoughts in my mind with her questions, I understood where she was going, but I had to stick to answering the questions factually and not go into an emotion. I succeeded and an hour later, I left the court room online. When I pressed the button ‘leave’ on my screen, the clock turned into 11:11. Beautiful sign from the universe. And then the emotional catharsis came.

It was a big release. I took a deep breath and everything that had been carried by my soul of that past life, came out uncontrollably. I experienced myself making sounds with my throat I hadn’t experienced before, my body was shaking as if I was freezing to death, my teeth were chattering load and I thought it would be better if I would have been able to put something between my teeth to bit on. That’s how hard they were chattering. After a while it became quiet, and I took a few deep breaths. And the next wave of emotions came out. Again with shaking and loud chattering teeth and crying. Here I was sitting, all alone, in my room, having a huge catharsis of a past life. Seriously, if someone would see me, they would probably have called the ambulance and in hospital they would have submitted me to the mental ward 😊. This physical, emotional and spiritual release is something a doctor wouldn’t understand. They would give you tranquillizers or Valium, but that was not what I needed. I needed to let it all come out until it was gone.

An hour later I was feeling that the last wave of emotions had been released. I felt like myself again and calm inside, settled. I decided to go for a beach walk. While walking towards the beach, I asked for a sign if I had been successful with my testifying. During my walk I suddenly discovered a rainbow looking at the lighthouse at the harbour. I stood still for a while to take this unexpected rainbow in and thanked the universe after taking a photo of the rainbow.

That night I slept amazingly long; 10 hours! The next two days I took it easy with a lot of meditating, administration work in my office, and catching up with a friend. I felt so much better and everything in my life started flowing better, felt easier and lighter, as if tasks didn’t cost a lot of effort. I ticked off lots of tasks from my things-to-do list and felt back in control.

In another channelled message through my friend Elida I got to hear that with the past life release, I had healed a big hole in my heart. I had loved the women I led in the battlefield more than I had loved myself. That was healed now. And Elida had been with me in the battlefield of that past life.

It was quite an experience and I am super glad it’s behind me. I’m also proud of how I’ve released everything. Even though the decision of the judge about the court case can take another 13 months from now, I have let it all go. I trust the universe will have justice celebrate.

If you are experiencing strong feelings and emotions in your life that you’d like to get rid of so you’ll feel relaxed and empowered again, I’d like to offer 5 people a free session of half an hour with me. In this free session I’ll give you a few valuable tips & advices what you can do to create the relaxation and take back the control in your life again. You can apply for a free session through an email or PM to me.

Contact with a family member or friend has stopped years ago after a situation happened. Maybe the other said something that hurt you, or behaved towards you in a way that hurt or disappointed you. Maybe you’ve said a sentence or behaved in a way back that you regret or feel guilty about. And sometimes it can even be such a small thing, that it’s kind of silly to have no contact any longer because of such littleness. It can be stubbornness or you’re still having many questions in your head about what happened that caused this situation. Fact is that both parties are left with emotions after the situation in the past and the emotions get triggered thinking about each other, resulting in a disconnection that could last forever if no one takes action.

I’ve had a client who lost the contact with his adult children after a funeral of his parents. He had asked a favour to one of one of them and didn’t understand why it had been too much to do the favour. Looking back the tone in his voice had probably caused the whole disconnection between them. His child showed up at the funeral but was staying on a distance. My client felt abandoned and hurt.
The other child had planned a year abroad and he would leave a few days before the funeral. My client wanted him to leave after the funeral and offered to pay for changing the ticket. His child decided to go as planned. My client felt disappointed and hurt.

After releasing the emotions in his body plus the belief that my client had created of not being good enough as a dad to his children, the anxiety about the disconnection with his children had transformed into feeling calm. He could forgive his children and himself for what had happened and set them all free. He had tried during the past years to contact both children by phone, but they didn’t answer his calls. It was time for a new approach.

