Love is something beautiful, but also untouchable. It’s different for everyone. Hard to describe. It’s a feeling. When you can allow it completely, it’s a deep feeling and it’s terrific. It can bring you to a higher level.
But when you are afraid of it, you build a wall around yourself as protection. Even if you want love in your life but you had bad experiences with love, i.e. in your relationship with your parents or during a previous relationship with your partner, you can be afraid to let love come in again
Let’s go in a bit deeper on what part love played during your childhood. How was the relationship between your parents? Was there love? Was it true love? How did the love between your parents feel for you? Did your parents love you? How did their love for you feel? Was their communication at home about love and feelings?

In treatments I get to hear a lot of stories about parents of clients who are together for a long time but without love that you can feel. Parents who take care of each other, out of responsibility. But also parents who experienced so much hurt in families that they have become afraid of love. They don’t want to let love in anymore, because it can hurt so deep. They want to avoid the hurt and pain love can cause. When you, as their child, are a sensitive person, this can bring you into a conflict with yourself; you want true love in your life, in a relationship with a partner, but you were taught by your parents (by feeling, hearing and observing) that love is something dangerous cause it can hurt so much. Recently in a reading I received the message again about a client’s parents that they were both afraid of love cause they felt so vulnerable; love had hurt them so much in the past. They felt so vulnerable that they built a wall around themselves. Love was not going to come in anymore. My very sensitive client told that his parents never talked about feelings or emotions. But he was looking for what love means and really is.

It’s true that love can hurt and can cause a lot of pain. But it can also teach you a lot of new things like beautiful feelings and insights. And it can teach you a lot about yourself too. We all came to this planet Earth to learn new lessons that we chose ourselves. Relationships are an intense way to learn a lot. If you feel vulnerable, you probably have the wall of protection around you. If you think of love and relationship as an opportunity to learn and grow, you can open your heart and experience. Evaluate regularly with yourself if your relationship still feels good for you. If not, talk with your partner about your feelings. Find out if your feelings are triggered by previous experiences and release them. And if after that you still don’t feel good about your relationship, ask yourself: is this still the right relationship for me? Is the love I give and receive in balance? Can I work on that with my partner to fix it or did we already try and didn’t we manage to solve this? It can mean that it’s time to move on, that you’ve learned what you had to learn from this relationship and continue your journey of life. If that’s the case, take your time and make a decision: do you want to stay and accept the situation how it is? Or do you want to move on, take your experiences with you and grow further, maybe with another partner in future?

When you go deeper than this, you’ll come to the layer of love that is loving yourself. How much do you love yourself? Measure it on a scale of 0-100 and your answer is the first number that pops up in your mind. If you don’t love yourself enough yet, it’s hard to give and receive love too. You’re more in a relationship to try to get your ‘needs’ fulfilled by your partner (can be unconscious), than that you can have an equal relationship. Discover what’s holding you back from loving yourself completely and release this cause. You can definitely ask the help of your spirit guides, the angels and God or The Source to achieve this. Let them help you to fill yourself with Divine Love and to be able to feel love. To feel yourself worthy, to deserve love and to protect your boundaries in relationships.

Did you know that blockages with a dark colour, like brown or black, mean a serious blockage with low energy? During a session when you are making contact with your feelings, you can get a feeling somewhere in your upper body that feels not pleasant at all. Mostly it’s a feeling in your heart, chest, stomach or tunny. And it can happen that it’s a strong low energy and you don’t even like to start making contact with it. It can cause heavy resistance or fears to connect with it. But to release a blockage, you have to get in contact with it first.

