Not every day in your life will be pure happiness; you will experience days of hurt, pain, sadness, anger, fear, frustration, etc. too. That’s part of life and totally normal. It’s to learn from, to release, to make choices, to move further forward on your path of evolution. It is the path we’re all walking, so let’s join our strengths and support each other. We all need people around us who help, support, assist, encourage, love, and hold us in their hearts.

When you notice you are in a lower vibration when you wake up, just acknowledge that to yourself first without judgment. It’s okay to feel like this. In a short meditation you can already give yourself permission to let all feelings be there completely. Breathe to them and let the fresh air encircle your feelings and breathe them out with love. Just let them go, because you don’t need them any longer.

Choose love and light in your life for today, and ask your guides and angels to fill you up with this and to surround you with it. Feel how your feet are connected with Mother Earth and let the earth energy come up through your feet and fill up your whole body. Feel how good this feels, it’s already so much better. Now visualise a golden disco ball of protection around you. Give this protection ball the intention to only let through pure, unconditional love, and to send back other energies immediately to the sender transformed in love and light.

Set your intentions for the day. What do you want to have achieved at the end of the day, how do you want to feel today, what makes you happy today? Here are some examples you could use:
• I am in alignment with happiness, joy, health, abundance.
• I am at peace in my body, mind, and soul.
• I love myself and others unconditionally.
• I only have positive and optimistic thoughts.
• I focus on seeing love and positivity everywhere.
• I only connect with the highest level of love and light that can communicate with me.
• I am in my power.
• I radiate love and light.
• I only use uplifting and inspiring words.
• I am free, true to myself, and I honour my body.
• I am successful in everything I do.
• I am protected from low vibrational entities and energies.
• I open my heart to receive love, abundance, and miracles.
• I am in a constant stream of bliss, and an everlasting flow of happiness.
• I am guided by my spiritual guidance team and trust my intuition.
• I experience a wonderful day.
• I am grateful for my life, the gifts I receive, and for love and light.

Visualise the sun shining on you and your day and how happy this day makes you.

You have just raised your vibration and are ready to start your day. Don’t forget to smile today!

Focus on the world around you too; see others, hear others (listen to people’s stories), be kind to others (maybe you feel drawn to ‘give’ to others, like being a listening ear for them or acknowledge their feelings, getting a cup of coffee for your colleague, buy a little gift for someone who’s sad, invite someone who’s alone). Here’s a question you can ask your guides and angels to start your day: How can I serve today? Just trust what you feel guided to do today, and act upon your intuition.