We came to an action plan of sending a personal email to both of his children and writing from his heart about what he had felt, and he would share with them that he had worked on himself by releasing emotions about the whole situation. He would explain his wish to reconnect again and be a father and friend in their lives if they let him. And he would invite them separately for a cup of coffee in a café with a day and time to talk about their feelings and to find a way to leave the past behind and make a new start again with their relation.

We both thought that a personal email with explanation of my client’s feelings and apologies to one of them would give the opportunity to his children to re-read the message, let it sink in, and have the opportunity to choose wisely if they wanted to accept the invitation to meet. It gave them freedom to choose instead of being confronted with a phone call of which they didn’t know the intention. Seeing their dad’s name in the phone screen possibly triggered old feelings that made them avoid to answer the call. Now they could read the openness and honesty of their dad about his feelings and hopefully that will open them up to accept the invitation and talk about their feelings too.

My client felt confident and empowered about this plan and to take this action. It gave him a feeling of moving forward again to hopefully a good outcome and meeting both his children to talk as adults about the situation. He’ll visualise the meetings with his children, the openness and honesty in the conversation with them and how wonderful it feels to reconnect again in his dad role. I’ve asked many angels to help them to make this wish come true.

Do you also have emotions (and maybe beliefs about yourself) after a situation in the past, that are still blocking a relationship with loved ones? And do you want to change this into a healthy relationship again? You can work on your part so that you can stay calm and in your power, giving an opening to the other to heal too and hopefully reconnect together. I’d like to offer five people a free session of approx. 30 minutes to give you some tips and advices about how you can change your situation. You can apply for a free session through the contact form on my website home page for a free session or by commenting on this article.

My cousin asked me a question that I thought would be good to share with you. It was about being super sensitive and what she could do to get rid of energies after reading or hearing other people’s stories. Do you recognise that you’re like a sponge absorbing the energies of other people’s stories with all emotions (fears, sadness, anger) and heaviness?

I advised my cousin to send the energies back to the sender transformed in love and light. Or to send it to the universe where it’ll be transformed in love and light. She replied she noticed she had difficulties sending it back.

When you are a ‘giver” you want to help others and feel a resistance sending their energies back because it’s energy with a load, a blockage like the emotions fear, sadness and anger. It’s heavy energy and you can feel terrible to send it back, because you think they are already having enough to deal with and you don’t want to add more. You are kind of sacrificing yourself to keep their energy and trying to make it lighter for the other person. But sacrificing yourself with absorbing more and more energies of others, will result in being full of other people’s energies and not feeling your own energy anymore. You can’t feel yourself anymore which means you can’t make decisions, can’t focus nor concentrate, and don’t know what you like or do not like any longer. You’ve lost yourself.

See other people’s energies as their responsibilities. You don’t need to sacrifice yourself to absorb their energies. It’s not empowering for the other person. They have to learn from their experiences and they have to deal with their own energies. Everybody gets what they can handle, even if it feels unfair and impossible in your eyes. You don’t want to take away the learning experience and personal growth experience of the other person, even though you maybe love them very much. The best thing you can do is help them to empower themselves. You can offer help and they have a choice if they’ll accept help or not.

If you feel you’ve taken on energies of other people, send it with your intentions back to the sender transformed in love and light. That last part is important because the other person at least receives his/her own energy back as love and light, instead of the heavy blockage. You’ve helped them a little bit with that and you’ll feel your own energy again so you can focus on your life and your happiness.

Are you sensitive and do you absorb other people’s energies like a sponge? Do you often feel like you can’t ‘feel’ yourself, your own energy anymore? I can help you change that. I’d like to offer 5 people a free session of approx. 30 mins where we can talk about what you experience in daily life around your sensitivity and I can give you some valuable tips & advices how you can change this. Apply at this page link https://astridboot.com.au/free-explore-your-happiness-session/ if you’d like a free session of approx. 30 minutes, and I’ll contact you within 24 hours to book in an appointment for your free session by phone.

Years after having lost a dearly loved one, you can still be confronted with grief that comes to the surface. It can be overwhelming, but know that it comes to the surface because it’s ready to be released. It’s actually a message from your body that this grief part wants to go, that it’s time, and that it’s okay to do so.