After some convincing and encouraging words, and when you feel safe and brave enough to connect with your blockage, it can be overwhelming first when you connect. Just let these feelings be there, allow them all the attention and space they want and you’ll notice they will lessen. These are feelings or emotions that often are existing inside you for a long time but didn’t get (enough) attention. Maybe you didn’t want to acknowledge them because they were too painful. Or maybe you parked them in a special spot inside yourself because you couldn’t handle them when you got them, because you were a child and didn’t understand these strong feelings. You carried all these feelings with you, sometimes for so many years, but these feelings are not supposed to stay there. They want to be released, but only with the necessary attention. And sometimes they only want to go after you received the message they’re carrying for you.

When you get in contact with your feelings, you can ask for the message and just wait what words pop up in your head as a thought. The message can be confronting but is most of the times something you already know deep inside. With your heart and soul. Some examples: you have to take better care of yourself, you have to love yourself more, or you have to let things go to move on. From there you can start to transform and find out what’s blocking you to actually live the message. And finally you’ll find your dark blockage dissolve completely.

This means you released all related feelings, emotions and thoughts that made you feel stuck in your life. You’ll experience a new space around you, which means your aura has space to expand. You’ll experience more space to breathe and breathe in deeply (to your tummy). You’ll find that peace inside which gives you a feeling of ‘All Is Well’. This is the point from where you can live in the now, the present. You’re not afraid of the past anymore and you can start your future.

Do you have a desire for a change in your life? Do you want to reach that desire? Does it feel possible to achieve? How committed are you to reach your goal? If you feel committed, what’s holding you back to go for it then?

If you’re fully committed to change something in your life, you go for it and you’ll achieve your desired change. You’ll go through every obstacle on your journey, your path, and you’ll reach what you wanted. But what’s happening when you don’t achieve your goal? Is it because you aren’t fully committed? Do you experience doubts and fears? And do you know where these doubts and fears come from?

When you want to change, you can experience fear. This is your ego. Your ego doesn’t want changes. It knows your past and how you are now. What it knows from past experiences, feels familiar and is ‘safe’ for your ego. Every change is something new and is ‘dangerous’! You’re taking risks and risks can cause failure, disappointment, rejection or loss. For your ego a change feels like a death threat. When your ego feels danger, its’ trying to stop you from making that change. You’re going to have all thoughts why the change is not going to work for you, like:

  • It’s not the right time now, I wait until […].
  • It’s too expensive for me, I can’t afford this.
  • It’s going to cost me too much energy, I’ll become too tired.
  • It’s going to be too big for me, I can’t handle that.
  • Why do I even think I could achieve that? I’m not worth it. It’s for other people, not me.
  • What will other people think of that? They’re not going to like me!
  • This is a too high risk, I don’t do it. I’ll lose everything.

Besides doubts and fears your ego can also give you feelings of confusion and hesitation. All these feelings together can make you so uncomfortable and stressed that you can decide it’s too difficult to make the change and you give up. You’re leaving the chance for a change in your life. Your ego starts to relax again; you’re staying in your familiar situation and everything feels ‘safe’ again.

What happened here? You gave all power to your ego and you know you won’t reach your goal. Everything stays the same. That was not what you wanted. What you wanted, was that change in your life. So let’s go back there. What do you want to achieve? Take a moment for yourself and close your eyes. See the achieved change before you and feel how fantastic this feels. Spread this feeling through all your cells in your body. Ask yourself: can I achieve this? Feel in your heart area. Your soul will give you the answer via your heart. Trust the first answer or feeling that comes to you. If the answer is yes, you don’t give the power to your ego anymore. Stay with the ‘yes’ answer and take action steps now. Don’t let the fears your ego is creating on your path, hold you back from your goal. Release the fears and start taking the necessary steps. Don’t let anything or anybody keep you from achieving your desires. You’re worth every change you desire and when your soul ‘says’ you can achieve it, you can! DOING is the answer now.

Are you someone who likes to give others advices on subjects as work, relationships, raising issues, achieving fulfilment or happiness in life? How aware are you actually of practising in your own life what you preach to others?

