With all the energy changes the last months, you can feel overwhelmed and unsettled, even completely out of balance. But do not fear the energy changes, because you are meant to review your life and make changes for yourself. What is it that you want to see changed in your life?

Take time for yourself to sit in silence and look at your life with a helicopter view. See yourself living your life. Notice how you feel. What is needed to change to make you feel happier? Imagine you have all the magic you need and you can change this in your life right now. Use the magic and change it. How do you feel after the change has taken place? How’s your happiness right now? Send this new level of happiness to all your cells in your body.

Now be honest with yourself. To realise the change on earth, you have to take action. What can you do right now as a first step to achieve your change? And can you already see what the next step will be? How can you take the next step? What do you need to do?

A change in your life is never dependent on what someone else does or doesn’t. The action is for you. If you wait for another to take a decision or an action, you’re taking on a passive role and you can only disappoint yourself or blame the other. You put the responsibility for your life (and desired change) in hands of the other person. So take back the responsibility over your life and take the first action step to what you want with your life, what will make you happy. It can mean you have to end relationships with certain people or quit your current job, to create new space for a life that suits you better. Don’t be afraid about ending relationships or quitting a job, because it will open up new space to let new like-minded people or a new job enter your life. Don’t be afraid to let go of the old when it doesn’t suit you anymore. If you hold on to it out of fear, you’ll get stuck.
And as a note I want to make clear I’m not advising you to immediately quit your job tomorrow, but more to take actions in finding out what job would make you happier and then taking the steps to get that new job, i.e. start using your network to spread the word what new job you’re looking for and start sending job applications or research how you can start your own business. It’s about taking actions because with that you’re showing universe that you’re serious about the change you want and you’re willing to take actions and take responsibility for your life.

Here are the steps again for you to change your life to achieve more happiness for yourself:

  1. Watch your life with a helicopter view and experience what you want to change to be happier
  2. Imagine how your life is in the changed situation, how you feel and how your happiness level is
  3. Take back responsibility about your own life
  4. Be honest and decide what actions you need to take to achieve the changes and write them down
  5. Decide to start the first action step for change right now
  6. Daily take time for yourself to sit in silence and visualise you’ve achieved your desired change and fill all your cells with the new level of happiness you experience

Of course I advise you to tell your guides and angels what you want to change in your life. Ask them for help, support and guidance. Ask them in daily meditation to show you what your next step is and how to take it and to assist you constantly. And ask for confirmation and signs if you’re doing the right thing to achieve the changes you want.