But can you let it go, or are you afraid to let it go because it feels like you’re going to lose the connection with your loved one then too? This feels like an internal battle between wanting to let it go and holding on to it, afraid to lose the connection.

I’d like to share with you first, that the opposite can be the case too. While my late husband had chosen for sedation and everybody was waiting for his departure, he struggled with leaving because he was scared to lose our strong connection. He knew about my work as a medium and that I can connect with spirit and loved ones, but he was scared that he couldn’t connect with me after his departure. I’ve assured him that he only had to ask for Archangel Michael to help him connect and communicate with me, because Michael would be happy to teach him. And that I was sure we would be able to connect and communicate, but I didn’t know how long it would take to establish this.

Two days later Archangel Michael gave me the message that ‘Jan had arrived safely’ [in the Light]. When I finally had a holiday half a year later, and was totally relaxed, I had my first profound communication with Jan the last night in my holiday house. I saw him standing at my foot end and have chatted with him telepathically the whole night. I don’t recall anything of our conversation, but it was an amazing experience that filled my heart with love and warmth. So the connection was still there, communication was happening, and he confirmed he was always with me and I could ask him for help whenever I needed that.

Back to the fear of losing the connection with your loved one. You won’t lose the connection – it’s just finding out how the new way of connecting will be. But your loved one won’t leave you. It’s their soul that leaves their earthly body, but the soul is alive and continues living. They know exactly what’s happening in your life. They are often visiting you without you even knowing it.

You can practise to connect with your loved one yourself. The biggest challenge is often to quiet your own mind. The way your loved one connects, is telepathically, so when you think of them or their name, they are already with you. Ask them to give you signs in your daily life of their presence or help – e.g. their name or nickname, their favourite number or birthdate, the fragrance of their perfume or after-shave, a song they loved, their favourite colour, etc. Watch in nature too for signs every time you think about them, because the same type of bird, butterflies or dragonflies can appear as a sign too.

After reading the above, do you still want to hold on to grief that has come to the surface, afraid to lose the connection with your loved one? If you hold on to it, the grief is blocking the experience of pure love with your loved one on a deeper level. And isn’t love the biggest present you can give yourself? Love is the strongest healing possible.

Help, you need energy!

When your alarm goes off, you groan. Your body feels like it could use another twelve hours of sleep! And when the day ahead goes through your mind, you have no idea how you’ll get all that done with the tiniest bit of energy you feel right now. But you’re a responsible person, so you grab yourself together and get dressed. It’s a busy day at work. After work you have to buy some groceries and drive your child to an appointment. Then your dad calls. He needs your help and of course you promise to drop by to help him, although you hoped to be able to do some administration tonight and then go to bed early.

You feel you’re running on the last part of spare energy, and you want to get this done as quickly as possible. When you drive back home, you feel emotions coming up and fight to not start to cry. You want to be there for everyone, but you don’t have the energy right now. It feels like a huge effort, where a few months ago, it was not a problem at all. You know that the recent hurtful experience has had a big impact on you, but you seem to not cope with the all the people demanding your time anymore.

After losing my husband, I noticed that ‘giving’ to others was too much for me. After another night of insomnia my work and caring for my child was all I could handle. And sometimes that even felt like too much. So I understand how you’re feeling when you’re running on spare energy. The big message here is to change your focus from being a ‘giver’ to give to yourself.

Giving to yourself means that you put yourself on the highest priority of your list. You’ll have to increase your energy first to a level that you’re able to function normally in daily life again. You can’t give time and energy to others if you don’t have enough energy yourself. The focus needs to go to you. How can you create a good night’s sleep? From what do you get energy? What makes you feel good? What brings you joy?

Sometimes you need to make bigger decisions like taking a time out for yourself, so taking days off work or saying no to people who ask your help, until you feel energised again. If the guilt pops up, give yourself permission to energise yourself first, so you can heal and then be there for others again. Know that people who love you want to see you happy and healthy. If you don’t take the time to heal yourself, your body will make you take that time and the recovery time will be way longer. It’s better to prevent this to happen and work on healing yourself now.