Often I notice that people are really good in giving advices but they don’t seem to implement them in their own lives. What they preach is like a mirror for themselves, but they don’t see that. These people are not aware yet, or this is their ‘blind spot’ to work on. They don’t want to see it, ignore this issue for themselves. The reason can be: fear to change (denial of this opportunity to grow), perfectionism (I already know everything and do everything perfect, I don’t make mistakes).

It’s the same with people who promise to do something for you but never keep that promise. The people who always say ‘yes’ when you need some help or when you ask their help. The people who can’t say ‘no’ to others, and probably not to themselves either. They are definitely not aware of disappointing others with their false promises and they don’t change it when you confront them with their behaviour. Reason: fear of rejection, fear that others don’t like them anymore when they say ‘no’.

Last week I was reading in a book of Eckhart Tolle and he wrote that under all fears is one big fear: fear of death. Your ego constantly lives with a fear of dying and acts out of that fear. I started to think about that. But it’s true; what happens when someone doesn’t like you anymore? That doesn’t satisfy your ego. What happens if you are not perfect? It doesn’t please your ego. What if you would take responsibility and change your behaviour? That’s unknown and scary for your ego because it’s only based on past experiences and doesn’t want anything new. Your ego doesn’t want you to take responsibility for yourself and your behaviour because then it loses its power. But that’s exactly what YOU want! You want your power back. You don’t want your ego to decide what happens in your life, do you? You can take your own power in your own hands by deciding right now that YOU want to be in charge of YOU. Yes, right now. Say it out loud: I am in charge now! Feel the difference. You are in the Now and from here on you can change. And now face what fears you have and take actions to release them. It will give a huge change in your life but I promise you it will become a lot nicer for you. And you know what? How realistic is it to think you’re gonna die if you change your life and take responsibility for your behaviour and actions? You will be alive then. If you keep on releasing all your fears, you’ll come to experiencing happiness and joy in life. And if you want help with releasing all your fears and changing your life positively, call or email me for an appointment. I’d love to help you on your journey.

You’ve probably heard before about Decluttering. In case you haven’t, decluttering is:

  • to remove mess or clutter from (a place);
  • to organise and prioritise (one’s commitments, material possessions, etc.): Declutter your calendar and spend more time with your family.

This all means you can declutter your life by simplify or get rid of mess, disorder, complications, etc. Decluttering will give you new space (in your life, in your house, in your mind) which also is new space to receive new insight and new creative ideas. It can even take heaviness away from you and your life, which will create space for happiness and joy.

What can you do to declutter? Here are some examples:

  • clean up your house/garage/shed/garden and sort out old toys, clothes and other things you don’t need anymore (or didn’t use for a year): give things away to charity, to someone you know who can use it or sell it;
  • sort photos and start glueing them in in a photo album;
  • delete old files, emails, contacts and photos you don’t want, need or use anymore on your computer and mobile phone;
  • throw away old paperwork like administration that’s not necessary to keep any longer;
  • cancel appointments or commitments you don’t feel good about;
  • create one hour (or more) every day in your schedule as ‘me-time’;
  • create one hour (or more) every day for your child(ren) and/or partner as quality time together;
  • doing your administration and filing everything;
  • make a ‘to-do-list’ and work every day on this list to cross out at least one thing.

Focus on your feelings when you are sorting out and throwing away things and feel the new space it brings in your life. If you give away to charity or someone who can use your things, feel how this can open your heart and give you a warmth inside. And if you sell things, feel how good it is to create new money for yourself. All the decluttering helps to get things flowing again that were stagnated. You’re creating movement in your life and that’s what life’s about: going forward by letting go of the old and creating a way for the new to come in. This affirmation can help you with decluttering: “I detach with love from the old and I invite the new in.”

Because spring is on its way and the weather this winter is so beautiful, in our house it felt like a pre spring cleaning up the last days. We brought clothes to a charity foundation, we sold some items, we gave away old push bikes that our daughters didn’t use anymore and we sorted out old administration. I could feel the move and it created new space for us. It feels really good to declutter!