I have some affirmations to help you in the process to choose for yourself first:

  • I allow myself to know what changes in my life would be healthy right now
  • I understand my motivations for the actions in my life
  • I allow myself to make healthy changes
  • I am motivated to put my priorities into action
  • I am motivated to take time for myself
  • I say yes to my needs getting met
  • I say yes to invest in time for myself
  • I honour and respect myself
  • It feels good to take excellent care of myself
  • My health and wellbeing are the highest priority
  • Those who love me accept me as I am
  • I have compassion upon myself
  • I am exactly where I need to be right now
  • I am doing what I need to do right now
  • I keep my promises to myself
  • I am my own best friend
  • I have a healthy relationship with myself
  • When I win, everybody wins
  • When I’m happy, it inspires others’ happiness

The last weeks were intense with unexpected changes to make because of the isolation. You’ve adjusted as well as possible – found a way to keep doing your work and have created all facilitations for your kids at home to do their study online –. It’s time to focus on yourself again.

‘Myself?’ you wonder.

Yes, yourself, because I bet you’ve been focused on everything and everyone, except yourself. Be honest and ask yourself how much quality time you’ve had for yourself the last month? Time where you could do whatever you wanted that would make you feel good, without being disturbed. It wasn’t even half an hour per day, was it?

Now it’s really time to check in with You. If you don’t connect with what’s happening in your body, stress feelings and emotions will stay there. When you don’t acknowledge them, they will grow and can start to cause issues like tiredness, headaches, concentration problems, not getting tasks finished, procrastinating, and a mind that doesn’t switch off so you can’t sleep well.

So, it’s better to check in with your body what’s happening there.

How can you do that? The start is to schedule a time for yourself to sit down in silence without being disturbed. Why not start today with half an hour for yourself? Close the door of your room, make yourself comfortable and start with breathing and focusing on your breathing. Just feel where your breath goes in your body – does it stay high in your chest, or can you breathe till deep in your abdomen? Just observe without judgment. And with every tension you feel, breathe to it and let it go through your intention while you exhale. Notice if you start to feel lighter.

Now go with your attention to your heart. Breathe to your heart a few times very consciously. Then ask your heart ‘What do you need right now?’. Open yourself to the answer. Be silent and wait what answer comes to you – it can come in the form of a feeling, a thought, or an image. Then ask your heart: ‘How can I give that to you?’ and wait again for the answer. Are you surprised by what you got?

From here, it’s a matter of providing what your heart needs. Be creative with the way how you’re going to provide this. Often you can do that instantly or you can commit to schedule some action steps. Feel how your body reacts on what you provide. I’m sure it’ll give you a good feeling.
It’s great to experience this once, but you have a wonderful opportunity here to experience this good feeling every day! It’s a form of self-care, self-love, and important for your health and wellbeing because it’ll recharge your energy, create space in your mind to receive new insights and to sleep better, and it’ll increase your feelings of happiness.

I’ve sent out an early newsletter for April with some free resources for you to use in this time where anxiety, fears, panic, and stress are at a high. It also contains a beautiful part of a reading message from a reading I did for a client recently, that might give you some inner peace and hope.

First I’d like to confirm that I am still available to work with you online (through Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger) or on distance with a photo. I’m experienced working like that because I’ve done this a lot back in the Netherlands and still have some international clients I work with online. Because I work with energy, the results in a face-to-face session are the same as in an online session.
I know there’s a lot of fears and anxiety in everyone at the moment, and stress about juggling your work plus teaching your kids at home, or having lost your job or business, etc. Feel free to contact me what you’re experiencing that you’d like to release and transform, so we can work together on getting you back into experiencing an inner peace and being in the vibration of trust and creative solutions.

I set my intentions every morning for the day, and it helps me in my life. Of course I experience days when the fear kicks in too, and then I acknowledge the fear and work with meditation and self-help techniques to release it again, and to come back to trust and inner peace. I’d like to give a positive affirmation in this newsletter that might help you on your path too:
“I choose to focus on love and peace, and to only have positive, loving, and abundant thoughts today.”

Recently I did a reading on distance for a client with her deceased grandmother. This came through as a message about how she could best deal with the Coronavirus situation. I thought it was such a beautiful message of love, that I’d like to share it with you.
“Keep focusing on the bigger picture with the Coronavirus; how the world transitions to a higher vibration, a higher level of consciousness, how people are finding ways inside themselves to connect and how they are forced by staying home to go deep inside themselves to find their own truth.
See how children are teaching their parents how much wisdom they possess, and how they empathise with the situation of stress round jobs, work, income, and how they contribute in their own fantastic way that makes their parents realise what a Great human their children are inside.
See how the world is uniting, because everyone is facing the same issue with the same fears. Approach this time with an open heart to learn and grow, to let come to the surface what you can release and transform for your highest & greatest good, to be a more evolved being. And stay positive and optimistic, so you can be a role model for the people around you, to do the same. Send love to each other, reach out to whoever needs help and who you can help in your situation. Be there for people who want your help. Don’t judge, but just be there.
Learn to discover that when you can have that inner peace, you can handle everything in life, because you can trust and have faith in that everything happens for a reason. It’s okay to not know all the answers, the uncertainty and not having control are to discover how you can trust. Sometimes it’s enough to just choose to trust, and let go, surrender, knowing that what must happen for you, will happen.
Don’t be scared to die because only your human body will die, your soul just moves on to have more amazing experiences. It’s beyond your comprehension when you’re on earth, but being freed from your human body, is an incredible experience. And the opportunity here in heaven to further grow/develop is such a gift/blessing. There is still freedom of choice here; you can choose what you’d like to learn more about. And you can connect with so many other souls who are great teachers with more experience and knowledge.
That’s what’s happening on earth now too; people are reaching out to others for what they need and what others can provide. We teach each other how you can deal with the situation and what methods work for you that could help others. People on earth are opening up more to share, instead of keeping knowledge and resources to themselves. And the focus is turning away more and more from making money to being of service to one another.”

I’ve created two videos with an EFT Tapping session to help you go back to inner peace about the whole situation. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and is a very simple practice for self-help with a big effect for your health. It works with meridian points and ‘tells’ your amygdala (the place in your head that goes into a fight or flight reaction in traumas) that it can be at peace. Here are the video links:
1. EFT Tapping to let go of stress, anxiety, panic, and fears about the Corona virus, link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQAC1qgcjQ8. I created a Dutch version too for those interested in that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7DpoyMUtUA
2. EFT Tapping for small business owners affected by the Coronavirus, link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlMxu63_Bf8

Please know that on my website page https://astridboot.com.au/free-gifts/ are also two audio files;
1. To ground, cleanse, connect, and protect yourself.
2. For kids called Tinklebell’s Goodnight Trick, as a short bedtime meditation to sleep peacefully.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones, help others where you see you can help, and know you are loved, supported, and guided by lots of Light Beings in the universe. The spiritual purpose of the virus is to rise above the fear vibration, and we can do this and will be successful. Trust.

Warm greetings and sending you love & hope,


There are a lot of emotions coming to the surface, and old blockages ready to be released. It’s definitely a time to ‘go inside’, to take the time for yourself to feel what is happening in your body, what is happening in your mind, and to understand what your body and mind are telling you.

How can you be in the present?

You need to set time apart to connect with yourself; it won’t happen when you’re busy with work and daily life, running around and stressing. If you keep being too busy, you’ll find yourself being held back, or delayed. This is guidance from the universe to let you stop this behaviour, and bring you back to the present again. That’s where you can best be, in the present. Focus on what is now. What are you feeling? Is there pain in your body? Do you experience anxiety? Do you feel bloated, do you have constipation, or are you constantly running to the toilet? All messages of your body you need to change something in your life.