When you want to create a life of happiness, joy, abundance and prosperity, wellness and good health, the best way is to start with ‘intentions to create your desires’ and to speed the process of your manifestations is to be grateful/showing your gratitude. This works fast because while showing gratitude, you open your heart and connect to The Source. With showing gratitude you make the circle round from The Source sending you gifts, you sending The Source appreciation of what you receive, The Source sending you more gifts and you allowing yourself to receive more gifts. You are creating miracles for yourself! Being grateful for everything in your life also helps you to change from ‘negative’ thinking into ‘positive’ thinking. It helps you to look with a different view to the world; from seeing the things you don’t like into seeing the things you like and things you want to see. For example: do you only see wars in the world, financial crisis, job losses, etc.? But do you want to change this into creating abundance and loving relationships in your life? Start to focus on what you want to see, start to focus on love and abundance. Look for the beauty of nature (the colour of the sea water, the songs of the birds and how beautiful birds are), look at the things of your house you like (the safety because you have a house to live in, the space in your house and garden, your bed which gives you a good night sleep, your gas heater which gives you warmth in winter), look at your car which brings you wherever you want to go, look at the money you spend on things like sports or activities for your kids, buying new clothes but also for paying your groceries (and the healthy food you choose for your body), see the health of your body which helps you to do your work or study and see the nice relationships you have with your friends and the love that brings you. With your intention to see the beautiful things in life and showing your gratitude to The Source about what you see, you are making a beautiful world for yourself and others. When you show your gratitude, you will start attracting, feeling and radiating abundance and prosperity, love, joy and happiness.

Start by writing a list of what you are grateful for in your life. If it’s hard to think of something, start by what makes you happy in life. What gives you energy in life? That’s something to be grateful for. Every time you think of another thing to be grateful for, add it to your list. And read your list out loud every day. “I am grateful for…”.

I am grateful for: that I can feel love in my heart, the love with my husband and children, that our children are doing great at school, that I know my life purpose and am living that, the help of angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, deceased loved ones and The Source, the miracles happening in my life, meditations, people in my life that bring me love and insights and accept me how I am, the joy and happiness in my life, the cute cat in our neighbourhood that visits our garden and wants to be patted, our car that brings us everywhere, the sun shining, the birds, butterflies and dragonflies, trees and flowers in our garden, the white feathers I find, the books I read that help me develop myself, and so forth.

Are you a positive thinker? Or are you aware of some negative thoughts in your life? I can’t mention enough how important it is to think positive. It makes your life easier, more flowing, and you feel happier and relaxter. But how do you transform your own thoughts?

  1. Start with the intention to become aware of your thoughts. Every time you think something, see for yourself if it was a positive or negative thought. Writing down your thoughts during a day or several days can help you. Write a P for positive thought and a N for negative thought before every thought. Count them at the end of the day and just notice how many positive and how many negative thoughts you had. Are you amazed by how many negative thoughts you think of during a day? Also feel the difference between a negative thoughts (heavy/tight feeling) and a positive thought (calmness/opens your heart/gives a smile on your face).
  2. In this awareness process you can now say to yourself with every negative thought: “stop, go away” and transform it into a positive thought. An example: when you are running late in your morning routine and you think “I’m always too late, I will never make it in time for work.” Say: “Stop, go away.” Then you transform the thought into a positive one: “Every day I have enough time to prepare myself and arrive at work in time.”
  3. Ask God and the angels for help, for example: “Dear God and the angels, please help me to only think positive and guide my thoughts in the direction of a smooth transition.”
  4. Visualise yourself in a positive person, only thinking positive thoughts, how you attract only positive people and how good this feels. See yourself smiling every day. See you having a bright, light energy which you also radiate to others.
  5. Reward yourself with something you like. And of course thank God and the angels for their help. Be proud of yourself and feel gratitude about this transformation process and how good you feel now.