Be conscious what you eat, and how your body reacts on this food or beverage. Notice if your body feels happy about what you eat and drink, or if it has a resistance. It’s useful information. Notice when you buy food and you’re standing before the shelf in the supermarket, if your body is guiding you to buy that article, or if you’re getting a resistance or a strong ‘no’. Your body can really tell you what’s good for you or not.

How can you centre yourself?

In meditation you can quiet your mind by focusing on your breathing for a while. Every time you notice you’re having thoughts again, don’t judge, but go back with your attention to your breathing. Then ask the universe, what is best to work on today? Open yourself to receive the answer in whatever way; as a thought, feeling, image, voice that you hear speaking, a smell, or a taste.

If you are conscious about feelings in your body or emotions like fears, sadness, or anger that you’re walking around with, connect with these feelings in your body and the emotions. Acknowledge them without judgment, and then allow them to be there completely. It’s possible they’ll grow first, let it happen, but keep focusing on them, and they will decrease. Notice them fading away. If they don’t go away completely, ask the universe what you need to know to let it go completely, and you’ll be brought to a situation in the past that is connected to it. Do whatever you feel guided to and release whatever comes on your path. It’ll calm your mind and bring more peace inside you.

After a release, always fill yourself up with something positive like a colour energy that you like, Love, Light, the I AM Presence, a word or symbol that you like, or a positive affirmation.
Ground yourself well every day. This helps to not be with your energy only in your head, but to anchor yourself in the earth, so you feel supported by mother earth, and more in balance. A busy mind will keep you awake at night; a peaceful mind will help you sleep well and recharge your energy, so you are fit and vital and rested when you get up the next day.

Use intentions every morning with what you’d like to do and achieve that day. Write down your tasks as a things-to-do list and set as an intention that you tick them all off during the day. You’ll notice you’ll work more efficient, get more done in less time, and have some time extra for yourself. Of course it works great too if you schedule time for meditating, a nature walk, etc. as an intention in the morning when you wake up.

Ask for help from your guides and angels, from the universe in general, from your deceased loved ones, from friends, whoever you’d like to invite to help you. Tell what you need and feel good about asking help. It’s not weak, it’s a strength. No one needs to do everything alone. It’s a time to unite with each other. Open yourself to receive help and love. And be grateful and thank for the help you receive. Help can come in many ways!

The above will help you be more in the flow with the changing energies at the moment, and the challenging times on the planet earth. If you focus on staying centred, you can handle more and also be there for others who need you. Take excellent care of yourself as the highest priority. When you feel good and work daily on yourself, you can help others better without running down on energy. You’re worth to be the number one on your priority list.

At the start of this year I made a big decision in my life, which was accompanied with lots of emotions. To come to this decision, I had to figure out what the difference was between what my mind was telling me and what my heart was telling me, which were two different things. I always tell that you have to follow your heart, your intuition and feelings. In my case I learned something new to add to this. If your mind is telling you evidence and facts about something not working for you anymore, evidence that it’s making you unhappy, then the heart can give you a good feeling, a warm, loving feeling, about the same topic. Then you’ll experience confusion because they are not telling you the same, and which one do you believe?

In my situation, I needed to pay attention to both, but what was happening in my heart, meant the heart needed to release something first. It was my beautiful late husband Jan in a channelled message who gave an exercise, to connect with my heart and then let the topic go from my heart. I did this, and it worked. Firstly, when I connected with my heart, I got to see it was broken in two halves. I honestly had no idea and it was quite confronting to be aware of this. After this realisation, I gave my heart permission to let go of the topic. I often see colours of blockages, and in this meditation, I then saw lots of brown and darker energy fly from my heart into the universe, to be transformed in love and light. I felt a big relief and suddenly everything transformed into a bright, white light, which made me feel wonderful. My heart was whole again. This was a very powerful exercise Jan had given to me. I was grateful.

After this experience, I felt peace inside; my mind and heart agreed with each other now. The evidence was clear and the decision was clear too. No objections any longer from my heart. First energetically, and then in physical form, I communicated my decision clearly. I could let go, and since then, I’ve released a lot of emotions and feelings, but also beliefs that came to the surface. I’ve worked on myself daily. I’ve had some nights with sleeping issues because of what was going on in my body. I’ve felt that my vibration dropped and had to work really hard to raise my vibration again. I felt constantly that there was energy in my aura that I didn’t want there, but couldn’t get rid of easily. Every time again, I connected with what I felt, to figure out what it was and how I could release it. I’ve asked my guides and angels daily to help me. I’ve asked my Reiki guides and angels to assist me with releasing and healing too. Every day was a step in the process. It wasn’t easy, but necessary.

It’s not that with just a decision your situation is solved. After communicating a decision there can be a lot to release from your body, mind, and soul. I’ve felt fears, anger, sadness, confusion, self-blame, and many more emotions. Nobody can take them away from me. I had to do this myself. And learn from it. So now I can tell you so you can learn from it, if you want to. Or recognise it in a future situation. You’re not going crazy or bananas. By the way, this last sentence I’ve said quite some times “It feels I’m going crazy and bananas.” And what was the result? I had a food intolerance for peanuts, cashews, and bananas. Simply couldn’t digest them. That’s how literally my body reacts. Thankfully there is an elimination therapy to get rid of food intolerances and allergies called NAET and I know a great practitioner who does this work with me, so that’s released again.

Also my body reacts physically with infections that have an emotional root cause. I discovered I had a few infections of the same kind in my bowel. They caused me digestive issues with noises in my tummy, nausea feelings, strange stools, but also issues in my head/brain when I tried to fall asleep, I get a little shake/shock, then a little shock through my body, and I’m wide awake again. Even though I’m really tired, I can’t fall asleep because of this. It feels like interference from the outside, but it isn’t. With muscle testing I figured out which infection it was, and also that I had more than 3 000 negative emotions that were feeding the infection, all in association with the big decision I had made. After removing them with my guidance team, I suddenly slept the whole night of 8 hours in one time again. With muscle testing and the gained knowledge about natural healing medicines, I also figured out what to use to help my body physically to get rid of the infections now. Because just a super healthy diet helped to keep doing my work in the best possible way, but didn’t succeed to get rid of the infection.

To my surprise I had a great experience today. Firstly, I felt so good when I woke up and realised I had slept 8 hours in one time, just as I had set the intention after releasing all the negative emotions around my decision. Secondly, when I hang up my laundry today, there came a cute, little feather fluttering from above that fell next to my foot. It was a sign from the universe that I’m being helped. I couldn’t miss this feather. Although I had signalled several other feathers during the week on the property, I had thanked the universe for every feather I saw, but never picked one up, and left them for others as signs. But this little feather was so meant for me. I picked it up and put it in my living room with the other collected special feathers. This one feels very special. It gave a warm feeling in my heart. Thirdly, today I had no negative or pessimistic thoughts anymore about the situation of my decision. Instead, I could feel the beautiful memories now, the love and gratitude in my heart. It feels free and new, like the world is open for whatever I’d like to do now. It feels big and so much space around me, like an expansion.

Earlier this week, I got the insight with a release of energy from my aura, that it was energy of ‘the old me’ that I was releasing. The old me who experienced losing her husband and all the stress and negativity that came as a result of this traumatic experience. It was like coming out of a cocoon and becoming a butterfly. And then the bright, white light was ‘the new me’. The New Me who has grown, is more confident, and more in alignment with my purpose.

What a decision can do with you, amazing! I encourage you to go for a change and decision, if you feel guided to. Don’t let fears hold you. Go for it. Keep believing in your dreams and your truth. Act upon them without hesitation. Release what needs to be released, and open yourself for the new. It’ll come in Divine perfect timing. Trust. Just focus on what you have now, what you want, and be grateful. Take every step and it’ll come your way. One day you’ll find your dreams are reality. Then you can be proud of your achievements, your growth, your miracle. Be a role model for others by choosing for love and being true to your heart. You deserve the best.

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