In a meditation you can also add to this whole process that you send all negative thoughts from the past until now, away to the Universe for transformation. Send all energy that belongs to those negative thoughts with them. Then open yourself to receive only positive thoughts and guidance to think only positive.

Here are some positive affirmations to help you:

  • I have let go of all negative thoughts.
  • I only think positive.
  • I feel good to think positive.
  • My positive thoughts manifest directly.
  • Today, I am a magnet for positivity.
  • Thinking positive makes me happy.
  • My thoughts come from the loving space of my heart.

What kind of relationship with money do you have? Is money your friend or your enemy? Who are you without money? You know, money is just energy and with your thoughts you can make it positive or negative energy for you. There is enough money for everyone, there is abundance, but the trick is to have the right thoughts about money and to create this flow of abundance for yourself. How does it work?

Sit down for a moment and think about having a bank account balance that is unlimited. How does this feel? Safe, secure, free or happy or all these feelings together? Where do you feel these feelings in your body? This good feeling is what you want to have the whole day, every minute, every hour of your life. Because when you can feel this constantly, you don’t live in fear anymore. You’re open to attract abundance. You just know that there’s enough and the universe will always provide for you what you want. Ask for help from angels or archangels and your spirit guides, because they love to help you. Be specific what you need. And open your arms and heart to receive abundance. Be grateful when you receive.

But although you try to create the flow like this and ask for help, money is still not flowing in abundance to you? Maybe you have a blockage you’re not aware of, a blind spot: a guilt feeling, anger, or fears (focussing on the lack of money) because of how you are raised or about what happened with money in your life, or a belief that you don’t deserve abundance or to be rich (are you worthy?), or that being rich isn’t spiritual? I can help you releasing these feelings/emotions and beliefs. After releasing all this, I can help you building up a new relationship with money. A positive relationship where you completely trust the universe to provide you with what you need and what you deserve because it’s your birthright.

Here’s a Deliberate Creation Exercise for you. Write down for yourself what you really want. Then write down the reasons you want this and after that, the reasons you believe you will have this. Read this every day and feel what it does to you. It works like an affirmation and you’re creating what you want.
Some positive affirmations that can help: “I have enough. I am enough. I have all I need and more.”
And here’s a ‘Thank you of gratitude’: Dear God and the angels, Thank you for all of the support, supply, abundance, and money that you bring to me. I am grateful for these riches, which I use in Divine ways to bring blessings to the earth.

If you want to start right away with releasing your limitations about money and attracting abundance, call me or email me to make an appointment for an EFT Tapping session.

Did you know your body is your personal messenger? Every injury, pain, fracture but also every disease is a message for you. It contains information about where you are at the moment and what needs your attention. Mostly it’s about letting go of your past, letting go of disapproval of yourself and letting go of your fears. But how do you get clear what your body is trying to tell you? You can meditate and focus on the body part where you feel a pain or where you have a disease. Imagine you have to draw how it looks there;

  • is it a big blockage or small?
  • does it have a specific form?
  • what’s the colour of the blockage?
  • how long is it there?
  • with what occasion did it start?
  • which emotion is connected to this?

When you have all this clear, you can start to let go what caused the blockage. And I have experienced with my clients that there’s always an emotional cause underneath physical issues. If you can find that sting, that’s the solution to your healing. I can totally understand that you want some help in this process. It can be hard to find the ‘sting’ yourself. I can help you with a therapy session where we use EFT Tapping. This tapping technique helps you to come to the ‘sting’ and to start the healing process from there. I also use other techniques but I combine them with tapping. You can continue tapping at home when another feeling appears after the session. That’s what I like so much about this self-help technique. It’s all about making your own transition to completely and deepley love and accept yourself as you are exactly right now. You deserve the best because you are a magnificent highly evolved Being.

Let me know what you found out about the ‘sting’ of your physical blockage(s) and add a comment under this blog. I can tell about a male client who had heart problems and we came to the ‘sting’ via connecting with how his heart looked from the inside. The cause was a situation as a teenage boy where something didn’t go smoothly and it made him believe he wasn’t good enough. When he understood where it came from, he could transform his belief into a positive one that he’s worthy and he’s doing great! His heart problem disappeared and he finished his heart medication. With another female client who had suffered breast cancer and had a mastectomy, we used a technique of going through the layers of emotions until she reached her centre. We came to the ‘sting’ which was a situation of losing (passing away of) her best friend due to cancer and the husband of her friend couldn’t cope having contact with my client and her husband and ended the relationship with them in a negative way. After this was all completely felt, forgiven and released, she could feel love again and connect with her deceased friend. In my own process I found out that a lot of my beliefs about myself came from my childhood, that I created these beliefs myself, and I released them after this insight. It helped me to stand more in my power.

Do you have trouble to fall asleep? Maybe you’re having a lot of thoughts when you get into bed or you are worrying about things in daily life or about your work. If you want to create calmness and space in your head again, just visualise that on top of your head, in the middle, is a door or gate you open and you give your thoughts, worries and busy energy the command to leave your head and fly to the Universe where they will be transformed in love and light. If it’s not going easily, ask your guardian angel to help you to release all thoughts, worries and busy energy. If your thoughts, worries and busy energy flew out of your head, it will feel calm and with a lot of new space again in your head. You have the space now to receive new ideas and creative solutions. Then close the door or gate again on top of your head.

But what if you still can’t fall asleep after you emptied your head? If you are restless, turning and turning in your bed although you’re not worrying about anything? Then you can ask your guardian angel to help you and put its wings around you, send its love to you and make you feel comfortable, calm and peaceful. Open yourself to receive this loving help and you will notice a difference. Ask your guardian angel to help you have happy, joyful and loving dreams. If you are in pain, ask if you may be led to Archangel Raphael to receive healing to release your pain and be healthy again. Expect this to happen and open yourself to receive the help. There is always help for you, for everyone. Just ask for the help you want to receive. Your guardian angel is assigned to help you in this life, but of course you can also ask The Source (or God, Buddha, All That Is, etc.) to send you the right help. You have a free will so if you don’t ask for specific help, angels can’t help you. They love to help you, so please ask them!

If you want to connect with your guardian angel, search a quiet place where you can sit without being disturbed and put your feet on the ground. Close your eyes and breathe in and out a few times. With inhaling you think of the word ‘Love’ and with exhaling you think of the word ‘Peace’. Then ask your guardian angel to step forward and let you feel its energy. You can ask your guardian angel to touch your shoulder to feel its energy. Ask your guardian angel to send you love and open your heart to receive this love. You can also ask your guardian angel’s name. The first word that pops into your mind is the name of your guardian angel. And thank your guardian angel to help you in life, to support you and protect you. Ask for signs that your guardian angel is always with you and open yourself to see and recognise them. Then you can open your eyes again.

I’m very curious what the signs of your guardian angel are or in what way you experienced your guardian angel’s help. Let me tell you that I had a car accident in Sout Africa in 2000 while I was on a holiday there with my cousin. We were unconscious and ‘woke up’ in hospital and didn’t remember anything of the accident that took place. The next day we went with the police to the place where our rental care was brought. When we saw the remains of the car, we couldn’t believe that this was the car we sat in and that we survived without serious injuries. It was a miracle! We were definitely saved by our guardian angels. Another situation was recently when I was in the bathroom with my daughter. Earlier I had cleaned the bathroom floor and I used the hot water tap for that. I forgot to open the cold water tap afterwards to arrange nobody could burn himself. Just when my daughter walked from the toilet to the sink to wash her hands, I suddenly heard the sentence in my head: “The water is hot”, to protect my daughter from burning her hands. For me, this was the first time I ever heard a warning so clear from a guardian angel.

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